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Fibrus Broadband: What's on offer?

Fibrus broadband offer an independent full fibre to the home network, with wide coverage and availability in Northern Ireland, and initial connections in North West England.

Fibrus give customers the choice between three broadband deals:

  • Full Fibre 100 / Full Fibre 150 (dependent upon location)
  • Full Fibre 300
  • Full Fibre 1000

Each of these plans comes with a WiFi 6 enabled Amazon eero router, and the option to add a home phone line with anytime calls for an extra £9.99 per month.

Fibrus offer a number of benefits with their broadband deals that are worth highlighting, including:

  • No mid-contract price rises - no annual price rises during the minimum term
  • Contract buy-out - to help customers switch to Fibrus even when they're still in contract with another provider
  • Amazon eero app based parental controls
  • A second Amazon eero router for improved wireless coverage included with Full Fibre 300 and above
  • UK-based customer support

There is currently no setup fee to pay to have Fibrus broadband installed in your home, and deals come with a 24-month contract and reduced prices for the introductory period.

Availability of Fibrus broadband

As an independent full fibre network, Fibrus is laying their own fibre optic cables to connect customers to the Internet.

So far, they've passed over 256,000 premises in Northern Ireland and Northern England, with at least 240,000 ready for service as of early 2023.

Availability is currently most concentrated in Northern Ireland, where Fibrus have set themselves a target to pass 50% of homes in the country by the start of 2026.

The provider also aims to pass a total of one million premises across Northern Ireland, England and Scotland by the first quarter of 2026, with 550,000 connections available in England and Scotland.

Current availability in England is limited to small parts of Cumbria, where Fibrus have received funding through the Government-led Project Gigabit.

The Fibrus rollout is both privately and publicly funded, winning contracts from Prject Startum in Northern Ireland, and Project Gigabit in England.

To find out if Fibrus broadband is available to your home, enter your postcode in the search tool above.

Fibrus broadband speeds

As a full fibre provider Fibrus only offer ultrafast or gigabit-capable speeds, with fibre optic cables laid directly into a customer's home.

Customers can choose from the following broadband speeds:

Average download speed Average upload speed
Full Fibre 100 96Mb 30Mb
Full Fibre 150 146Mb 30Mb
Full Fibre 300 286Mb 100Mb
Full Fibre 1000 946Mb 300Mb

The advertised averages here must be received by at least 50% of Fibrus customers during the peak hours of 8pm to 10pm in the evening when the network is busiest.

While upload speeds on Fibrus broadband aren't symmetrical, they're faster than equivalent packages on the Openreach FTTP and Virgin Media networks.

The Full Fibre 1000 gigabit deal is also faster on average at peak times than equivalent gigabit plans from BT, Sky, Plusnet, and TalkTalk.

New customer offers

Fibrus offer new customers money-off their broadband deals when they sign up for the first time. These introductory offers currently give customers up to £15 off per month for the length of the minimum term.

New customers also get free setup and installation with a network engineer, as well as an Amazon eero router.

It may also be possible for new Fibrus broadband customers to have their existing contract paid off by the provider for switching during a minimum term.

Key terms of Fibrus broadband deals

Fibrus broadband comes with a minimum term contract of 24 months, cancellation before the end of this period will incur early termination charges. With the provider charging the lesser of £30 or the monthly fee for any remaining months on the contract.

Fibrus promise customers no mid-contract price hikes however, so unavoidable annual price rises won't affect Fibrus broadband customers during their minimum term.

Lastly, while the Amazon eero routers and full fibre kit are provided free of charge, they remain property of Fibrus and need to be returned if a customer cancels their service, or they could be subject to a replacement fee.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Fibrus broadband cost?

Fibrus broadband currently costs from £29.99 per month for new customers on their entry-level Full Fibre 100 plan, although residents in certain locations can also get their Full Fibre 150 plan.

This deal includes free setup, installation and a router, and Fibrus promise no mid-contract price hikes during the minimum term.

Customers who want to add a home phone line with anytime calls can do so for an extra £9.99 per month on any Fibrus package.

Is Fibrus broadband available in my area?

Fibrus broadband currently offer connections throughout Northern Ireland, as well as in certain locations in Cumbria, North England.

Use our postcode checker to find out if Fibrus is available to your home.

What router comes with Fibrus broadband?

Fibrus provide broadband customers with either an Amazon eero 6+ or an eero Pro 6E router. Customers on the Full Fibre 300 and Full Fibre 1000 packages also get an extra second router to improve wireless coverage around their home.

The eero 6+ supports the latest WiFi 6 protocol, while the eero Pro 6E supports WiFi 6E and the new 6GHz channel.

Do Fibrus offer a WiFi booster?

Fibrus offer a Total Home WiFi guarantee, which is included for free with the Full Fibre 300 and Full Fibre 1000 plans.

The WiFi guarantee provides customers with an additional eero router that can be used as a booster to improve wireless coverage seamlessly around a home.

If customers don't get at least 10Mbps minimum download speeds over wireless in every room of their home, they can exit their broadband contract penalty free.

Do Fibrus buy out your existing broadband contract?

Fibrus offer new customers a contract buy-out if they switch to a Fibrus broadband deal but they're still within their minimum term with another provider.

Does Sky work with Fibrus broadband?

Fibrus broadband customers can buy Sky Stream separately and it will work on their Internet connection.

It's also possible to access on-demand players including Netflix, Paramount+, Prime Video, Disney+, and many others.