BT launch Smart Hub 2 with wi-fi guarantee

30 November 2018   By Jo Bailey

BT have become the first broadband operator in the UK to offer a Complete Wi-Fi guarantee, assuring customers of coverage throughout their homes.

Following several months of trials, BT have launched their Smart Hub 2 ultrafast broadband router. Along with it, they've launched a Complete Wi-Fi Guarantee, promising strong Wi-Fi coverage in every room of your home.

According to BT, the new hub along with their Wi-Fi boosting discs could increase Wi-Fi speeds by up to 25% around the home. The kit is administered by a smartphone app which will even tell customers where to place their discs for maximum impact.

According to the CEO of BT's Consumer Business, Marc Allera, BT want to help customers get online 'from every corner of their home'. He said their Complete Wi-Fi 'opens up a world of possibilities' for their customers.

bt smart hub 2

43% believe poor Wi-Fi restricts their life

About BT Broadband

In a new piece of research, BT have discovered that Wi-Fi is more important to families than perhaps was previously realised. In a study they call the 'Modern Families Report', they asked 1,000 households about their feelings on Wi-Fi.

BT discovered that 43% of people believe a poor Wi-Fi connection has a negative impact on their life at home. More than half (52%) would be put off buying or living in a home with Wi-Fi black spots, and 12% admitted to having family arguments about the Wi-Fi.

In the average home, at least two rooms had a poor or non-existent Wi-Fi connection. Families said these spaces could not be adapted for multiple purposes, or enhanced using technology, because of the connection.

When asked what they would do with these spaces if the Wi-Fi was better, 20% said they would set up a home office, 21% would create a games room and 28% would make a study room for their children.

How much does it cost?

Existing customers on a BT Plus package can upgrade to Complete Wi-Fi for an additional £5 per month. Those not with BT or not on a 'Plus' package will need to upgrade to one of these packages in order to access Complete Wi-Fi.

Package Broadband Contract term Upfront price Monthly price Cost with Complete Wi-fi
BT Superfast Fibre Plus 67Mb average
18 months £9.99 £54.99 £59.99

BT Plus customers are already able to access BT's Keep Connected Promise, which will see a Mini Hub sent out immediately in the event of a fault. It uses 4G technology to keep customers connected until the fault is resolved.

Following in the footsteps of their competitors Plusnet and TalkTalk, BT have promised to freeze prices and not to hike rates mid-contract.

What do you get?

BT are the first and only broadband provider in the UK to guarantee a complete Wi-Fi connection throughout the property.

Users taking out their Plus with Complete Wi-Fi package will be sent a new Smart Hub by BT. The Smart Hub 2, BT say, is the 'most advanced router available from a broadband provider'. It uses seven antennas, methodically positioned to maximise the signal.

As well as the hub, customers will be sent a single Wi-Fi disc to spread the signal further around the home. Although BT say one disc is enough for most homes to get a good signal everywhere, they will send up to two more discs if this doesn't work.

In the event that the hub plus three discs still doesn't reach every room, BT promise to pay back £20 under their complete Wi-Fi guarantee.

How good is it really?

BT's new hub launch comes just moths after TalkTalk also released a new hub, at the time claiming superior speeds and connectivity throughout the home.

Other broadband providers also use advanced Wi-Fi hubs to ensure better coverage. Plusnet operate a high speed router, known as the Hub One. Sky uses the Sky Q Hub and Virgin use the SuperHub V3.

BT tested their new router against these other models, and in terms of download speeds they claim to have been faster.

While it's important to take any non-independent testing with a fair dose of salt, BT do seem to have been fair in their testing methodology, showing that it will potentially offer the better streaming capabilities that BT have promised.

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