Choose Broadband Awards

Community Fibre won awards in six categories in this year's Choose Broadband Awards, including:

digital inclusion award 2023
community contribution award 2023
innovation award 2023
fair terms silver award 2023

Community Fibre broadband: What's on offer?

Community Fibre is a London based full fibre broadband provider, offering average download speeds of up to 920Mbps to homes across the capital.

Their gigabit-capable broadband is available in 32 London boroughs, and offers very competitive prices in comparison to options from larger players such as BT and Virgin Media.

Customers can choose from a range of download speed including 75Mbps, 150Mbps, 500Mbps, or a gigabit deal.

It's also possible to choose between a 12 or 24-month contract, with setup fees varying across the range of offers from either free or up to £14.95. Community Fibre also say they'll get customers connected in just 48 hours too, so installation times are fast.

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Availability of Community Fibre broadband

Community Fibre is now available to over 1.3 million properties across London, more than one third of London homes, and is active in 31 boroughs in the capital.

While the provider did have a target to reach 2.2 million homes and businesses by the end of 2024, they've announced they'll be pausing any further expansion after any current builds are completed to focus on delivering service where they're already active.

Community Fibre have active connections in the following London boroughs (only Havering is currently left out), although not every home in these areas will be covered - to check your postcode use the tool above:

Hillingdon Harrow Barnet Brent
Ealing Hounslow Enfield Haringey
Waltham Forest Redbridge Barking and Dagenham Newham
Hackney Islington Camden Tower Hamlets
City of London Westminster Kensington and Chelsea Hammersmith and Fulham
Wandsworth Lambeth Southwark Lewisham
Greenwich Richmond upon Thames Kingston upon Thames Merton
Sutton Croydon Bromley Bexley

For those living in London who can get it, Community Fibre offer a highly competitively priced full fibre broadband option with some of the cheapest prices in the market.

Community Fibre broadband speeds

Community Fibre offer a range of broadband speed choices from superfast, to ultrafast, and gigabit connections for those who want the fastest broadband without a big monthly bill.

The current broadband speed choices available to customers include 75Mbps, 150Mbps, 500Mbps and 1 Gig or 920Mbps.

Because Community Fibre use the latest full fibre technology in their network builds, customers also benefit from symmetrical upload speeds, which means uploads are as fast as downloads.

Here are the average download and upload speeds for each Community Fibre broadband deal:

Download speed Upload speed
75Mb Fibre Broadband 75Mb 75Mb
150Mb Fibre Broadband 150Mb 150Mb
500Mb Fibre Broadband 500Mb 500Mb
1Gb Fibre Broadband 920Mb 920Mb

The advertised averages here must be received by at least 50% of Community Fibre's customers between the peak network hours of 8pm to 10pm in the evening when most people are online.

New customer offers

Community Fibre offer discounted prices for the minimum term when new customers sign up, and the latest prices are available in the comparison of deals above.

New customer offers for Community Fibre generally include money off for the length of the contract and reduced or sometimes free setup.

To see the latest deals available on Community Fibre broadband, compare their packages in the table above where the prices are kept updated. It's important to click through on offers using the 'Get deal' buttons and sign up online to ensure you get the prices listed.

Key terms of Community Fibre broadband deals

Community Fibre offer customers the choice of contract terms between 12 and 24 months in length. This gives customers more flexibility over their package, as cancelling a contract early can incur early termination fees.

While most broadband providers have step increases in price at the end of a contract, Community Fibre have fairer out of contract price that is always only £2 more than the introductory offer. This can provide some reassurance that prices won't sky rocket if customers are unable or don't want to keep switching to a new deal.

Community Fibre do include an annual price rise clause in their terms which is based on the Consumer Price Index (CPI) + 2.9%, and increases are implemented in April of each year. However, for new customers signing up they will currently receive fixed prices for 2024, with annual price rises only implemented from 2025.

