Sky broadband review: is it any good?

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SKY offers five broadband options suitable for anyone from very light to very heavy home users.

We reveal whether Sky broadband is any good.




Customer service:

4.5 out of 5

Sky were one of the first broadband providers with a genuinely "unlimited" broadband service, offering unrestricted downloads, no traffic management and no speed throttling.

Sky TV customers can bundle Sky broadband with their TV package, but it's also available as a standalone service. Sky broadband compares well against other providers.

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At a glance

Sky Broadband Unlimited Sky Fibre Unlimited
Download speed Up to 17Mb Up to 38Mb
Usage allowance Unlimited Unlimited
Price From £18.99/mth From £25.00/mth
Setup price £19.95 £29.95
Router Sky Hub Sky Hub
Inclusive calls None None
Anytime UK calls £8/mth
Includes UK mobiles
Includes UK mobiles
Extra charge

Extra charge
Minimum term 12-months 18-months

Special offers

Sky are currently offering new customers a £50 prepaid MasterCard when they join online for Sky Unlimited broadband - that's their up to 17Mb package.

This package is also discounted by £10.99 off a month for the first 12 months, saving new customers £131.88 over a year.

Sky Unlimited Broadband Offer

Get a £50 Prepaid Mastercard and money off Sky Unlimited Broadband

Hurry! Offer ends 7 December 2017.
12 month minimum term. £19.95 set-up fee. £18/mth for 12 months, then £28.99/mth.

Sky Fibre Broadband Offer

Get a £50 Prepaid Mastercard and money off Sky Fibre Unlimited

Hurry! Offer ends 7 December 2017.
18 month minimum term. £29.95 set up fee. £25/mth for 18 months, then £38.99/mth.

Can I get Sky broadband in my area?

Find out whether Sky broadband and Sky fibre is available in your area by using our postcode checker:

Enter your postcode above to check availability in your area.

Sky broadband packages

Sky offer five different broadband packages to choose from:

Sky's 12GB broadband package is only available as an add-on to Sky TV. Sky broadband up to 17Mb comes with a 12-month contract, while Sky fibre packages have an 18-month minimum term.

sky broadband packages
Package Broadband Contract term Upfront price Monthly price
sky Sky Broadband 12GB + Talk (only available with Sky TV) Up to 17Mb
12 months £9.95 £23.99
sky Sky Broadband Unlimited + Talk Up to 17Mb
12 months £19.95 £18.99
for 12 mths,
then £28.99
sky Sky Fibre + Talk Up to 38Mb
25GB usage
18 months £29.95 £20
for 18 mths,
then £28.99
sky Sky Fibre Unlimited + Talk Up to 38Mb
18 months £29.95 £25
for 18 mths,
then £38.99
sky Sky Fibre Max + Talk Up to 76Mb
18 months £29.95 £30
for 18 mths,
then £43.99

Compare prices of more Sky broadband deals.

All Sky broadband customers must also take Sky home phone, but the cost of line rental is included in the prices listed above.

Home phone

Sky line rental costs £18.99 per month, which is the same as charged by BT or slightly less than Virgin Media.

Monthly prices for taking Sky broadband include the cost of line rental - although Sky don't include any free calls as standard.

Bundling calls costs extra per month:

All home phone packages include calls to UK mobiles, and like other providers free calls are limited to 60 minutes, though customers can hang up and dial again.

Outside of inclusive allowances, calls cost:

Switching from an existing provider to Sky should be free as long as the phone line is compatible, otherwise it could cost £20. Find out more about getting a new line installed here.

Sky TV

Sky broadband can be bundled with Sky TV.

Here are some package options with Sky's Original bundle included, which on it's own costs £22 per month with a £20 setup fee.

Package Contract term Upfront cost Monthly price
sky Sky TV Original + Broadband 12GB + Talk 18 months £29.95 £43.99
for 18 mths,
then £45.99
sky Sky TV Original + Broadband Unlimited + Talk 18 months £39.95 £38
for 12 mths,
then £50.99
sky Sky TV Original + Fibre Unlimited + Talk 18 months £39.95 £45
for 18 mths,
then £60.99

Compare the prices of more Sky TV packages here.

