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Direct Save Telecom: What's on offer?

Direct Save Telecom offer a range of broadband deals with availability across the UK by partnering with a selection of wholesale networks.

They offer both part-fibre and full fibre connections through Openreach, which is also sold by BT, Plusnet, TalkTalk, and Sky. They also offer full fibre deals in Hull through MS3 Networks, and in other areas around the UK through Open Fibre Networks and Full Fibre Limited.

Broadband speed choices range from 35Mbps on part-fibre, up to 1000Mbps with full fibre to the home connections.

Customers can choose to add a home phone line with calls on a pay as you go basis to any of their broadband deals, as well as pick an off-peak or anytime call plan.

Other package options are fairly limited however, with Direct Save Telecom offering a more straightforward 'no-frills' approach to broadband and keeping prices competitive.

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Availability of Direct Save Telecom

Direct Save Telecom are fairly unique in that they've partnered with more wholesalers than most other providers, which means they have deals across four separate fibre networks.

They work with:

  • Openreach copper, part-fibre and full fibre to the home
  • Open Fibre Networks full fibre
  • MS3 Networks full fibre
  • FullFibre Ltd full fibre

This means that as well as offering nationwide availability through Openreach, Direct Save Telecom also offer full fibre to the home broadband deals in a number of locations across the UK, including Hull.

MS3 Networks for example set up primarily to create competition in the city of Hull, where KCOM had held a monopoly for many years.

Open Fibre Networks, previously IFNL, has availability dotted around the country, while FullFibre Ltd is available in towns and villages in the west Midlands.

Use our free postcode tool above to see if Direct Save Telecom have a broadband deal in your area.

Direct Save Telecom broadband speeds

Because Direct Save Telecom resell broadband across a range of different fibre networks, broadband speeds will vary depending on where a customer lives and the connections available to them.

Where customers can access a full fibre to the home deal, they should be able to choose from broadband speeds from 100Mbps all the way up to 1Gbps on the fastest deals. While those who've yet to be reached by full fibre should still be able to access superfast speeds of 35Mbps or 63Mbps.

Here are the average download and upload speeds for a range of Direct Save Telecom's broadband deals:

Download speed Upload speed
Superfast Fibre 35Mb 35Mb 9Mb
Superfast Fibre 63Mb 63Mb 18Mb
Full Fibre 40/10 40Mb 10Mb
Full Fibre 80/20 80Mb 20Mb
Full Fibre 100/10 100Mb 10Mb
Full Fibre 220/30 220Mb 30Mb
Full Fibre 400/40 400Mb 40Mb
Full Fibre 550/60 550Mb 60Mb
Full Fibre 1000/100 1000Mb 100Mb

Certain locations will be able to get a broadband deal with symmetrical upload speeds, which means the uploads are as fast as the downloads, while those in Openreach areas will have asymmetrical speeds where uploads are slower, as is the case with deals from BT, Plusnet, Sky, TalkTalk, and even Virgin Media.

New customer offers

New customers signing up to a Direct Save Telecom broadband deal will often receive discounted prices for the initial minimum term period.

These offers can save customers considerable money when they're willing to switch between providers or re-contract when the minimum term ends, as out of contract prices with any provider are usually high.

The current deals available with Direct Save Telecom are listed in the comparison table above, and we keep our data updated as and when offers change. To ensure you get the offers listed make sure to click through on the 'Get deal' buttons and sign up online.

Key terms of Direct Save Telecom broadband deals

Direct Save Telecom broadband typically has a minimum term contract period of either 12 or 18 months, depending upon location. Customers must take the deals for at least this period or early termination charges will apply.

Direct Save Telecom also reserve the right to increase prices annually for in-contract customers by Consumer Price Index (CPI) + 3.8% in March. Based on this year's rate of inflation, that means prices could go up by 7.8% so it's important to budget for this as well.

Broadband deals don't come with a home phone line unless a customer chooses one. They'll have to pay an extra £6.95 for pay as you go calls, or add an optional call plan.

Direct Save Telecom also provide customers with a wireless router, however if a customer needs a router there is also a £8.95 postage and packaging fee to pay. These prices are included in the comparison table of deals above.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Direct Save Telecom include a broadband router?

Direct Save Telecom can provide customers with a broadband router if they need one. This is provided for free, but customers will need to pay a postage and packaging charge of £8.95 which is taken on the first bill.

Will I get a home phone line with Direct Save Telecom?

Direct Save Telecom broadband deals come without a home phone line, but customers can choose to add one for an extra £6.95 per month for calls on a pay as you go basis.

It's also possible to choose an inclusive call plan, with Evenings & Weekend calls or Anytime calls covered for an extra monthly fee.

Does Direct Save Telecom carry out a credit check?

Unlike most other providers, Direct Save Telecom don't carry out a credit check on new customers signing up to one of their broadband deals.

They do require that customers have an active payment method on their account however, which can be either a direct debit or a recurring card payment authority.

What is the Loyalty Club offered with Direct Save Telecom?

Direct Save Telecom broadband customers get the first year free on access to the Direct Save Online Discount Club.

Direct Save Telecom say this loyalty club is worth £49.95 a year, but customers can also renew their membership for just £9.95 in the second and subsequent years if they want to continue using it.

Benefits include exclusive discounts on food shopping, car insurance, petrol, utilities, life insurance, clothing, and home insurance. However, actual retailers are limited so customers should ensure they'll make use of the plan before continuing to renew.

How do I switch to Direct Save Telecom broadband?

The process of switching to Direct Save Telecom will vary depending upon a customer's existing broadband provider and their location, as Direct Save Telecom resell broadband across different fibre networks.

For those switching between an Openreach provider, like BT, Plusnet, Sky, EE, or TalkTalk, onto an Openreach deal with Direct Save Telecom, the process should be very straightforward with customers only needing to place a new order and Direct Save Telecom handling the switch including cancelling a customer's existing services.

However, where a customer is switching between different fibre networks, for example if they're moving from Virgin Media, they'll also need to cancel their existing services themselves after they've placed an order with Direct Save Telecom and be given a provisional activation date.

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