Lastly, if customers choose to cancel their service at any point, they'll need to return the router provided by Community Fibre, as well as any TV boxes if they added that service.

Community Fibre social broadband tariff

Community Fibre offer an Essential broadband package for both new and existing customers who may be struggling with the cost of staying connected to an Internet plan.

The Essential package now offers 35Mbps symmetrical download and upload speeds, and costs just £12.50 per month, making it one of the cheapest broadband deals available.

Community Fibre's social tariff is made available to anyone who needs it however, and they don't restrict customers to only those in receipt of certain means-tested benefits. This means, anyone struggling can continue to access broadband at a more affordable price.

However, as with their other plans, Community Fibre's Essential tariff is only available where their existing network reaches, and so those living outside of their network area will need to look at other social broadband options.

Frequently Asked Questions

What router does Community Fibre provide?

All Community Fibre broadband packages come with a Linksys Mesh router which can supports wired speeds up to 3Gbps and wireless speeds up to 800Mbps.

The Linksys Mesh router offers 6 internal antenna and high-powered amplifiers to boost wireless signal around the home. It can also be connected to additional mesh routers to increase coverage in even the largest of homes.

Customers signing up to Community Fibre 75Mbps will receive a dual-band WiFi 5 router, while those choosing connections from 150Mbps and faster will receive a dual-band WiFi 6 router, and those taking the fastest 1Gbps deal will get a tri-band WiFi 6 router.

The main difference between these routers is that the dual-band device uses two channels to deliver broadband around the home while the tri-band version uses three to provide maximum coverage at high speed.

Does Community Fibre offer a WiFi guarantee?

Community Fibre offers a Premium WiFi service but it's only available on their fastest 1Gbps and 3Gbps plans.

Customers who take this option get additional Linksys Mesh router devices to place around their home to extend their wireless network, and Community Fibre guarantee minimum download speeds of 35Mbps over WiFi for this service.

If customers don't get this minimum speed, Community Fibre say they'll refund 3 months broadband subscription, although there's no option to cancel the contract early.

Read more about WiFi guarantees and how they work.

What is the Community Fibre TV add-on?

Community Fibre offer broadband customers an optional TV add-on in partnership with Netgem TV.

The TV add-on costs £10 per month, and customers will receive a 4K TV set-top box, and access to 225 live channels, 40 on-demand apps including Prime Video, BritBox, Discovery+, BBC iPlayer, ITX, Channel 4 and My5.

The service provides access to Freeview as well as additional premium channels through Netgem, where customers can also access games and on-demand content through additional subscriptions.

While Netgem TV is a useful addition for Community Fibre customers, the service doesn't compare well to Sky or Virgin Media, and there is a notable lack of support for some of the most popular on-demand apps.

Can I get a home phone line with Community Fibre broadband?

Community Fibre broadband is typically a broadband-only service, although customers can choose to add a digital phone line if they wish.

The calls package costs an extra £10 per month, but this includes free anytime calls to both UK landlines and UK mobiles.

Digital phone lines with full fibre broadband are now the norm, and even customers signing up with BT or Virgin Media would also be provided with this type of phone line, so the deal Community Fibre are offering provides good value for money.

How do I switch to Community Fibre broadband?

While signing up to Community Fibre as a new customer is a straightforward process with a 48-hour installation time, switching from another provider involves a few more steps.

Community Fibre operates their own network and so because they're separate to Openreach, customers will have to cancel their current broadband service themselves, a process we explain in more detail in our guide to switching broadband.

Customers can search Community Fibre deals using the comparison table above and click through to the Community Fibre website to complete their order.

Once an installation is agreed with Community Fibre, customers will need to contact their existing broadband supplier directly to cancel their service. This is because there is no automatic switching service available for non-Openreach networks yet. Bear in mind that cancelling a broadband contract before the minimum term is up may incur extra fees.

While it's possible to overlap services when ordering Community Fibre, be aware there would also be two broadband bills to pay, so getting the dates as close as possible is advisable to save the most money.