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How to compare broadband with Choose

What type of broadband package do I need?

Most people looking for broadband will find a package for them using our broadband comparison search, which can show you the broadband deals available to a specified postcode area. This search returns fibre and cable broadband depending upon the area.

Home broadband can now often be taken with or without a home phone line, and inclusive calls in the evenings and weekends, or during the day, are an optional extra.

It's also possible to bundle TV with a home broadband deal, and we have a broadband & TV comparison table specifically for those packages.

People looking for contract free options can either consider a short-term home broadband deal or mobile broadband can also be useful if you also want a way to get online on the go.

Is it worth bundling TV with broadband?

People who enjoy watching premium TV channels like Sky Sports or Sky Cinema can find discounts by bundling these packages with a home broadband deal from providers including Sky, Virgin Media and BT.

It can be worth bundling TV with broadband but only if you watch those extra channels anyway. Although it's now easier than ever to upgrade or downgrade a TV plan within the minimum contract period with providers such as BT or NOW, or even for new Sky Glass customers.

How do I compare broadband deals?

Our comparison tables make comparing broadband easy. Simply enter your postcode and then filter the deals by any optional extras such as inclusive calls, or set specific requirements such as maximum contract length or minimum broadband speed.

Then once you have your results, choose to order the deals by lowest price, most valuable special offer or fastest broadband speed. This way you can quickly get to the right broadband deal for you.

Part of the Choose Promise is to only order our tables by price or by feature, so you can be assured that you'll only see deals listed by your requirements, making it straightforward to find the cheapest or fastest broadband deal.

What's the difference between home and mobile broadband?

Home broadband is delivered by cables to your house, which can be via newly laid fibre cables or using the existing copper phone line network.

Mobile broadband on the other hand uses the mobile phone network to deliver a broadband connection usually over 4G or 5G depending on coverage in the area.

Home broadband is generally more stable and quicker than mobile broadband, although with advancements in mobile technology to 4G and now 5G, mobile broadband is becoming a fast and reliable alternative.

Generally speaking fixed line home broadband will be most suitable for the majority of people who want broadband at home. However, mobile broadband can be a useful option for people who don't want to be tied into a long contract, who move regularly, or who also want a connection when they're away from home.

Which is the best broadband provider?

At Choose we carry out in-depth research and analysis into the best broadband providers in the UK - covering metrics such as reliability, speed, price and customer service.

Alongside these guides, we also review each provider individually, taking account of a range of research and evaluating how they perform and how what they offer stacks up against other providers in the market.

Read more of our expert broadband guides and see our in-depth reviews of broadband providers.

How do I find more information on broadband?

Choose has been covering the broadband market for almost 20 years and we have a range of comprehensive and thorough guides to everything you need to know about broadband.

We've covered topics from how to improve broadband speeds; how broadband contracts work; how to switch broadband providers; and much more.

You can search all of our content for the information you need, or browse our archive of broadband guides here.

Why compare with Choose?

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