Choose Broadband Awards

Sky won awards in three categories in this year's Choose Broadband Awards, including:

customer service award 2023
best tv award 2023
best triple play award 2023

Sky Customer Reviews

Gold star Gold star Gold star Gold star
Sky broadband customers have rated them 4 out of 5 overall


Gold star Gold star Gold star Gold star


Gold star Gold star Gold star Gold star


Gold star Gold star Gold star Gold star

Value for money:

Gold star Gold star Gold star

Customer Service:

Gold star Gold star Gold star Gold star


Gold star Gold star Gold star

Ratings based on an independent survey of Sky customers carried out by Choose.

Sky TV: What's on offer?

Sky TV is now more widely accessible with the launch of their online streaming platform, now available through Sky Stream and Sky Glass.

Sky TV deals usually offer new customers money off, with discounts on the monthly price for the minimum term, or special offers on premium packs including Sky Sports and Sky Cinema.

Sky TV now comes with Sky Entertainment & Netflix, which offers over 150 live channels, plus on-demand box sets, access to Sky Originals programming, and a subscription to Netflix in HD.

Both Sky Stream and Sky Glass offer Sky TV in HD as standard, with options to upgrade to Ultra HD 4K resolution and Dolby Atmos surround sound.

Sky TV can be taken as a standalone service, or bundled with Sky broadband for extra savings on both services.

Read more in our guide to Sky TV packages.

How is Sky TV installed?

Sky TV no longer relies on satellite reception or a satellite dish, and is instead delivered over an Internet connection.

Sky say customers should have a broadband connection with minimum download speeds of at least 25Mbps to watch Sky Stream or Sky Glass, as both these services now offer full 1080p HD programming.

For customers who want to watch Sky TV in Ultra HD, they'll need a broadband connection offering download speeds of at least 30Mbps or ideally faster.

Because Sky TV no longer uses a satellite dish, installation is now much easier and quicker, with most customers able to connect and set up the box themselves.

Sky Stream setup for example, simply requires a mains power supply and HDMI connection to a TV set, after that the installation process walks you through a basic setup, configuring the network connection and Sky remote.

The Sky TV platform comes pre-programmed with a user's personal account details, which means customising add-ons requires just a PIN entry to confirm.

What's available on Sky TV?

Sky TV deals come with the Sky Entertainment package as well as a subscription to Netflix.

Sky Entertainment offers over 150 live channels, including Sky Atlantic, Sky Max, and Sky Showcase. Customers also get access to Freeview and a range of other premium pay TV channels from documentaries to comedy, sports, and entertainment.

For additional content, Sky TV customers can customise their viewing experience by subscription to premium TV packs on either an 18-month or 31-day rolling term.

TV packs available on Sky include:

The Sky TV platform also supports a wide range of both free-to-air and subscription on-demand apps, including Disney+, Discovery+, Paramount+, Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV+, Hayu, YouTube, Spotify, BBC iPlayer, ITVX, All4 and My5.

All Sky TV customers get access to Discovery+ Basic for free, and those who sign up to Sky Cinema get a subscription to Paramount+ included as well.

New customer offers

The comparison table above lists Sky TV deals for new customers, which means existing customers and anyone who's been subscribed to Sky within the last 3 months is unlikely to be eligible.

Current deals for those signing up to Sky TV for the first time usually include money off, with reduced prices for the initial minimum term, along with cheaper or waived setup fees, and some discounts on premium TV packs as well.

It's often possible to save money by subscription to two or more Sky TV packs, for example those who take both Sky Sports and Sky Cinema often get a discount, as do those who bundle Sky Sports with a TNT Sports pack.

We list the latest Sky TV deals above and keep our data updated as soon as offers change. It's worth being aware sometimes the prices we list will be different to those available on Sky's website directly, so it's important to click through on the 'Get deal' buttons and sign up through the online checkout to get the prices displayed above.

Sky also often offer additional savings for customers who bundle Sky TV with Sky broadband. Compare Sky TV and broadband deals.

Key terms for Sky TV deals

Sky TV typically comes with an 18-month minimum term; however, the new Sky Stream platform also offers customers the ability to opt for a 31-day rolling contract.

Those who sign up for 18-months will find the cheapest prices, but they'll be unable to cancel their Sky TV subscription without incurring early termination charges.

The 31-day rolling term for Sky Stream can be cancelled with just a month's notice, but be aware that monthly prices can be up to £12 more per month.

Premium TV packs including Sky Sports and Sky Cinema are also now available on rolling monthly terms for the first time, but again, customers will pay more for this flexibility.

Lastly, customers who choose to spread the cost of Sky Glass will be tied down for a period ranging from 24 to 48-months depending on their choices when they sign up.

Sky reserve the right to increase prices on an annual basis although they don't specify an exact amount in their contracts.

In April 2024, Sky TV prices for existing customers went up by 6.7% on average, however that was less than the rises seen by other provider's customers, including BT and Virgin Media.

And one final point; Sky Stream boxes and remote controls remain property of Sky, which means they could request the device back if a customer cancels their service. In contrast, those purchasing Sky Glass take ownership of the TV set.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Sky TV be bundled with Sky broadband?

Yes, Sky TV can be bundled with Sky broadband and customers will often get discounts of up to £10 a month compared to paying for the services separately.

Both Sky Stream and Sky Glass can be taken out with any of Sky's broadband packages, including Superfast, Full Fibre 100, Ultrafast, Ultrafast Plus and Gigafast.

What equipment do I get with Sky TV?

Customers who sign up to Sky Stream will receive a Sky Stream Puck box and a Sky voice controlled remote. It's also possible to purchase additional Puck boxes with a Sky whole home subscription.

For those who sign up to Sky TV with a Sky Glass TV set, they'll receive the Sky Glass TV along with a voice controlled remote. They too can order Sky Stream Puck boxes to use as multiroom devices.

How many channels are on Sky TV?

Sky Entertainment offers over 150 live TV channels, including popular names such as Sky Atlantic, Sky Max, Sky Showcase, and a range of documentary, entertainment and sports channels.

Sky Stream and Sky Glass both include a subscription to Netflix as standard, and customers can add additional premium packs including Sky Sports, Sky Cinema, TNT Sports, and Sky Kids.

What is Sky Live?

Sky Live is an interactive 4K camera that works exclusively with Sky Glass. Sky Live was launched in June 2023 and offers a range of unique features including the ability to watch TV programmes remotely with friends and family, as well as take part in games by controlling characters using body movements, or check and improve your form in home workouts.