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best reliability silver award 2022

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BT Broadband: What's on offer?

BT are the most well-known telecoms provider in the UK, with broadband deals available for almost every home.

Customers can access both part-fibre and full fibre connections depending upon where they live, with the Openreach full fibre network having so far reach over 11 million premises.

BT broadband deals include:

  • Fibre Essentials
  • Fibre 1
  • Fibre 2
  • Full Fibre 100
  • Full Fibre 500
  • Full Fibre 900

Along with a broadband deal, customers can add a home phone line with inclusive call plans, and the BT TV service that offers access to both TNT Sports and Sky content through NOW Memberships.

Premium features are also available for BT broadband customers, including whole home WiFi with Complete WiFi, an automatic mobile broadband back-up service with Hybrid Connect, and in-home technical support, including through the Halo 3 service.

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BT broadband speeds

BT broadband offers a range of download speeds, although availability does vary depending upon location.

Most households will be able to access the 36Mb, 50Mb, and 67Mb average speed packages. While those living in full fibre enabled areas will also be able to choose from 150Mb, 500Mb and 900Mb plans.

Average download speed Average upload speed
Fibre Essentials 36Mbps 9Mbps
Fibre 1 50Mbps 9Mbps
Fibre 2 67Mbps 18Mbps
Full Fibre 100 150Mbps 30Mbps
Full Fibre 500 500Mbps 73Mbps
Full Fibre 900 900Mbps 110Mbps

The average speeds listed above are delivered to at least 50% of BT broadband customers at peak times, which is between 8pm and 10pm in the evening when the network is busiest.

In addition, BT offer customers a Stay Fast Guarantee, which promises a minimum download speed. If customers don't get this speed and BT can't fix the issue within 60 days they can claim £20 and leave their contract early.

New customer offers

BT offers special deals for new customers signing up to one of their broadband packages.

The current deals available for those new to BT can be found in the comparison table, and we keep our data updated as soon as offers change. Prices and deals can sometimes vary from those available directly with BT, so to get these offers make sure to click the 'Get deal' buttons above and complete the sign up through the online checkout.

Current deals for new customers to BT include money off for the introductory period, reduced or waived setup fees, reward card vouchers, and access to an Xbox game pass.

BT also offer additional deals for those who bundle BT broadband with TV.

Key terms for BT broadband

BT broadband contracts last for at least 24 months, during which time the monthly price may be reduced for new customers.

At the end of the minimum term, prices increase, but BT's out of contract prices are typically only around £5 more. BT will send customers end of contract notifications when their minimum term is coming to an end, along with any deals available to them if they re-contract with BT.

When the minimum term ends, customers can also choose to switch away from BT if they don't want to take out another contract. Continuing as an out of contract customer is also an option, but customers should be aware they're likely to be paying more.

Customers who sign up for BT broadband without a phone line won't be able to add one unless they sign up to a new 24-month minimum term.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does BT broadband cost?

BT broadband costs from £30.99 per month for the first 24-months for new customers. While this includes just the broadband connection, customers can add a home phone line for an extra £5 per month.

What router comes with BT broadband?

BT provide the BT Smart Hub 2 to all broadband customers taking a part-fibre or full fibre package.

The BT Smart Hub 2 is a dual-band router that supports up to to WiFi 5, or 802.11ac, protocol. It has 7 internal antennas and supports intelligent mesh to allow for extending the network seamlessly with booster discs.

Does BT offer a whole home WiFi guarantee?

BT Complete WiFi is a whole home WiFi guarantee that will provide customers with up to three WiFi discs to improve wireless signal around their home.

If customers don't get a 'strong' signal in every room according to the MyBT app, they can claim a £100 back.

How much does BT anytime cost?

A home phone line can be added to BT broadband for £5 per month, with 700 minutes of anytime calls to UK landlines and UK mobiles costing an additional £3 per month.

For unlimited anytime calls customers would have to pay £13 per month on top of the cost of adding a home phone.

How do I switch to BT from another provider?

Customers switching between providers on the Openreach network only need to order a BT broadband deal, and then BT will handle everything including cancelling the existing service. This covers switching from providers including Plusnet, TalkTalk, Sky, Zen Internet, and EE.

Where customers are switching from a different broadband network however, such as Virgin Media, they will be responsible for cancelling their existing service themselves.

BT say switches and new customer orders should take around two weeks from an order being placed. However, where a new full fibre installation is required this could take longer depending on access and availability.