Existing Sky TV customers

Customers who already have Sky TV can add Sky broadband to their existing package, and Sky often run deals for those customers who wish to do so.

Package Broadband Contract Upfront price Monthly price
sky Unlimited Broadband Up to 17Mb
12 months £19.95 £23.99 for 12 months, then £28.99
sky Sky Fibre Up to 38Mb
25GB usage
18 months £19.95 £20 for 18 months, then £28.99
sky Sky Fibre Unlimited Up to 38Mb
18 months £19.95 £30 for 18 months, then £38.99
sky Sky Fibre Max Up to 76Mb
18 months £19.95 £35 for 18 months, then £43.99

Broadband speeds

Sky broadband offers three download speed options: up to 17Mb, up to 38Mb and up to 76Mb.

According to Ofcom, in real world tests, customers with Sky broadband receive the fastest speeds for their up to 17Mb broadband - beating BT, Plusnet, EE and TalkTalk.

Ofcom average speeds, published April 2017
Advertised speed Over 24hrs Peak time
(8-10pm weekdays)
Sky up to 17Mb 10.1Mb to 11.5Mb 9.9Mb to 11.4Mb
Plusnet up to 17Mb 9.6Mb to 11.4Mb 9.5Mb to 11.3Mb
EE up to 17Mb 9.4Mb to 11.7Mb 9.2Mb to 11.4Mb
BT up to 17Mb 9.1Mb to 10.8Mb 9.0Mb to 10.6Mb
TalkTalk up to 17Mb 8.6Mb to 10Mb 8.6Mb to 9.9Mb

Sky also deliver fast speeds with their up to 38Mb package - delivering real world speeds of 34.6Mb on average. This is beaten only by EE who delivered on average 35.2Mb speeds.

Ofcom average speeds, published April 2017
Advertised speed Over 24hrs Peak time
(8-10pm weekdays)
EE up to 38Mb 33.6Mb to 35.2Mb 32.4Mb to 34.5Mb
Sky up to 38Mb 33Mb to 34.6Mb 32.8Mb to 34.3Mb
Plusnet up to 38Mb 31Mb to 33.5Mb 30.1Mb to 32.7Mb
TalkTalk up to 38Mb 30.8Mb to 32.8Mb 30.6Mb to 32.6Mb

Truly unlimited broadband

Sky were the first broadband provider to offer "truly" unlimited usage allowances - which means they don't slow down heavy users or manage traffic in any way.

Although nowadays, similarly unrestricted services are also offered by BT and TalkTalk. And even Virgin Media offers unrestricted downloads on their 300Mb deal.

Broadband router

sky hub and sky q hub

Sky offer broadband customers one of two broadband routers. Standalone broadband customers get a standard Sky Hub, while customers who also take Sky TV will be sent a Sky Q Hub instead.

The Sky Q hub works with the main Sky Q TV box set to boost wi-fi signal around the home.

See how Sky's routers perform against competitor routers in our full review.

Parental Controls

Sky offer all broadband customers router-level parental controls. Read more about Sky parental controls.

Since July 2016 new Sky broadband customers have found parental controls automatically activated. Browsing is restricted to websites suitable for children until 9pm.

Customers can change these setting by logging into their account, and will be prompted to do so if they attempt to access an excluded website.

Customer Service

Sky has not always had the best reputation for customer service, but this has improved significantly in recent years.

In 2015 Sky were investigated for customer service issues relating to "retention practices", with some customers claiming it was difficult for them to leave.

Reassuringly Sky now have the fewest complaints of any broadband provider in Ofcom ratings, following by EE and Virgin Media.

They also perform well for landline services, compared to EE and Virgin, with only 6 complaints per 100,000 customers; .006%.

Sky also perform well in independent surveys too, including our guide to the best broadband customer service.

