Vodafone Broadband Review

Last updated: 22 September 2023   By Samantha Smith

Vodafone offer a mix of home broadband deals, with the choice between cheap prices or the latest kit.

Vodafone offer a mix of ultra-low prices and faster speeds with the latest WiFi 6E router for customers willing to spend more.


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Customer Service:

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Vodafone's standard broadband packages offer budget-friendly low prices, while still competing with other providers on speed.

Customers willing to spend a bit more can get Vodafone's Pro II deals, which bundle the latest WiFi 6E router with a whole home WiFi guarantee.

It makes for a slightly confusing mix, but sees Vodafone broadband covering both budget and premium bases.

vodafone broadband

At a glance

Price From £25
Setup cost Free
Minimum term 24 months
Out of contract price From £33
Annual price increase CPI + 3.9%
Broadband connection Part-fibre / full fibre
Download speeds 35Mb, 60Mb, 82Mb, 100Mb, 200Mb, 500Mb, 910Mb
Upload speeds 9Mb, 18Mb, 20Mb, 30Mb, 75Mb, 110Mb
Router WiFi Hub / Ultra Hub
WiFi guarantee Pro II packages
Parental controls My Vodafone
Home phone Included
Anytime calls £8/mth (inc. UK mobiles)
TV Optional: Apple TV+

Latest offers

Offer Terms

Save up to £168 on selected Vodafone full fibre broadband plans, from £25 a month

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24 month minimum term. No set up fee. From £36/mth after 24 months. Monthly price will rise by CPI + 3.9% after 24 months.

Vodafone broadband customer reviews

Our independent survey of broadband customers found Vodafone was rated 4 out of 5 overall, with good ratings in all categories.

Vodafone was rated above average (4 out of 5) for Speed, Reliability, Customer Satisfaction, Value for Money, Customer Service and likelihood for customers to recommend the provider to a friend.

Very few of our survey respondents voted Vodafone Poor or Bad in any category, with the majority of Vodafone's customers rating them Average, Good, or Excellent.

Here are the results of our survey of Vodafone's performance:

5 out of 5 4 out of 5 3 out of 5 2 out of 5 1 out of 5
Value for money 23% 34% 32% 4% 8%
Speed 15% 40% 29% 8% 8%
Reliability 23% 34% 29% 8% 7%
Satisfaction 22% 39% 26% 6% 8%
Customer Service 19% 32% 30% 10% 10%
Likelihood to Recommend 22% 34% 25% 10% 10%

Want to review your provider?

Whether you're a customer of Vodafone broadband or another provider, you can submit a review of your provider by clicking through to the form below.

Our review of Vodafone broadband

Pros Cons
Optional WiFi 6E latest router technology No middle ground options; either basic or premium
Vodafone Together discounts Complaint levels improving, but have been high
Home phone line included on all plans
Good full fibre availability over both Openreach and CityFibre networks

Verdict: Is Vodafone broadband any good?

Vodafone broadband is an interesting proposition, because on the one hand they offer some of the market's cheapest broadband prices; on the other they offer the latest technology and most advanced features.

While that sounds like a good thing, it could be frustrating where add-ons include more services than a customer might need, leaving little middle ground between basic and premium.

We like that the Xtra broadband add-on can be taken with either a standard package or a Pro II package, but the combination of Apple TV+ with anytime calls pushes up the price, yet not all customers will want the extra free calls.

This is especially true where Vodafone offers discounts to pay monthly mobile or SIM only customers who most likely have unlimited minutes on their mobile plan.

However, this is potentially nit-picking an otherwise ultra-low-cost service that brings cheap broadband prices to those who want a straightforward package, or, for those willing to pay a little more for the best wireless router experience and most reliable connection.

See the latest offers for new customers on Vodafone broadband deals.

Vodafone broadband packages

Summary: Vodafone offer low-cost broadband packages with the option to upgrade to a more premium plan.

Vodafone offer a wide array of broadband packages that can be customised with premium add-ons, including Apple TV+, a whole home WiFi guarantee, and an upgraded router.

The four package tiers available include:

  • Standard: basic broadband and home phone
  • Xtra: add an Apple TV 4K box, 24-months of Apple TV+, and anytime calls
  • Pro II: get an upgraded WiFi 6E router, WiFi booster, 4G broadband back-up, and access to dedicated WiFi tech support
  • Pro II with Xtra: all of the above

The standard plans are ideal for those on a budget, as Vodafone's monthly prices start as some of the cheapest in the UK.

