Choose Broadband Awards

Now won awards in four categories in this year's Choose Broadband Awards, including:

best overall award 2023
best value award 2023
best budget silver award 2023
best bundle silver award 2023

NOW Customer Reviews

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NOW Broadband has an overall rating of 4 out of 5 overall


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Value for money:

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Customer Service:

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Ratings based on an independent survey of NOW Broadband customers carried out by Choose.

NOW Broadband: What's on offer?

NOW Broadband offer a fairly simple home broadband service using either copper ADSL or part-fibre connections at very low prices.

There are three broadband packages to choose from: Brilliant Broadband, Fab Fibre and Super Fibre, with download speeds averaging 11Mbps to 63Mbps on the fastest superfast part-fibre deal.

All broadband deals come with a home phone line and pay as you go calls included, with customers giving the option of adding an Evening & Weekend or Anytime call plan.

It's also possible to bundle NOW Broadband with their TV Memberships, and discounts on bundling are often made available in special offers.

NOW Broadband contracts last for 12 months, but customers can also choose a rolling 30-day term if they're willing to pay a £60 upfront fee for the added flexibility this offers.

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Availability of NOW Broadband

NOW Broadband is available to over 97% of UK homes, using Openreach lines to deliver either a basic ADSL connection or a superfast part-fibre connection using fibre-to-the-cabinet technology.

However, because NOW Broadband don't offer a full fibre option, where areas have been enabled for full fibre to the home on the Openreach network, some of these areas can no longer sign up for older connections and so will be redirected to sign up for Sky broadband instead (as Sky are the parent company for NOW).

It would be worth customers checking availability for Sky full fibre first as these deals would offer faster and more reliable broadband connections.

NOW Broadband speeds

NOW offer a range of broadband download speeds from 11Mbps to 63Mbps, while upload speeds range from 1Mbps to 19Mbps.

However, it's likely customers will either find themselves with only available for the 11Mbps Brilliant Broadband deal, or where they can get the part fibre options the fastest 63Mbps is the obvious choice as it costs the same per month as the slower 36Mbps deal.

Here are the average download and upload speeds of each NOW Broadband deal:

Download speed Upload speed
Brilliant Broadband 11Mbps 1Mbps
Fab Fibre 36Mbps 10Mbps
Super Fibre 63Mbps 19Mbps

These advertised average speeds must be received by at least 50% of NOW Broadband customers between the peak hours of 8pm to 10pm in the evening when the network is the busiest.

NOW Broadband is a signatory to Ofcom's code of practice on broadband speeds, which means they'll also provide customers with estimated speeds and a guaranteed minimum speed when they sign up.

If download speeds at the router drop below the minimum guaranteed speed, customers have the right to exit their contract early if NOW Broadband doesn't resolve the issue within 30 days of being notified of problems.

NOW Broadband is a low-cost provider, however for customers who want faster speeds offered by full fibre they should look to NOW's parent company Sky, who also offer competitive prices on full fibre to the home deals.

It's also worth customers checking what is available in their area.

Discounts on NOW TV Memberships

NOW Broadband customers can get discounts on NOW TV Memberships when they bundle these deals together.

We've listed the current special offers available to new customers in the table above, or you can visit our dedicated NOW TV & Broadband deals page.

NOW Broadband can be bundled with Memberships on:

  • NOW Entertainment
  • NOW Cinema
  • NOW Sports

Deals often include reduced prices when customers are willing to take a minimum term contract on the NOW TV plan alongside the NOW Broadband deal. However, these bundles can offer considerable savings over the course of a year, and are worthwhile considering for anyone who wants to watch premium content on Sky Cinema, Sky Sports, or Sky Entertainment channels.

Read more in our review of NOW TV Memberships.

New customer offers

New customers signing up to NOW Broadband for the first time, or switching back to NOW from another provider, can access the special offers listed above.

Special offers on NOW Broadband usually include discounted prices for the 12-month minimum term, as well as exclusive discounts for bundling NOW TV Memberships.

To see the latest deals available on NOW Broadband, compare packages and prices in the table above where data is kept updated. It's also important to click through on offers using the 'Get deal' buttons and sign up online to ensure you get the offers listed.

Key terms of NOW Broadband deals

NOW Broadband comes with a minimum contract term of 12-months, and cancelling before this period is up can incur early termination fees.

However, NOW also offer customers the choice of monthly rolling contracts on broadband for an upfront fee of £60. This can offer extra flexibility and reduce the cost of needing to cancel early if potential customers know they only need a connection for a short period of time.

NOW Broadband reserve the right to increase prices, however their terms only say that prices may rise and don't specify an exact amount. This means that if prices do go up, customers are given 30-days' notice and the option to cancel their contract penalty free.

Minimum terms on NOW TV are separate from the broadband deal even when taken together. However, special offers discounting pricing on NOW TV Memberships sometimes come with separate minimum term contracts, so this is worth checking before signing up.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does NOW Broadband offer home phone calls?

All NOW Broadband deals come with a home phone line with calls on a pay as you go basis. The cost of line rental is included in the deals listed above.

Customers can also choose from two calling plans offering inclusive Evening & Weekend calls or Anytime calls. Both plans cover calls to both UK landlines and UK mobiles, and are reasonably priced at £4 and £8 per month respectively.

It's important to note that inclusive call plans are also subject to the 12-month minimum term, and so can't be removed from a broadband plan until the contract expires.

What router is provided with NOW Broadband?

NOW Broadband deals come with the NOW Hub Two router, which is rebranded version of the Sky Q Hub.

It's a basic router that supports dual-band wireless channels and can connect to devices up to the WiFi 5 protocol. NOW provide this router for free to all customers, however there is a £10 charge for delivery reflected in the setup cost listed above.

The specifications of the NOW Hub Two router are:

Now Hub Two
WiFi Protocol 5
2.4GHz WiFi Band 2x2 MIMO
5GHz WiFi Band 3x3 MIMO
Ethernet 2 x 1Gb

While this router will be adequate for most people, if the wireless signal drops out or struggles in a larger home or with a lot of devices, it's possible to upgrade the router to a faster device.

Does NOW Broadband have good customer service?

NOW Broadband has shown strong performance for customer service since they entered Ofcom's complaint tables in the first quarter of 2022.

They've consistently received fewer than average complaints for their broadband service, with only 39 complaints per 100,000 customers in the period Q2 2022 to Q2 2023, with an industry average of 46.

While NOW Broadband is operated separately, NOW Broadband's parent company Sky also performs well for customer service, usually topping the charts as we cover in our guide to the best broadband customer service.

How do I switch to NOW Broadband?

NOW Broadband uses the Openreach network to provide connections, which means switching from another Openreach reseller such as BT, EE, Sky, Plusnet, Vodafone or TalkTalk should be straightforward, with NOW handling the switch and cancelling any existing services.

So, customers only need to sign up to NOW Broadband and they'll do all the hard work behind the scenes, including contacting your existing provider and closing that account.

If a customer is on a different broadband network such as Virgin Media, Community Fibre or Hyperoptic, they will need to contact their existing broadband company directly to close their old accounts after signing up for NOW Broadband.