Sky offer 24/7 technical support via dedicated customer service phone lines, and calls are free of charge from a Sky landline. The Sky number is an 03 number which means it is often included in mobile call plans, in case the landline is problematic.

Verdict: is Sky Broadband any good?

Sky offer much more than a basic broadband service to accompany their satellite TV. Sky broadband stands up on its own.

Truly unlimited downloads coupled with improved customer support makes it one of the most popular and best value internet services in the UK.

We like them so much that they won Best Overall ISP in our 2016 ISP Awards.

Compare more Sky broadband packages and special offers.

choose isp awards 2016 best overall


7 November 2017
Anna Mateevici

Joined Sky 6 months ago... Everything was fine until two days ago when I call about moving home and to set up a visit from an engineer for both Broadband (fibre) and TV. They scheduled one in one week and another one in one month... And asked me for £35. Again I accepted and went further on. Today I received a text that my order is unable to be completed so I ended up phoning them, spoke for 3 hours nearly as I decided to cancel and make a bridge in the contract due to Sky who cancelled my broadband and with that one my pack is cancelled so I had to end up in paying £58 instead of £38. I am so looking forward to speak with a manager tomorrow. Sky shame on you, if you make a bridge in my contract I can make one as well, goodbye!

2 October 2017

Simply horrendous is the only accurate description possible. Download speeds consistently less than 4 Mbps despite other providers managing 6 Mbps on the same exchange/line. Also a very noticeable worsening every evening to the point that pretty much all internet use is impossible. Avoid at all costs.

21 September 2017
Jack Whitehall

No no no! Sky is awful!
Stop lying to people. You must be getting paid, there are too many horror stories and awful reviews to prove that Sky offers some of the worst and unreliable internet out there. Download speed claims are lies, at under 1mbps, and the range is awful too, at under 10 steps away.
Don't be scammed by Sky. Their service is truly truly over priced and awful.
You're also going to hate calling their customer dis-service line. They will infuriate and almost mock you as they refuse to believe any of your complaints - as if you called to make things up.

Run away friends!
Run away from Sky!
Run off a cliff even, it's more tolerable!

3 November 2017
Choose team

Hi Jack,

We're sorry to hear you've had a bad time with Sky. We aren't however lying to people. Our review is based on information on customer service performance provided by independent body Ofcom - who have reported Sky are in fact the least complained about telecoms and pay TV provider out of the largest six providers in the UK - for more information, you can find their report here: <a href=";cuid=2412393" rel="nofollow noopener" title=""></a>

Best, Choose.

13 June 2017
Jim McGregor

Sky want me to set up a SkyID to access legal download websites.
I have set up the ID but now they are forcing me to take their TV package before I can use it! I won't be hanging about much longer - I may even consider BT (perish the thought) as an alternative.

1 March 2017

I switched from PlusNet to Sky Broadband which I had for a few years with an amazing Topcashback deal. I then upgraded to Fibre with another introductory offer a year ago and have just re-signed for a year with a &pound;10 a month offer.

I have honestly found them to be excellent. I needed an Openreach engineer out a couple of times to work on my phone line and in both cases Sky were excellent and gave me a courtesy call to check the problem was fixed. I've never had to wait more than a few rings to get through to a UK call centre and the agents are generally very helpful.

The fibre product does exactly what it says. My family is constantly streaming and downloading. It all just works, without throttling.

I realise this sounds like I work for them but I thought there needed to be another opinion to all the complaints.

24 January 2017
Andrea Borman

I was going to switch from BT to Sky but after reading all of these horror stories here I did not.
I cancelled my transfer and thank God I did.

I am just glad I stayed with BT. Because if I had have left BT to go to Sky. I would have been in the same situation as many of these people here.
I think BT is the best one, it's not cheap but you get what you pay for.
I get an excellent speed of 16GB and I have never had any problems with BT.