Package Broadband Monthly price Upfront price Contract term
Fibre 1 35Mb average £24 Free 24 months
Fibre 2 60Mb average £25 Free 24 months
Full Fibre 2 82Mb average £25 Free 24 months
Full Fibre 100 100Mb average £28 Free 24 months
Full Fibre 200 200Mb average £32 Free 24 months
Full Fibre 500 500Mb average £32 Free 24 months
offer Offer: Full Fibre 500 for the price of Full Fibre 200
Full Fibre 900 910Mb average £38 Free 24 months

The minimum term contract on Vodafone broadband is 24-months, so customers need to sign up for a fairly long period, although this is currently the same as with BT and Plusnet.

Packages come with line rental and a home phone service included, although calls on standard plans are on a pay as you go basis. It's possible to add a call plan, with options available for both off-peak and anytime calls.

Vodafone implement annual price rises based on Consumer Price Index (CPI) + 3.9% across all their packages, so it's important for customers to also budget for this as they will be locked in to these price increases.

In terms of availability, Vodafone utilise both the Openreach and CityFibre wholesale networks, for full fibre connections this means over 14.5 million properties have been passed, with the majority (97%) of the rest of the UK able to sign up to Vodafone's part-fibre plans instead.

Our Vodafone broadband deals page allows you to enter your postcode to see the packages and prices available in your area.

Pro II Broadband

Vodafone's Pro II broadband packages offer a premium level of service similar to BT's Halo 3+ add-on.

Customers on Pro II get:

  • An upgraded WiFi 6E router
  • A WiFi 6E booster and WiFi guarantee
  • An automatic 4G broadband back-up on Vodafone's mobile network
  • Access to dedicated WiFi engineers.

Pro II is available on each of the below Vodafone broadband packages:

Package Broadband Monthly price Upfront price Contract term
Pro II Fibre 1 35Mb average £34 Free 24 months
offer Offer: New Ultra Hub with WiFi 6E + Super WiFi 6E Booster + Automatic 4G Broadband Back-Up
Pro II Fibre 2 60Mb average £35 Free 24 months
offer Offer: New Ultra Hub with WiFi 6E + Super WiFi 6E Booster + Automatic 4G Broadband Back-Up
Pro II Full Fibre 2 82Mb average £35 Free 24 months
offer Offer: New Ultra Hub with WiFi 6E + Super WiFi 6E Booster + Automatic 4G Broadband Back-Up
Pro II Full Fibre 100 100Mb average £38 Free 24 months
offer Offer: New Ultra Hub with WiFi 6E + Super WiFi 6E Booster + Automatic 4G Broadband Back-Up
Pro II Full Fibre 200 200Mb average £42 Free 24 months
offer Offer: New Ultra Hub with WiFi 6E + Super WiFi 6E Booster + Automatic 4G Broadband Back-Up
Pro II Full Fibre 500 500Mb average £42 Free 24 months
offer Offer: Pro II Full Fibre 500 for the price of Pro II Full Fibre 200 + New Ultra Hub with WiFi 6E + Super WiFi 6E Booster + Automatic 4G Broadband Back-Up
Pro II Full Fibre 900 910Mb average £48 Free 24 months
offer Offer: New Ultra Hub with WiFi 6E + Super WiFi 6E Booster + Automatic 4G Broadband Back-Up

Prices for the Pro II broadband plan increase by around £12 - £14 per month, which is more expensive than simpler whole home WiFi guarantees, but cheaper than BT Halo 3+.

Vodafone Pro was introduced back in March 2021, but has since seen upgrades to the service, including a rename to Pro II.

The main advantage of Pro II is that customers will get the latest router, which supports WiFi 6E - that's basically WiFi 6 protocol support with an additional wireless channel on the 6GHz frequency.

Customers will also get a whole home WiFi guarantee, with up to three WiFi 6E boosters, as well as dedicated engineers that will actively monitor and fix wireless network issues.

The 4G broadband back-up device also works in a very similar fashion to BT's Hybrid Connect, where a mobile broadband router will automatically switch on and replace the fixed-line broadband connection to the main router if it detects the fixed-line service has gone down at any time.

For most users this could be overkill, but for those reliant on their Internet service, especially with more people now working from home, it may well be worth the extra monthly cost.

It's also worth pointing out that customers who take Vodafone's standard broadband plans without Pro II don't have another option to add a whole home WiFi guarantee.

Xtra Broadband

Vodafone Xtra Broadband can be added to either standard plans or Pro II broadband plans, and costs an extra £12 per month.

