Is John Lewis Broadband any good?

neil hawkins
By Neil Hawkins

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JOHN Lewis are obviously keen to retain their reputation with their basic phone and broadband deals.

Our Rating

Value for money:

Customer service:

3.5 out of 5

They keep it simple, with just three broadband packages and equally simple call plans, aiming to deliver "the excellent customer service that we are renowned for".

But how exactly do they compare? Find out below in our full review.

Customer service

As customer service is such a big part of the John Lewis brand, it's not surprising that when it came to broadband they chose to partner with Plusnet, using both their network and their support team, when they launched in 2012.

Plusnet have had something of a reputation for being "customer service superheroes"; they're regularly among Which's Recommended Providers, and they fare well in customer service reviews and polls.

Having said that, Plusnet's popularity has caused them some problems - in early 2014 there were long waiting times for people trying to contact customer services, and in 2015 they had a few issues.

Still, they have more than their fair share of awards for both their network and their service, and Ofcom regularly find them to be among the fastest standard broadband ISPs - take a look at our full review here for more detail.

Coming back to the John Lewis part of the broadband, there are some differences between them and their supplier. The most important of these is that John Lewis don't charge different prices depending on where customers live, nor do they charge activation fees.

As with most other ISPs, they offer a free PC security package, and a free wireless router.

Phone and broadband packages

When it comes to pricing, John Lewis aren't going to break any records for offering the cheapest broadband and phone.

Instead, however, they offer a simple pricing structure "with no hidden costs".

And as we've come to expect other providers to announce price rises and tweaks to their deals at least once a year, John Lewis have proven themselves to be what we call a "quiet" provider.

In May 2016, some four years after they first started to offer broadband, they made the first major changes to both packages and pricing since they launched.

Having previously offered standard broadband with both a 20GB monthly limit and in unlimited form, and only selling fibre in capped form (admittedly with a generous 100GB allowance), they ditched the restrictions and embraced unlimited usage, and brought in a 76Mb package.

Keeping things simple, they announced that everyone would benefit from the move to unlimited data, and existing customers would actually see their monthly broadband bill come down in price.

Those prices - still in round numbers or multiples of 50p - seem all the more reasonable as a result, if not cheap:

Package Broadband Contract length Upfront price Monthly price
john lewis Unlimited + Evening & Weekend calls Up to 17Mb
12 months Free £22.50
for 12 mths,
then £26.50
john lewis Fibre + Evening & Weekend calls Up to 38Mb
12 months Free £30
for 12 mths,
then £38
john lewis Fibre Extra + Evening & Weekend calls Up to 76Mb
12 months Free £35
for 12 mths,
then £43

Contracts last a minimum of 12 months, and the emphasis on being good value rather than a bargain is seen in the continued inclusion of evening (7pm - 7am) and weekend calls.

Free calls include all standard geographical (01, 02 and 03) and most 0845 / 0870 numbers; those that connect to indirect access numbers (of the sort included with calling cards) aren't included.

Outside inclusive call times, calls to UK landlines and mobiles follow a simple - and comparatively cheap - pricing structure.

Calls to UK landlines cost 10p per minute at all times with a setup cost of 15p; calls to UK mobiles cost 12.5p per minute during the day and 10p per minute during evening hours.

Calls to other 08 numbers, 09 and 118 numbers have an access charge of 9.58p per minute; international rates vary depending on destination.

Basic voicemail is free; voicemail extra (including the ability to check it from any phone) costs £3 a month, and the ability to block anonymous calls costs £4.

All other paid for call features like international and premium number call barring, and call divert, cost £3; these features can be bundled for a maximum of £6 a month no matter how many of them we take.

Customers can add more calls as follows:

Anyone taking either of these add-ons can also benefit from the mobile bolt-on, which for another £5 a month gives them unlimited calls to UK mobile numbers.

John Lewis broadband

In terms of broadband speeds, it is possible to get an accurate picture of how fast John Lewis services are likely to be by looking at the stats for Plusnet services.

The Unlimited package uses Plusnet's ADSL2+ lines; based on Ofcom's most recent speed tests, published in March 2016 and looking at performance during November 2015, Plusnet offer the fastest average connection speeds for this kind of connection.