But Sky block sites that should not be blocked such as Facebook and they won't remove the broadband shield.
Also Sky told me they won't repair any of my telephone extensions if they did not work after the switch over. They even told me I would not get as nearly as good a broadband speed with them as what I get now with BT. And when they told me there is no way to remove the broadband shield that so many people here are having problems with. That put me right off so in the end I did not switch.
And Sky won't even let you use your own router but BT will.

All of these reasons was why I did not go over to Sky and am staying with BT.
With BT I get a fast broadband and they don't block websites.
I have never had any problems with BT so will be staying with BT.
Also BT is the original ISP and telephone provider and was long before all of these other companies came here. So at least you know who you are dealing with but with other ISP you don't. And all areas in England are covered by BT, so even if you live in a remote village you will still get their service and broadband.

So my advice is to stick with BT. It's better to deal with the devil that you know than with the Devil that you don't as they say!

24 September 2017

Sky broadband of all flavours run off the BT infrastructure, Sky won't fix your issue, BT are the ones who do that, even if you subscribe to Sky.

15 December 2016
A Momin

I was with Sky more than a year. I didn't know my contract was finished so they started charging me monthly &pound;97.90 (original bill &pound;41) and I didn't realise that. After a few months I checked my account then I called them up but they don't give a monkeys and I told them cancel my contact, I don't want pay that much money, so they agreed to cancel from next month but I have to pay a cancellation fee and the last month bill which is altogether &pound;234. Now they're chasing me for this money, do you think it's right to pay this amount. I tried to speak to a customer service manager but they didn't let me. My monthly bill supposed to be &pound;41 and sky charged me &pound;97.90 per month without me knowing and I don't think it's right. It's not my responsibility to call and find out when my contact finished as I have other things to worry about.

11 November 2016

I have used Sky for 11 months now, and I cannot recommend it for anybody.
Download speed - 0.80 Mbps, Upload speed - 0.65 Mbps, and it's like that almost everyday, it's even hard to check my email, and it is just impossible to watch a YouTube video.
Is that some kind of joke?
I was using a lot cheaper internet services in Poland, Netherlands and in Iceland, and I never before had any problems.
I live in Glasgow now, I chose Sky... That was a big mistake, it's hard to believe that the UK have such slow broadband, it's shocking and sad :(

11 November 2016

Worst internet I ever had.... constantly dropdowns, ping scales like crazy from 100 to 500+ ALL the time! Have to reboot the router almost every day.. sometimes a few times a day... I'll move to another provider as soon as possible!

5 November 2016

WORST internet I ever had is from SKY!!!! I will cancel everything related to sky as soon as possible.

1 October 2016
Tony Harvey

Sky Broadband is advertised at "up to 17Mb", and my current download speed (0.23Mbps) and upload speed (0.59Mbps) fall within the "up to" but rather short of my expectations - particularly as all I have done to destroy my internet connection is to have my broken down sky box replaced and agree to a new 12 month contract. Even the shortest programme "on demand" takes hours to download even on SD - I daren't try HD!

20 September 2016
Alan Reffell

I was told getting sky TV, Internet and phone line would be easy.....OMG what utter rubbish.
1. Sky TV can't be fitted for over a month. They've given me codes I can watch through my WiFi Internet on my tablet....YOU HAVEN'T FIXED MY INTERNET YET!!
2. My Internet was supposed to take 24 hrs, it's now going to take more like 3-4 days because of technical issues.
3. My phone line is also not connected, yet more technical issues.
The worst thing was no one had the common sense to ring me and let me know. Instead I have to ring up and be put on hold 29 minutes out of 36 minute phone call!!

18 June 2016

This is the worst internet service provider ever, if u are planing to get it trust me don't, it always keeps on disconnecting randomly and won't connect again for a long time and even after all the repairs it's the same. They should shut this thing down idk how can people cope with this wooden technology.