Xtra Broadband includes the following benefits:

  • Apple TV 4K box
  • 24-months' worth of an Apple TV+ subscription
  • Anytime calls to UK landlines and UK mobiles

Looking at the price of these services separately, an Apple TV+ subscription costs £6.99 per month, and anytime calls on Vodafone home phone cost £8 per month, so £14.99 in total, not including the TV box.

There are some cost benefits here then but customers will need to want both the TV and home phone services to really save money with the Xtra plan.

Vodafone Essential Broadband

Vodafone Essential Broadband is the provider's social broadband tariff and is available to households in receipt of certain means-tested benefits.

Launched in October 2022, Essential broadband is the cheapest social tariff in the market, with monthly prices as low as £12. For this, customers get average download speeds of 38Mbps on either a part-fibre or full fibre connection depending on their location.

It's also possible for customers to choose a faster plan, with the Fibre 2 Essential package offering up to 73Mbps speeds for £20 per month.

Eligible benefits include any one of the following:

  • Universal Credit
  • Jobseekers Allowance
  • Pension Credit
  • Employment Support Allowance
  • Income Support
  • Reduced Earnings Allowance
  • Personal Independent Payments
  • Disability Allowance

Both new and existing Vodafone broadband customers can move to the plan, however those on Xtra or Pro II plans will lose the additional benefits and could be subject to early termination charges.

Read more about social broadband tariffs in our main guide.

Home phone plans

Summary: All Vodafone broadband packages come with a home phone line, and customers can choose to add inclusive call plans.

All Vodafone broadband packages come with line rental included and the ability to make and receive calls.

It's also possible to choose one of three inclusive call plans:

Call plan Includes Price per month
Vodafone Anytime Landline and Mobile Calls Unlimited calls to standard UK landlines and mobiles (from your home phone) £8
Vodafone Evening and weekend calls Unlimited evening and weekend calls to standard UK landlines (from your home phone) £4
Vodafone International 300 300 minutes per month to 46 destinations £5

Customers who take the Xtra broadband plan for £12 per month get anytime calls to UK landlines and UK mobiles included with the Apple TV plan.

Out of allowance calls are charged at 11.5 pence per minute to UK landlines and 13 pence per minute to UK mobiles, alongside a 19 pence connection fee.

It's worth noting that these calling charges from Vodafone are among the UK's cheapest, so even without a calling plan added customers get low cost calls for occasional use.

How does Vodafone broadband compare?

Summary: Vodafone offer some of the cheapest prices on their standard plans, and also include line rental with a home phone service on all packages too.

Vodafone's standard broadband plans offer low prices for a simple broadband and phone service, and they compare well against rival providers.

The full fibre 100 plan is an entry-level fibre to the home connection, and is currently cheaper than equivalent deals from TalkTalk, Sky and BT.

Here's how it looks side-by-side with similar plans from other leading providers:

Package Broadband Monthly price Upfront price Contract term
Full Fibre 100 100Mb average £28 Free 24 months
Full Fibre 145 145Mb average £26.99 Free 24 months
offer Offer: Save over £13/mth + No setup fee + Exclusive offers and discounts for Plusnet customers (Ends 13/12/2023)
Full Fibre 150 152Mb average £29.95 £4.95 18 months
offer Offer: £50 Reward Card + Free P&P
Ultrafast Broadband 145Mb average £29 £5 18 months
offer Offer: Save £9/mth (was £38) + WiFi Max just £6.50/mth for 3 months and then just £10/mth + (£5 refundable setup fee for new customers if applicable)

As you can see, it is possible to get a cheaper deal from Plusnet and Shell Energy Broadband, however neither of these plans include a home phone line, so that's worth considering if it's a service a household is looking for.

TalkTalk also don't offer a home phone service, and while Sky does, BT charges an extra £5 per month for one.

In terms of availability, Vodafone also compare well as they work with both Openreach and CityFibre and so are available to more homes in comparison to Openreach-only providers like Sky, Plusnet, and BT.

For households still living in part-fibre areas, Vodafone's superfast Fibre 2 package is also competitively priced, with even fewer rival deals coming in cheaper:

Package Broadband Monthly price Upfront price Contract term
Fibre 2 60Mb average £25 Free 24 months
Super Fibre 63Mb average £24 £10 12 months
offer Offer: Now TV membership at reduced price for 12 months. Price may change again during the minimum term.
Superfast Fibre Plus 67Mb average £23.99 Free 12 months
offer Offer: Money off for 12 months
Superfast Broadband 61Mb average £26 £5 18 months
offer Offer: Save £10.50/mth (was £34.50) + WiFi Max just £6.50/mth for 3 months and then just £10/mth + (£5 refundable setup fee for new customers if applicable)

Vodafone Fibre 2 is slightly more expensive than NOW Super Fibre and Shell Energy Broadband Superfast Fibre Plus, but is cheaper than Sky Superfast, as well as deals from Plusnet, TalkTalk, BT, and also Virgin Media's cheapest M125 Fibre Broadband.

