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Hyperoptic Broadband: What's on offer?

Hyperoptic offer broadband connections on their independent fibre network, which is so far available in 64 towns and cities across the UK.

They offer a mixture of fibre to the building and full fibre to the premises connections, with both types able to offer symmetrical download and upload speeds up to 900Mbps on average.

There are a few unique benefits to Hyperoptic broadband, including:

  • Choice of contract length including 12 or 24 months, as well as monthly rolling plans
  • No mid-contract price rises, so prices will stay the same for the duration of the minimum term
  • Optional home phone line on all plans for just £2-£3 extra a month, with inclusive calls to UK landlines at the evening and weekend

Customers can also choose from one of the following broadband speeds:

  • Light (30Mb)
  • Fast (50Mb)
  • Superfast (150Mb)
  • Ultrafast (500Mb)
  • Hyperfast (900Mb)

Read more in our review of Hyperoptic broadband.

How does Hyperoptic connect homes?

Hyperoptic has focused mainly on connecting blocks of flats, apartment buildings, new build developments, and social housing schemes.

They commonly use a fibre to the building (FTTB) connection, which involves installing a fibre optic cable to a building, or each floor of the building, and then running coaxial cable to individual flats and apartments.

More recently Hyperoptic have begun using a full fibre to the premises (FTTP) installation, where a fibre optic cable is laid directly into a customer's home.

Both connection types are capable of offering gigabit broadband speeds, with symmetrical uploads and downloads.

However, Hyperoptic availability will generally be based on whether they've connected a particular block of flats or apartment building, rather than passing an entire street.

The provider works with over 250 property developers to install fibre into new build homes, as well as working alongside local councils to connect social housing.

So far, Hyperoptic has reached over 1.4 million homes and businesses in 64 towns and cities around the UK.

Hyperoptic broadband speeds

Hyperoptic offer all customers a choice of five different broadband speeds; 30Mb, 50Mb, 150Mb, 500Mb, or 1Gb.

The three fastest tier packages also offer symmetrical upload speeds �€" so uploads are as fast as downloads. The slower 30Mb and 50Mb plans have asymmetrical upload speeds, so they're slower.

Average download speed Average upload speed
Light (30Mb) 33Mb 1Mb
Fast (50Mb) 57Mb 5.7Mb
Superfast 158Mb 158Mb
Ultrafast 522Mb 528Mb
Hyperfast 900Mb 900Mb

The advertised average broadband speeds displayed in the table above will be received by at least 50% of Hyperoptic's existing customers during the peak hours of 8pm to 10pm when the network is at its busiest.

In addition to these average broadband speeds, Hyperoptic also provide customers with a minimum guaranteed download speed. Hyperoptic say if customers don't receive this speed for 3 days in a row and they can't fix the issue within 30 days of being notified, customers will be free to leave their contract penalty free.

Average download speed Minimum guaranteed download speed
Light (30Mb) 33Mb 30Mb
Fast (50Mb) 57Mb 50Mb
Superfast 158Mb 150Mb
Ultrafast 522Mb 500Mb
Hyperfast 900Mb 900Mb

We've more information about Hyperoptic's broadband speeds in our review of their packages.

New customer offers

Hyperoptic offer a range of broadband deals for new customers, which we list in the table above.

The deals to look for include money off for the minimum term, as well as some initial months included for free. Hyperoptic also sometimes reduce the setup fee on some packages.

Typically, new customers taking either the 12 or 24-month contract length broadband deals will be able to access the best offers, while those opting for the monthly rolling plans will pay the standard prices from day one.

Hyperoptic also offer new customers who are still in contract with another provider a Switch Now offer, where they'll give customers up to 9 months' free service so they can try out Hyperoptic broadband before their existing contract ends.

Key terms of Hyperoptic broadband

One of Hyperoptic's best-selling features is that they offer fixed prices for the duration of the minimum term and promise no mid-contract price rises.

This means customers don't need to worry about annual price rises while there are within their minimum terms. However, the provider still reserves the right to increase prices at any time, but customers would be given notice and the ability to leave their contract penalty free.

Hyperoptic broadband contracts last for 12 or 24 months, or customers can opt for a monthly rolling contract where just 30 days' notice to cancel is required.

Customers on the 12- or 24-month plans won't be able to exit their contract early without paying a penalty. So, those needing more flexibility should consider the cost savings of taking a 30-day notice plan.

Out of contract prices will apply to customers who reach the end of their 12- or 24-month minimum term, however at this point customers will be free to recontract with Hyperoptic or switch away to another provider.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Hyperoptic cost?

Hyperoptic broadband costs from as little as £17.99 per month for a broadband-only plan on a 24-month contract. This includes speeds of 30Mbps, but customers can also choose faster broadband speeds at competitive prices.

Does Hyperoptic broadband include a phone line?

Hyperoptic broadband can be installed without a phone line, however customers can choose to add one for an extra £2 - £3 per month.

The Hyperoptic home phone service includes free calls to UK landlines in the evening and at weekends, and customers can add anytime calls or discounted mobile calls for an extra £3 per month.

Does Hyperoptic broadband include a router?

Hyperoptic broadband deals come with a dual-band wireless router that supports up to the WiFi 5 protocol, or 802.11ac.

Those taking the faster Ultrafast and Hyperfast packages will be sent a Nokia Hyperhub, while customers opting for the Fast or Superfast packages will get a ZTE Hyperhub instead.

Can I get a WiFi booster with Hyperoptic?

Hyperoptic offer a Total WiFi add-on which includes an additional wireless booster for an extra £7 per month.

The wireless booster uses mesh technology to extend wireless coverage around the home in conjunction with the Hyperhub router.

Is Hyperoptic broadband faster than Virgin Media?

Hyperoptic offer symmetrical download and upload speeds of up to 900Mbps on average at peak times on their 1Gb plan.

In contrast, Virgin Media Gig1 offers average download speeds up to 1130Mbps at peak times, but upload speeds are much slower at just 104Mbps.

In addition, Hyperoptic offer faster minimum guaranteed download speeds in comparison to Virgin Media packages.