2 January 2016
J Keith

So after upgrading to fibre optic we've had nothing but problems. We've had engineers out. 1st one said we need a new line from the pavement to the house. 2nd one said no problem with external line it's inside the house that's the problem. After getting all the internal wires replaced by an independent engineer (at our cost) the speed was still way below what was promised, so Sky admit that fibre optic in our area is not very good. So. They advise we should down grade to broadband as that can possibly be quicker. So we downgrade. Then on change over day Internet stops working altogether (30/12). What can you do? Nothing until the 7/1 that's great Sky. Thanks a lot.

15 December 2015

They have a serious problem there.

4 December 2015

Horrible internet connection. I get disconnected all the time and after I go through their Connection Diagnosis the internet drops again. From what I see they still didn't solve this problem and I'm unsure they won't even bother to solve it.

14 August 2014

I get a fantastic service.

11 April 2013

Yes - the real problem with Sky is the constant and regular disconnects. They have a serious problem there, and have done nothing to sort it out. If you play games online, you can forget about using Sky. Simple as that.

6 April 2013

This is more of a question. Why can't I get a line rental saver with Sky if I apply online? They insist I need to order the line rental over the phone to be eligible for the line rental saver. I can get some cash back (quidco or top cash back) if applying for Sky talk and broadband. I can get line rental saver if I buy Plusnet or TalkTalk online.

25 March 2013

Yet 2 years on, it has problems with the constant disconnects, that a lot of people all over the country are having currently from around December 2012 - present March 2013, and it is ridiculous with the amount of times these disconnects occur. It differs from day to day, sometimes it's 2 or 3, sometimes it's 10 - 20. It can happen at any peak or off peak times. Everything that a Sky forum mod/op says on their forum is the same old rubbish, have you reset the box, are you sure it's not getting interference? What when it's plugged in through hardwire from the router to my computer? No its the same thing that happens, the router turns off, flashes an amber light which then goes green and then your internet comes back on. Now they say the line is ok, and there is no problems with the line? Then what is it? I'd say it's your router fix it, and stop telling people because you can't be bothered fixing it, everyone's fed up, including me with ringing over the same issue that's affecting the whole country. Best fix I can think of is move ISP, which should be free of charge due to the poor service and lack of fix after 3 - 4 months.

20 January 2012
david poole

This is for mark p,

If you have Sky TV with a phone line, unplug your Sky adapter/line from the BT socket and put your phone line which is connected to your router in and watch your Internet speed shoot up.

I have BT internet but changed my Sky box to Sky+ and my internet speed went down to 1mb-2mb. I took my Sky line and put my phone line directly into the phone socket and my speed shot up to 8.86-9.25mb even after being told my exchange is only 5.5km away - the Sky box slows your speed down!

5 January 2012

I have had Sky broadband for almost a year now. I got it because I wanted Sky+ HD and it was a lot cheaper if you get the full package with phone line as well. Also you get multi room. But I absolutely regret this. The connection of the router always remains existent but it frequently cannot pickup Internet signal as it's not fibre optic. This is extremely annoying because it happens at least once every couple of hours which means that if I start any long download then it will always phase out when the router fails to pickup signal or the internet signal received by the router gets very low: even if this is just for a second. Even when there is signal it gives a very slow Internet speed.

28 September 2011
mark p

I have been with Sky for 6 months now and the best download is 2.2Mb downstream and 0.3Mb up. I live 2km away from the exchange and cannot have fibre optic as it's not set up in my area.

I have checked the filter, wires to the telephone etc, are all ok and had an engineer set it when I started with Sky. Sky have said there's nothing they can do until the exchange upgrades which could be years!

I contacted Virgin and they did a test on my line and so did I via their tester and they said iI could get 10Mb - 17.5Mb. Is this a con to get my business? They said it wasn't because of Ofcom.

12 September 2011

Hi, just hoping for some advice if possible. I am currently with Sky for everything including my broadband and I have been with them for nearly two years and am no longer tied in to a contract. My broadband is truly shocking - I had problems since day one and last night was the last straw - 5 mins to upload a Sky page! I have checked on my connection speeds and barely touching 1Mb when I am supposed to receive 20Mb.