While cheaper, the router included with NOW Super Fibre isn't as good as the one provided by Vodafone, even with their standard plans.

In addition, Vodafone pay monthly mobile customers can save an extra £3 per month on the listed prices of Vodafone broadband with Vodafone Together.

How fast is Vodafone broadband?

Summary: Vodafone offer broadband speeds up to 910Mbps, they also offer symmetrical uploads in CityFibre enabled areas.

Vodafone offer customers a wide choice of broadband speed, from superfast plans at 35Mbps, to gigabit-capable deals delivering 910Mbps at peak times.

Speeds will vary depending on the location though and whether customers live within Openreach part or full fibre, or CityFibre enabled areas.

At least 50% of Vodafone broadband customers will receive the below speeds or faster at peak times on each of the packages:

Average download speed Average upload speed
Fibre 1 35Mb 10Mb
Fibre 2 60Mb 18Mb
Full Fibre 2 82Mb 18Mb
Full Fibre 100 100Mb 18Mb
Full Fibre 200 200Mb 27Mb
Full Fibre 500 500Mb 68Mb
Full Fibre 900 910Mb 105Mb

However, households living within CityFibre enabled areas who sign up for Vodafone full fibre broadband will get faster uploads with symmetrical speeds in line with the download speed.

Average download speed Average upload speed
Full Fibre 2 82Mb 82Mb
Full Fibre 100 100Mb 100Mb
Full Fibre 200 200Mb 200Mb
Full Fibre 500 500Mb 500Mb
Full Fibre 900 910Mb 910Mb

While the CityFibre area upload speeds are faster, those living in Openreach full fibre enabled areas will see similar speeds to rival providers like BT, Sky, and Plusnet.

In independent research, Ofcom found 82% of Vodafone's fixed-line broadband customers were satisfied with the speed of their service, in comparison to an industry average of 80%.

We also found Vodafone broadband customers rated the provider 4 out of 5 for the speed of their broadband speed in our independent survey.

Minimum broadband speeds

All customer signing up to Vodafone broadband will be given a speed estimate based on their individual property location, as well as a guaranteed minimum download speed.

If the service received drops below this minimum speed, and Vodafone can't resolve the issue within 30 days' notice, the customer will be free to leave their broadband contract early and without penalty.

We tested a postcode in Brighton, in the South of England, and were given the following speed estimates and minimum guarantee for each package:

Minimum guaranteed download speed Estimated download speed
Full Fibre 2 37Mb 73Mb
Full Fibre 100 50Mb 100Mb
Full Fibre 200 100Mb 200Mb
Full Fibre 500 250Mb 500Mb
Full Fibre 900 455Mb 910Mb

This guarantee is part of Ofcom's code of conduct on broadband speeds which Vodafone has agreed to provide. It's also offered by other major providers including BT, Plusnet, Sky, and TalkTalk.

WiFi guarantee

Customers who take one of Vodafone's Pro II broadband deals will get a WiFi guarantee bundled with their package.

It's not a service that's available on its own with standard plans, so customers do have to subscribe to a Pro II package to get it.

The Super WiFi guarantee provides customers with a WiFi 6E booster, and promises minimum download speeds over wireless of at least 10Mbps in every room.

If customers don't achieve this minimum, Vodafone will provide two more WiFi boosters, and if that still doesn't work then the customer is free to leave their broadband contract without penalty.

Vodafone Together

Summary: Exclusive discounts on Vodafone home broadband for Vodafone pay monthly mobile customers.

Customers who bundle Vodafone home broadband with a Vodafone pay monthly mobile or SIM only deal can save money on their services.

Vodafone Together customers get £3 off each month of their broadband subscription, as well as 30% discount on any additional SIM plan, with no limit to the number of SIM plans that can be bundled.

Vodafone say customers can save up to £380 a year, although this is based on bundling home broadband with four SIM or mobile plans. So, it's certainly worthwhile making the most of if households already use Vodafone for their mobile service.

Customers can also benefit from monthly VeryMe rewards and one year's subscription to McAfee Total Protection anti-virus and parental control software.