In reality, however, there's not much between the top five UK providers in speed terms; if getting a faster connection is important, the best thing to do is upgrade to fibre.

John Lewis, like Plusnet, use the BT Infinity network to provide fibre services - but Plusnet have enough customers of their own at both up to 38Mb and up to 76Mb to be included in Ofcom's tests in their own right.

Here's how those packages performed:

Broadband 24-hour average Peak (8-10pm weekdays)
plusnet Up to 17Mb 9.3Mb to 12.1Mb 9.2Mb to 12.0Mb
plusnet Up to 38Mb 32.3Mb to 34.2Mb 32.1Mb to 34.0Mb
plusnet Up to 76Mb 54.8Mb to 58.1Mb 53.8Mb to 57.1Mb

SOURCE: Ofcom, March 2016. Available here [pdf].

There's more on the various providers who sell fibre on the BT network here.

John Lewis vs Plusnet

If John Lewis Broadband is just a repackaged version of Plusnet, why not just cut out the middle man and get Plusnet?

Here are the Plusnet deals and prices, for comparison.

Package Broadband Contract terms Upfront price Monthly price
plusnet Unlimited + Line Only Up to 17Mb
18 months Free £19.99
for 18 mths,
then £27.98
plusnet Unlimited Fibre + Line Only Up to 38Mb
18 months Free £24.99
for 18 mths,
then £32.98
plusnet Unlimited Fibre Extra + Line Only Up to 76Mb
18 months Free £29.99
for 18 mths,
then £37.98

At the time of this update, Plusnet are cheaper for ADSL broadband, but John Lewis Broadband are cheaper for the up to 76Mb package.

The there's the matter of customer perception. John Lewis Broadband has the power of the brand behind it, even though both sets of customers are being served by the same team within Plusnet HQ.

Adding to the strength of that argument is the fact that with John Lewis Broadband it's not possible to save money on the cost of line rental by paying for it upfront - but then, until recently, they almost didn't need to.

Before May last year, John Lewis line rental was just £13.50 a month, far cheaper than all the big ISPs, even taking any upfront saver deals they may offer.

Even now their all-in prices reflect those of other providers, John Lewis Broadband customers get a generous helping of inclusive calls, which is becoming all the more rare these days. There's more on features like this, and other ways to keep home phone prices down in this guide.

Hopefully the above makes it clear that while John Lewis Broadband is aimed toward customers who prioritise customer service or package features over price, that doesn't necessarily mean that getting "good value" always costs more.

If the cost is a concern, people living in an area with plenty of competition can always opt for Plusnet (here's that link to our review again), who offer more or less the same thing - and some generous, if changeable, introductory deals.

For people in more rural areas, however, John Lewis could well prove to be cheaper, as they don't use Plusnet's geographical pricing model, under which only those in more competitive areas can get their cheapest prices.

In conclusion

There is definitely a place for John Lewis in the UK market.

With simple package choices - only three each for phone and broadband - simple pricing, and a solid reputation for customer service they're sure to find plenty of customers.


12 September 2017

Truly dreadful. They were supposed to take my line and switch broadband and phone service within 2 hours, they said.
I was actually without broadband for 36 hours, until I phoned them up and the chap activated it immediately. Then I spent hours arguing with their call centre women, who lied about their complaints procedure, saying I had to write in by snail mail. Absolute shysters and I recommend you to look elsewhere.

10 August 2017
tom michael

The absolute worst experience I have ever had with an ISP or indeed any provider of what is now a vital service. After being with BT for three years in my current property and having zero outages with BT, I decided to move to John Lewis for one reason - they were cheaper by far than BT.

But I was wrong the actual cost of phone calls is sky high and the broadband service is beyond abysmal, I cannot even begin to tell you how bad this service is. Constant outages with the router losing internet and for up to hours at a time.

The technical support is beyond incompetent, it took three weeks to get them to test on the test socket in my home. It was always my fault and they claimed it was an issue at my property, yet while with BT in the same connection zero issues. So I went through their supposed technical support and they sent a new router, same issues, went into test socket, same issues.

