Climate action for net zero

As part of our Choose Promise, we are committed to net zero and have a climate positive workforce in partnership with Ecologi.

So far we've offset over 150 tonnes of CO2 by funding certified carbon offsetting projects around the world. The projects we've supported include building solar power farms, wind energy generation, access to clean drinking water, preserving rainforests and restoring peatland. Despite the fact we have minimal business travel and do not require staff to travel to work (in fact in over 20 years of operation we've always supported home-working), we've offset the equivalent of 117 long haul flights or 377,062 miles in a car, effectively saving 456 square metres of sea ice.

In addition to offsetting the carbon footprint of our staff, we go further to ensure we're climate positive by planting trees in global and British projects. In the UK, we've funded the planting of native trees such as Alder, Birch, Oak, Scots Pine and Willow in reforestation projects based in Scotland, Coventry and Cheltenham. So far we've planted over 3,200 trees in addition to our carbon offsetting activity.

Find out more about the climate work Choose is supporting on our Ecologi page.

climate impact 36 months
carbon offset 100 tonnes
planted over 1000 trees