Vodafone WiFi Hub

Summary: Vodafone provide a branded WiFi Hub to all customers, or the option to upgrade to the very latest WiFi 6E Ultra Hub.

All Vodafone broadband packages come with the Intelligent WiFi Hub as standard, which offers dual-band wireless up to the WiFi 5 (802.11ac) protocol.

It should offer a strong wireless signal with 7 internal antennae, as well as four gigabit Ethernet LAN ports for wired connections.

vodafone wifi hub

What's different about Vodafone's routers is that they work in conjunction with the Vodafone Broadband app, an award-winning mobile app to control the wireless network.

Some of the features of the app include:

  • At a glance view of all the devices connected to the router over wireless
  • Device Boost: using beamforming technology, a user can choose a connected device to receive a stronger WiFi signal
  • Family Time: allows users to set router-level online and offline times
  • The ability to set up a private guest network that's easy to shut off when not in use
  • The ability to block any unrecognised or suspicious devices connecting to the network

The Vodafone Broadband app won a Red Dot Award in 2019, with the judges praising its minimalist design and the ability to make big decisions by taking micro-actions which removes some of the complexity of network management.

All customers have access to the app, so even those on the most basic Vodafone broadband plan will be able to benefit from it.

Ultra Hub

The Ultra Hub is an upgraded router provided only to customers on Pro II broadband plans.

It offers the very latest WiFi technology, supporting WiFi 6E, which is the latest WiFi 6 protocol (802.11ax) as well as an extra wireless band on the 6GHz frequency.

vodafone ultra hub

Most routers offer either dual-band or tri-band wireless using the 2.4GHz and 5GHz channels, so the 6GHz channel is a new frequency that's recently been opened up for wireless networking use.

While WiFi 6 and 6E require devices to also support the latest protocols, they can deliver speeds between 600Mbps and 9608Mbps, so customers can really benefit from the broadband speeds they're paying for.

The Ultra Hub can support more than 150 devices connecting at the same time, and works seamlessly with the provided WiFi 6E booster to ensure coverage around a home.

Customer service

Summary: Vodafone have above average numbers of complaints, although overall satisfaction among customers is good.

Vodafone first entered Ofcom's quarterly complaint reports in the third quarter of 2018, when they received 27 complaints per 100,000 customers, which was well above the average of 15.

This high complaint trend continued into 2019 and 2020, peaking in the final quarter of 2020 at 31 complaints per 100,000 customers.

However, since then, complaints have been declining, with around average complaint levels in 2021 and 2022, although recent quarters have climbed back up slightly, as the chart below shows.

However, despite these complaint figures, other research carried out by Ofcom has revealed Vodafone broadband customers are mostly satisfied with their overall service, as well as the speed of their service.

Vodafone Industry average
Satisfaction with overall service 83% 82%
Satisfaction with speed of service 82% 80%
Customers with a reason to complain 22% 20%
Overall satisfaction with complaint handling 49% 51%
Complaints resolved on first contact 38% 39%

While they didn't have fewer than average numbers of customers with a reason to complain, they did perform better in Ofcom's latest Comparing Customer Service report than both Virgin Media and TalkTalk in terms of complaint handling.

In our independent survey of broadband customers, we also found Vodafone was rated 4 out of 5 for customer service, although as many as 30% rated them 3 out of 5.

Overall, Vodafone have some ground to cover in terms of customer service, but they're showing improvements and levels of satisfaction among existing customers is reassuring.

Summary: Is Vodafone broadband worth it?

Vodafone offer an interesting mix of cheap broadband and premium add-ons, which enables them to please both ends of the market.

However, that does mean Vodafone misses out somewhat in terms of middle ground, with customers unable to take a WiFi guarantee without taking a Pro II package, but this may well include services they don't want.

It's a similar story with the Xtra add-on too, bundling both Apple TV+ and anytime calls pushes the price of this extra up, but not all customers will want both services.

That said, there is value for money in both Vodafone's standard broadband plans and their premium add-ons, for example Pro II costs considerably less than the similar BT Halo 3+, but offers the same advanced features as well as a better router.

Discounts on Vodafone Together also mean customers can reduce prices even more, making Vodafone some of the cheapest broadband deals around.

Overall, Vodafone broadband will appeal to two distinct types of customer; either those looking to save the most money, or those more heavily reliant on their broadband connection, with a unique WiFi app, automatic 4G back-up, and the very latest router technology on offer.

Check availability for Vodafone broadband in your area.



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