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Comparing personal finance with Choose

Which insurance products can I compare?

Choose allows you to compare insurance quotes for vehicle cover, whether you own a car, van or motorbike.

The car insurance engine covers over 110 providers including names such as Swiftcover, Swinton, Hastings Direct, AXA, RAC and others.

We also offer home insurance and pet insurance searches too, with up to 50 home insurance providers and over 15 pet insurance providers.

To find a cheaper price on an insurance renewal, simply enter your details into the quote engine to search a range of insurance providers.

Choose has partnered with Seopa Ltd for our insurance engine. Seopa Ltd are also independent of any insurance company, which means the quotes you'll find on the Choose website are unbiased and impartial.

What personal loan deals are available?

It's possible to compare personal loans from £1,000 all the way up to £50,000 from a range of banks, building societies and loan lenders.

Our loan comparison table lists unsecured loans only - which means no collateral is needed to take out the loan and it's also not secured to a property.

We compare loans from a range of providers including Natwest, Royal Bank of Scotland, the Post Office, Halifax, HSBC and many others.

To find a loan deal, use the filter on the loan comparison page to select how much you're looking to borrow and over what repayment term, to see how much any matching loans will cost.

Which are the best credit card deals?

There are a range of different credit card deals which can be used depending on what you need them for. For example, credit cards can help manage debt with 0% balance transfer deals, they can spread the cost of new purchases with 0% purchase deals. They can also offer rewards on everyday spending such as cash back or air miles.

As such, credit cards are versatile financial tools that can help establish and build a credit rating when used within the terms and conditions of the card.

It's important to always pay at least the minimum amount each month, and ideally the full balance to avoid any interest charges. It's also important to stay within the given credit limit.

We list a wide range of different credit card deals from banks, building societies and other mainstream credit card issuers.

You can compare credit cards here.

Which UK bank is best for customer service?

Choose carries out in-depth analysis of different markets, including money, broadband and energy, to help ensure people can find the best deal for them.

Our guide to the best bank for customer service looks into the research and statistics available on customer complaints and satisfaction performance for the main UK banks and ranks them accordingly.

We combine and analyse data from the Competition and Markets Authority, UK Customer Service Index, Financial Conduct Authority, YouGov and Trustpilot.

Read the full guide to find out which is the best bank for customer service in the UK.

Is mobile only banking safe?

Mobile only banking has taken off in the last few years with more providers offering a mobile-only service with no high street branches and few partnerships with the Post Office either.

While users can access the ATM network, all of their transactions and statement histories are accessed solely through the app. Even customer service is handled through online chat systems.

In terms of safety, they actually offer improved services with immediate access to freeze a card if it's lost or stolen, as well as instant spending notifications and day to day spending summaries.

Mobile banks such as Monzo and Starling are authorised by the FCA and offer the same FSCS protection on credit balances as high street banks.

Read more in our guide to UK mobile banking.

How do I improve my credit rating?

Improving a credit rating can take time, but it can be done through various ways.

It's worth ensuring the information held on you by the credit reference agencies is correct, as well as getting on the electoral roll.

It's possible to improve a credit rating by accessing credit, but not having our credit lines maxed out. Using credit so we have a history of repayment, but ensuring we also have credit available to us, is the best way to get a high score on a credit report.

Find out about the best credit reporting services and how to repair a credit rating in 30 days.

How do I find more information on banking and insurance?

Choose has been covering the personal finance market for almost 20 years and we have a large number of comprehensive expert guides covering a range of topics.

It's possible to browse all of our money guides here, or search the site to find a quick answer.

Why compare with Choose?

We are independent of all of the products and services we compare.

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We order our comparison tables by price or feature and never by referral revenue.

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We donate at least 5% of our profits to charity, and we have a climate positive workforce.

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