What does Vodafone home broadband offer?

Vodafone offers a range of fixed line home broadband deals, covering both budget and premium options.

Vodafone's superfast packages offer some of the cheapest prices in the market for fibre broadband, while the Ultrafast and Gigafast packages offer download speeds up to 910Mb.

All of Vodafone's broadband deals can be upgraded to both a Pro version and an Xtra add-on. Pro plans offer customers a more premium broadband subscription, with a WiFi guarantee, priority access to expert support, automatic 4G back-up and 12 months free Norton 360 Premium. The Xtra add-on offers a free Apple 4K TV box with 3-months Apple TV+ subscription and free anytime calls to UK landlines and mobiles.

Vodafone Together offers Vodafone's pay monthly mobile customers up to a £3 monthly discount off the price of their home broadband, as well as 30% off additional pay monthly SIM plans.

It's also worth noting that Vodafone broadband plans are 24-months in length, making them some of the longest available in the UK broadband market. This can be beneficial for customers looking to lock in low introductory prices for longer.

Is Vodafone broadband any good?

Vodafone offer both budget broadband at a very competitive price, as well as giving customers the option of upgrading to Vodafone Pro or Xtra plans, which are premium tiers costing upwards of £8 extra per month.

Vodafone Superfast packages are delivered using the Openreach fibre to the cabinet network, while the Ultrafast and Gigafast packages use either Openreach's fibre to the premises or CityFibre's full fibre network.

While both Openreach and CityFibre full fibre offer increased speeds and reliability over fibre to the cabinet connections, people living in CityFibre enabled areas will also benefit from symmetrical upload speeds.

For people who want the highest level of reliability, Vodafone's Pro service offers priority access to expert technical support, as well as a wifi guarantee that promises to allow customers to leave their contract early if the service fails to deliver a wireless signal effectively around the home.

In terms of customer service, Vodafone still have higher than average complaint figures, however their service levels have improved substantially over the last two years. In 2021 their complaint levels have more than halved, and the most recent quarterly reports from Ofcom put them in the middle of the pack.

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How fast is Vodafone fibre broadband?

Vodafone offer a range of download speeds including 35Mb, 60Mb, 100Mb, 200Mb, 500Mb and 910Mb. Average upload speeds also vary between packages with only some deals offering symmetrical upload speeds.

Download speed (average) Upload speed (average)
Superfast 1 35Mb 9Mb
Superfast 2 60Mb 18Mb
Superfast 100 100Mb 20Mb / 100Mb*
Ultrafast 200 200Mb 30Mb / 200Mb*
Ultrafast 500 500Mb 75Mb / 500Mb*
Gigafast 900 910Mb 110Mb / 910Mb*

*Faster upload speeds available in CityFibre enabled areas only.

Vodafone aren't yet covered by Ofcom's independent research into broadband speeds, although that may change soon as Ofcom do review their complaints figures.

However, all broadband providers are required to advertise average speeds that can be reached by at least 50% of their customers at peak time between 8pm and 10pm. This means at least 50% of Vodafone customers will be receiving the advertised speeds.

Vodafone's own figures say 73% of their Vodafone Superfast 1 customers can receive speeds above 35Mb, while 61% of Vodafone Superfast 2 customers receive speeds of 63Mb or more.

What does Vodafone Pro offer?

Vodafone Pro is a premium broadband upgrade that offers customers extra technical support alongside guaranteed WiFi coverage around a home.

The three main benefits of the Pro plan are:

  • 4G broadband back-up
  • Super WiFi guarantee
  • WiFi experts
  • 12-months Norton 360 Premium antivirus software

The 4G broadband back-up service offers an automatic 4G mobile broadband connection via the home broadband router in the event the fixed line connection goes down at any point. It's provided over the Vodafone network, so it's worth checking coverage in your area.

The Super WiFi service guarantees a reliable wireless connection in every room of your home by using WiFi boosters to extend coverage. The boosters are provided as part of the service, and if they fail to extend coverage the guarantee means you can leave your contract early for free.

Vodafone Pro's WiFi Xperts offer 24/7 priority technical support to help resolve any issues or problems with the broadband connection.

Lastly, Vodafone Pro plans come with 12-months free subscription to Norton 360 Premium antivirus software. This can cover up to 10 devices, including smartphones, tablets, PC and Mac computers. It's worth being aware this subscription will auto renew unless cancelled, although customers get 50% off after 12-months, and then pay full price in the following years.

Pro can be added to any of Vodafone's broadband deals, and costs an extra £8 per month.

What is Vodafone Xtra?

Vodafone Xtra is an add-on that can be added to any of Vodafone's broadband deals. It can be added to the standard packages as well as those upgraded to Pro.

The Xtra plan includes:

  • Apple 4K TV set top box
  • Apple TV+ subscription for 3 months
  • Anytime calls to UK landlines and mobiles

This premium package includes Apple TV 4K with a 3-month subscription to Apple TV+ and a 4K HDR set-top box. The Apple TV 4K box itself is a conduit to free and paid content from other sources, so customers can access free services like BBC iPlayer and ITV Hub as well as viewing content they subscribe to separately on Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and Now TV.

Customers taking Xtra will also get an anytime inclusive call plan on their Vodafone home phone to both UK landlines and UK mobiles.

Vodafone Xtra costs an additional £15 per month on top of the costs of the base broadband contracts detailed in the table above.