So they said they would send an engineer at a cost of £50. I refused to pay that amount and they said verbally I would not have to if the issue was with them. But not being a fool I asked for the specific terms and conditions that state, if a fault is found at your property OR NOT that you must pay the £50.

One of the people on the phone let slip that they were doing lots of upgrade and updates and then back tracked when I queried further.

Basically if you want high phone bills, rubbish technical support and extremely unreliable broadband then by all means join John Lewis. I am actually taking them to court for breach of contract and am moving back to BT. I would rather pay more and have stable internet then lies and incompetence from John Lewis Broadband.

I swear to you, think very hard before you move to this provider.

2 May 2017

I would urge everyone to think again and go elsewhere.
The service is very poor. My speed dropped dramatically from 76mb and when I eventually found the issue - someone at John Lewis' end had changed my username to someone elses on my account - I could actually see a womans name in my account details... This mess up was hushed up and no one has called me back about compensation or an apology or explanation or implications of data protection. I call and they literally refuse to do anything or hand me over to a manager - like speaking to the Gestapo.

They are now quite expensive too.

Go elsewhere.

24 March 2017
Brigid Way

Unbelievably bad! I was promised phone line and broadband by 28th February, nothing happened. When I queried what was going on, I was told they could not trace a phone line for me. I checked with BT who confirmed transfer to John Lewis had taken place on 28th Feb. But no broadband connection - John Lewis promised broadband ready by 10th, then 24th, March. Phoned again today as nothing has happened, I was told 30th March but just received an email say 7th April. Totally incompetent and no explanation as to what is going on.

3 February 2017

My experience of John Lewis was very different from some of those set out below. I bought a flat with a dead, anonymous phone line. I rang JL from my mobile phone on my commute out of central London. By the time I got off the bus, 45 minutes later, I had a working phone line and number, and the broadband was connected well ahead of the expected time.

23 February 2016

We'll have been with John Lewis for three weeks tomorrow, and still have no broadband. Avoid like the plague - they are utterly rubbish.

18 January 2016

Do NOT switch to John Lewis for your broadband. Customer service worse than Sky. My elderly parents decided to switch to John Lewis, ironically, because of their customer service. That was meant to happen on December never took place. Roll on a month they have lost the phone number they have had for nearly 50 years and now have no phone line at all. They have been battling this ever since and not even the so called 'senior' customer service manager seems to be able to sort it out.

6 August 2015

John Lewis customer service is just as bad as any other broadband provider. If you want to talk to customer services you wait ages on hold listening to the most appalling racket, and get treated badly by incompetent operatives. The only difference between John Lewis and Plusnet is that the person in the Plusnet call centre knows you are a John Lewis customer. Why pay less when you can pay more for the same rubbish service?

7 July 2015
Sinjut Williamson

I would agree with the user below who posted 8 months ago. I am living in a village 6 miles from a main town and I can't get the cheap rates advertised by going direct. It's actually cheaper to use John Lewis (free delivery of router and no excess fee for being rural). On this basis, it is cheaper and although I am using Plusnet indirectly, I have more faith in the John Lewis brand if the brown hits the fan. Unlike BT, Plusnet offer a fixed IP which BT don't offer and considering every IP issued by BT is blacklisted, this is definitely the way to go. I have 12 months with John Lewis (big saving compared to Zen Internet) and then I am moving to Gigaclear for pure fibre, installing later this year. Thumbs up for John Lewis who offer fair and transparent pricing.

5 November 2014

The prices shown for Plusnet are not available if you live outside of the "low cost" areas. If your exchange has not been unbundled from BT then John Lewis are probably the cheapest ISP you can get. They are certainly the cheapest I can get, my choices being limited to BT, Plusnet and John Lewis. No one else! No fibre, no cable, no 4G.
Please don't assume everyone lives in a metropolitan area.

18 January 2014

Poor service, waited nearly a month to get connected. It seems that they just don't know what they are doing half the time, and on one occasion I got some guy with attitude. This is NOT representative of John Lewis. I will be switching at the first opportunity.

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