I am connected on the Connect package which I know doesn't hold the best speeds but was hoping for a lot better than this. The master socket is in the kitchen which can not be used as my living room is on the 2nd floor (3 story house) so I use the socket in my living room for my hub. Any suggestions as to how I improve my speed or do I transfer to another supplier? Thanks.

16 January 2016

IMHO I would try changing the filter and then phone Sky and ask their engineers to do a speed test on your telephone line, do it through the day as I found this the best time to phone thanks.

6 September 2011

I've been using Sky broadband for a while now and to be honest, the quality of the service I get is truly awful. I live 1 1/2 miles from the exchange and the "up to 20mb" speed I get is actually 1.4 to 1.6mb, which in this age of ultra fast technology is shocking. I've asked them to sort it out for me but they say they're unable to help. Yes,the fee is cheap at &pound;7.50, but in reality it's not even worth that.

I would strongly advise anyone to avoid Sky broadband at all costs, regardless of the price.

22 August 2011

Sky recently sent me an email saying they will "automatically move you up to Sky Broadband Unlimited" if I go over my monthly usage twice (currently on Lite). Can they do this with out my permission? I'm happy on my current broadband package &amp; stated they can throttle my internet if I go over.

22 August 2011
Choose team

Hi Chris, There's usually a section of your broadband terms and conditions that states that Sky are within their rights to do this. Checking the small print should be your first move with this.

24 July 2011

If it costs more for existing Sky customers and am out of contract why can't I just cancel my contract, wait a day or two and take up a new contract in order to benefit from the prices for new customers?

24 July 2011
Choose team

This is something we've often wondered ourselves so we checked with Sky for the definitive answer.

This is what they said: "If a customer cancels their Sky subscription, they are not eligible for a new Sky offer for 12 months. In that 12 month period they would still be classed as an existing customer."

Hope that helps!

28 June 2011

Do you qualify as a new customer if you already have Freesat?

28 June 2011
Choose team

As long as you don't have any Sky products we believe you qualify. You'll need a new dish but note that you can keep Freesat and have that and Sky connected to the same dish. That's particularly handy if you want TV in a few rooms: you could have freesat in one and Sky in another.

21 June 2011

I have Sky TV. When I go to sign up for broadband they are charging a &pound;60 set up fee. In the above you say it is free?

21 June 2011
Choose team

The prices above are for non-Sky customers signing up online. Sky have another set of prices for their existing TV customers.

3 June 2011

What can I say about Sky. Well, we had BT internet at one point but as I am a gamer I needed a pretty fast connection and BT couldn't offer that, so we decided to swap over to Sky (since we already had a Sky+ HD box).

I must say that the Sky connection is a lot faster for browsing, gaming and downloading than any other provider.

15 May 2011

After some terrible experience during a move to a new home with BT, I decided to swap to Sky. I have been a TV customer with them for many years and was hoping to get a fair deal on broadband. However, they didn't stick to any of their promises and after 2 months the Internet is still not working properly.

I live only a few miles out of Edinburgh and would have expected a fairly stable internet connection here. I haven't managed to discuss this with anyone from Sky on their so called 24/7 phoneline and they haven't responded to any e-mails I've sent. I might just cancel my direct debit as I'm not willing to pay any longer for this poor service.

I don't know if there is any real alternative as most of the Internet providers do not realise that we've reached the 21st century and people need a reliable and fast Internet connection for private and business purposes. Until the big companies get these issues sorted I would rather use mobile Internet on a Pay-as-you-go basis.

7 May 2011

You say the following about Sky Broadband, "It's also worth looking at what you'll actually be getting before you jump in: this is a very basic broadband deal for browsing, emailing and not much else". What else is there to get with broadband, am I missing something here?


7 May 2011
Choose team

Yeah sorry John I can see how that could be confusing! So we mean browsing low-bandwidth websites and emails <b>as opposed to</b> streaming video on sites like Youtube and iPlayer or via your TV, listening to music online on sites like Spotify, playing games online, downloading large files etc. Hope this helps.

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