What router comes with the broadband?

Vodafone's latest WiFi Hub is supplied with all Vodafone broadband packages, whether customers are considering Vodafone Superfast or the faster deals on offer.

Vodafone's WiFi Hub is a good router, sharing many of the same features seen in quality routers from the likes of BT and Virgin Media. It comes with four Gigabit Ethernet ports for wired connections of up to 1Gb, two USB ports and it has seven antennae with beamforming.

The WiFi Hub is designed to work in tandem with the Vodafone Broadband app. This award-winning app comes as standard with all Vodafone fibre broadband deals, offering features such as Family Time to set online and offline time, as well as Device Boost to improve the signal to a specific device.

Does Vodafone broadband come with a home phone line?

All of Vodafone's broadband deals come with a home phone line included in the monthly price, however for most packages this will be a digital VoIP line over the broadband connection as the UK moves away from the copper phone line network.

Pay as you go calls are included as standard, but customers can choose to upgrade to one of two call plans:

  • Evening & weekend calls to UK landlines
  • Anytime calls to UK landlines and mobiles

The latest price details for these add-ons can be found in the table above by filtering the Home phone options by the call plan choice.

It's worth noting that Vodafone's Xtra plan includes both anytime calls as well as an Apple 4K TV box, for the same price as the call plan on its own.

Do Vodafone mobile customers get a discount?

Vodafone offer customers a discount for taking both Vodafone broadband and mobile services in the form of their Vodafone Together discount.

Customers can save up to £3 a month off their home broadband bill if they have a pay monthly mobile contract with Vodafone, either with a handset plan or as a SIM only deal.

The exact saving depends upon when a customer took out their mobile plan, but 12-month and 24-month SIM only or Airtime plans purchased after 6th April 2022 will receive a £3 discount on any home broadband plan.

Mobile contracts taken out prior to 6th April 2022 are only eligible for the discount on Vodafone Pro broadband plans, and 12-month mobile plans will only receive a £2 discount.

The discount will remain on a customer's account for as long as they maintain an eligible home broadband plan and an eligible pay monthly plan on the same account. Customers can enter their Vodafone mobile details when they order home broadband online.

Vodafone Together customers also receive a 30% discount off the monthly price of any additional SIM-only, Airtime or mobile broadband data-only plans with a contract term of at least 12-months.

Vodafone Together also includes access to Vodafone's VeryMe rewards programme and customers get a year free subscription to Norton 360 Premium - although note that this is also included in the Vodafone Pro plan.

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Does Vodafone offer good customer service?

Vodafone had a high number of customer complaints prior to 2020 according to Ofcom reports, but they have made a considerable improvement in complaint levels over the past two years.

The latest Q1 2022 report shows Vodafone has 13 complaints per 100,000 subscribers, with an industry average figure of 10. Vodafone's complaints have more than halved since 2020 when they were receiving between 20 and 30 complaints per quarter. In addition, the improvement seems to be more than just a blip, with steady figures since Q2 2021.

Other details about Vodafone's customer service performance are scarce because Ofcom haven't yet collected enough data on most metrics. We do know that their call centre operatives answer the phone broadly in line with the industry average and they have average rates of call abandonments.

While Vodafone have a comparatively lacklustre complaints record, it's worth remembering most customers aren't submitting complaints about their services.

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Is Vodafone better than BT?

Vodafone broadband is cheaper than BT broadband, although prices are more similar when we look at the premium Vodafone Pro tier of broadband.

While the standard Vodafone home broadband is a no-frills budget service that is more competitive than BT on price, the premium tiers add more features to Vodafone's fibre broadband in the same way that BT Complete WiFi does when added to basic BT broadband deals.

With both providers, customers will need to pay extra to access the premium features. However, if customers are willing to pay more for these broadband services, it's worth noting both Vodafone home broadband and BT can be backed up by the 4G mobile network in case the home internet goes down.

On price alone, Vodafone's broadband works out much cheaper than BT's. They are more finely matched when it comes to premium tier features.

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How long is the minimum contract?

The minimum term on Vodafone broadband packages is 24 months.

Longer contracts on fibre broadband deals are becoming more common, with BT and EE also offering 24-month terms. However, with Vodafone's low pricing, a longer contract does offer the benefit of a lower price for longer. While it's possible to still get 12-month deals on broadband with providers such as Now, customers on these shorter plans will need to re-contract or switch sooner to stay on the best prices.

It's worth noting the best Vodafone mobile deals are 24 months long too, so customers looking to take advantage of mobile and broadband discounts with Vodafone Together may appreciate the two contracts being in sync.

Is it easy to switch from another provider?

Switching to Vodafone broadband is usually straightforward but switching from certain providers or to fibre to the premises (FTTP) Vodafone packages can be more complicated.

If a customer is switching from a superfast provider on the Openreach network such as BT, Plusnet, EE or Sky, all they need to do is compare broadband deals, click through to the Vodafone site and the process will be completely taken care of by Vodafone. This is what's known as a gaining provider led switching process.

Customers switching to Vodafone from a provider like Virgin Media or Hyperoptic will need to let their existing broadband company know they are switching away and cancel their contract directly.

Customers signing up to Vodafone's full fibre broadband in locations where this is provided by CityFibre will also need to cancel their existing broadband plan directly as they are switching to another network.

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