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best reliability silver award 2022

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BT TV and Broadband: What's on offer?

BT's TV service can be bundled with their broadband deals, and offers customers the ability to access an Ultra HD set-top box along with TNT Sports and NOW Memberships for premium Sky content.

There are five main TV packages to choose from including:

  • Entertainment
  • Big Entertainment
  • Sport
  • Big Sport
  • VIP

The main benefit of BT TV is the ability to swap plans on a monthly basis, so customers can move between Entertainment and Sport depending on football fixtures or time or year for example.

There are other reasons to opt for BT TV and broadband, including the ability to pause, rewind and record Sky content viewed through NOW, which normally isn't possible.

The BT TV Box Pro also supports on-demand apps including Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, so customers can watch additional content on their TV.

What content is on BT TV?

BT TV content varies between packages but is largely based on offering access to premium Sky TV channels through NOW Memberships.

All customers will be able to pause, rewind, and record live free-to-air channels broadcast via Freeview, as well as premium content depending on their package.

They'll also get access to Discovery+ Basic, which includes Animal Planet, Discovery, Discovery History, Discovery Science, DMAX, Food Network, HGTV, ID, Quest, Quest Red, TLC, and Turbo channels.

BT TV plans include:

Entertainment Sky Entertainment + Sky Kids
Big Entertainment Sky Entertainment + Sky Kids + Sky Cinema
Sport TNT Sports + Eurosport 1 & 2
Big Sport TNT Sports + Eurosport 1 & 2 + Sky Sports
VIP All of the above + Netflix + HD pack

In addition to the above content, BT TV customers can also access subscriptions through Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, BritBox, and free-to-air catch up services like BBC iPlayer, ITVX, All4 and My5.

New customer offers

On this page we list the BT TV and broadband deals available for new customers.

Current deals on BT TV and broadband packages include money off during the introductory period, reduced setup fees, reward cards, and free access to an Xbox game pass on certain plans.

By using the comparison table above, you can compare deals available in your area and then sort by monthly price, or offer value, to help select the right plan for you.

We list the latest prices and offers for BT TV and broadband and keep our data updated as soon as offers change. It's worth being aware sometimes the deals and prices we list are different from those available directly with BT. So, it's important to click through on the 'Get deal' buttons above and sign up through the online checkout to get the prices and offers displayed above.

Key terms for BT TV and broadband

BT TV and broadband deals come with a 24-month minimum term, which means the plan can't be cancelled early without paying early termination charges.

While the BT broadband part of the deal is fixed for the minimum term, the TV package a customer chooses can be changed on a monthly basis. However, while the content can be swapped, if a customer signed up to BT TV they must keep the service for the same 24-month minimum term.

BT have contractual annual price rises, which means a specific price rise amount is specified in all BT TV and broadband contracts. Each April, BT say they'll increase prices by Consumer Price Index (CPI) + 3.9%. These price rises apply to customers during their minimum terms, as well as those who are out of contract.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is BT TV any good?

The main benefits of BT TV are the flexibility of changing packages on a monthly basis, as well as being able to pause, rewind and record live content on Freeview and Sky.

Subscribing to the premium channel packs through NOW directly means customers aren't able to pause and rewind live TV, and it's not possible to record shows either.

The BT TV Box Pro also offers support for additional on-demand apps, including Netflix and Prime Video, so content can be further customised.

Ultimately, BT TV is a good option for customers looking to take TV content alongside their broadband package, the added flexibility mean it's possible to keep content fresh without having to pay more for additional subscriptions.

What sports are on BT TV?

BT TV offer two sports packages; Sport and Big Sport.

While BT Sport provides access to both the TNT Sports pack and Eurosport 1 & 2, the BT Big Sport package also includes the Sky Sports pack.

It's worth noting that these sports channels are delivered in SD or 720p HD as standard, and customers need to pay for the HD pack to watch sports in full 1080p HD.

Does BT TV offer a multiroom service?

BT TV offers a multiroom service called Extra Box.

Extra Box costs £10 per month and provides just that, an extra box. Customers get a TV Box Mini which is wireless and allows all content on the main subscription to be viewed in a second room.

Are BT TV prices cheaper than Sky?

BT TV and broadband deals are often more expensive than equivalent packages from Sky, however this is usually because BT broadband is more expensive than Sky broadband.

When comparing deals, be sure to check the broadband speed as well as the number of TV channels and content provided.

While Sky TV usually provides more content as standard than BT TV, BT offers more flexibility with the ability to swap TV plans on a monthly basis.

Can I get BT TV without BT broadband?

BT TV is available exclusively to BT broadband customers.

However, it's possible to access NOW Memberships through TalkTalk or NOW directly, and TNT Sports is available through a range of services including Virgin Media, Sky, and directly by subscribing to Discovery+ Premium.