Choose Broadband Awards

Virgin Media won awards in five categories in this year's Choose Broadband Awards, including:

fastest broadband award 2023
best bundle award 2023
most reliable silver award 2023
best triple play silver award 2023

Virgin Media Customer Reviews

Gold star Gold star Gold star Half star
Virgin Media broadband customers have rated them 3.5 out of 5 overall


Gold star Gold star Gold star Gold star


Gold star Gold star Gold star Gold star


Gold star Gold star Gold star Gold star

Value for money:

Gold star Gold star Gold star

Customer Service:

Gold star Gold star Gold star


Gold star Gold star Gold star

Ratings based on an independent survey of Virgin Media customers carried out by Choose.

Virgin TV & Broadband: What's on offer?

Virgin Media offer pre-made bundles combining their broadband deals with a TV 360 plan.

Pre-made bundles are built around how much TV content a user gets, but also vary in terms of the broadband speed included.

However, the addition of Volt bundles means customers can more easily upgrade the broadband speed, while only taking the TV content they want to watch, as Volt boosts broadband to the next tier up.

Virgin TV 360 ranges from the Big Bundle to the Bigger Bundle, and up to the top-level Mega Volt Bundle, which includes everything available from Virgin.

Customers can now also choose Virgin Media Stream TV, which is a paired down version of their TV plan available exclusively with Virgin broadband.

Read more in our guide to Virgin TV packages.

Virgin Media Bundles

Customers can choose from a range of Virgin Media bundles, which are all compared by price and feature in the table above.

The main Virgin Media Bundles are:

  • Big Bundle: TV 360 box, Freeview, and Virgin Media broadband
  • Bigger Combo Bundle: Extra TV content including Sky Max, Discovery, and Eurosport
  • Mega Volt Bundle: Everything available on Virgin Media, including Sky Sports in HD and Sky Cinema, as well as Netflix standard and Gig1 broadband

As well as these pre-made bundles, there are also variations on the above, including:

  • Bigger Bundle + Movies: including Sky Cinema in HD
  • Bigger Bundle + Sports: including Sky Sports in HD

It's also possible to take any one of these Virgin Media bundles with Volt, for example the Big Volt Bundle, or the Bigger Combo Volt Bundle. These packages boost the broadband element of the bundle to the next speed tier, whilst also including an O2 mobile SIM plan, and various other benefits that we cover in our full guide to Volt.

Availability for Virgin Media

Virgin Media TV and broadband deals are only available on the Virgin Media network, which has so far passed over 16 million homes, or 55% of the UK.

To find out if Virgin Media is available in your area, use our postcode checker above, which will return bundle deals if you can get them.

It's worth noting that Virgin Media are actively expanding their network, with a planned addition of 7 million properties to their footprint by the end of 2026.

If Virgin Media TV and broadband isn't yet available in your area, you can register interest which will alert the provider to locations where customers want to sign up.

Read more about Virgin Media availability and how to register interest.

New customer offers

The TV and broadband bundles listed on this page are for new customers to Virgin Media.

To be eligible, customers must not have had an active Virgin Media account for at least the last 3 months. Offers for existing customers are likely to vary, but we have a guide on negotiating a new contract with Virgin here.

Prices and offers can vary on Choose from those available on Virgin Media's website directly. It's important to click through on the 'Get deal' buttons and sign up via Virgin's online checkout cart to ensure you get the prices and offers listed here.

Offers for new customers signing up to Virgin TV and broadband include money off for the introductory period, as well as occasionally bill credit offers, and even flash sales from time to time.

The best value for money tends to be found when customers take one of the pre-made bundles listed here, as they can be as cheap as broadband-only plans.

Key terms for Virgin bundle deals

Virgin Media TV and broadband deals come with 18-month minimum terms. This means customers can't cancel their services within the minimum term without incurring early termination fees.

Contracts taken out with Virgin Media after 2 April 2023 are no longer subject to a cap on the total amount a customer can be charged for leaving early. That means early termination fees could now be much more expensive.

It's also worth remembering Virgin Media bundle prices tend to go up after the minimum term as customers become 'out of contract'. While these prices can be high, Virgin Media should send out notifications to let customers know when their minimum term is coming to an end, and the options available to them. For example, customers can either choose to switch away or negotiate a new deal with Virgin.

Customers who sign up to Virgin Media after April 2023 will also be subject to new contract terms on annual price rises. Virgin bought their TV and broadband contracts in line with partner O2 this year, implementing contractual annual price rises based on the Retail Price Index (RPI) + 3.9%.

It's an important change particularly for customers on Volt deals who will now see price rises to both their TV and broadband plans as well as any O2 mobile plans.

Finally, equipment provided as part of the Virgin TV and broadband service, including TV boxes and routers, remain property of Virgin and may be requested to be sent back if a customer ends their service.

Frequently Asked Questions

How quickly can I get Virgin Media installed?

Most customers will have to wait around 14 days from the date of ordering to get Virgin Media installed.

However, those who have had Virgin Media at their property before may be able to get the service up and running in as little as four days thanks to the QuickStart service.

Where access issues are present installation could take longer, but customers should be informed of this.

Can I switch to Virgin Media from another provider?

While it's possible to switch to Virgin Media from another provider, customers must remember to cancel their existing services and be aware some overlap may be necessary to prevent going without while Virgin Media is connected.

A new switching system is due to launch in March 2024 which will make it easier to switch to and from independent networks like Virgin Media. However, for now, customers will have to manage to switch themselves.

Read more about switching broadband providers.

What's included in Virgin Media Volt?

Volt is available as an upgrade to most Virgin Media TV and broadband deals.

Volt boosts the broadband speed to the next tier up, for example M125 broadband would be boosted to M250. In addition, customers get a 6GB or 10GB O2 mobile SIM, while all other O2 mobile plans in the household receive double data.

Other Volt benefits include access to Virgin Media's WiFi Max whole home WiFi guarantee for free, a roaming bolt-on, and discounts through O2 Priority.

Read more about Virgin Media Volt.

Can I watch Virgin Media TV in more than one room?

Virgin Media offers a multiroom service which can be taken as an additional subscription to a TV and broadband plan.

Multiroom offers up to two TV 360 mini boxes, so a total of three rooms can receive Virgin Media TV. However, customers should be aware mini boxes require their own cable feed and so an engineer visit will be required to add the service to additional rooms.

Customers who sign up to Virgin Media Mega Volt Bundle will get one TV 360 mini box included in their service for free.

What sports content is on Virgin Media TV?

Customers taking Virgin Media TV will be able to subscribe to sports content from both Sky Sports and TNT Sports (the new name for BT Sport).

The TNT Sports pack is available to add to any pre-made bundle, and Virgin TV customers will get the channels in full 1080p HD as well as access to the TNT Sports Ultimate channel in Ultra HD.

Sky Sports is now available in full HD with the Bigger Combo Bundle + Sports HD and Mega Volt packages, and customers can upgrade Sky Sports to Ultra HD for an extra fee.

Eurosports 1 & 2 is also included as standard in the Bigger Combo Bundle and up.

Read more about Sky Sports and TNT Sports packages.

Can I move home with Virgin Media services?

Moving home with an active Virgin Media subscription is fairly straightforward. If Virgin Media is available at the new property customers pay a £20 transfer fee to move their services.

Where customers move to a property where Virgin Media is not available, they can now exit their contract without incurring any early termination charges due a recent change in policy.