Choose Broadband Awards 2022

EE were recognised for their excellent customer service in this year's Choose Broadband Awards.

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What does EE home broadband offer?

EE offers fixed line broadband of up to 900Mb to households in some areas, although most customers will only be able to access superfast or ultrafast broadband deals.

Some of these EE broadband deals come without a landline depending on whether a customer is having a full fibre connection (in applicable areas) or signing up to a part-fibre deal. Customers with landlines can also add unlimited call plans and other features.

It's possible to take EE broadband and TV deals together with an EE pay monthly mobile deal, effectively creating a triple-play bundle with EE broadband, EE mobile and Apple TV 4K. Customers will need to be an existing EE pay monthly mobile customer to take advantage of this offer.

Customers who take both EE broadband and EE pay monthly mobile services will be eligible for a 10% discount on their home broadband bill every month. There are also data boosts available to customers who take both services, allowing them to add up to 20GB extra per month to their mobile account.

Is EE home broadband any good?

EE home broadband offers a middle ground between budget broadband providers like Plusnet or Now and premium providers like BT and Sky.

EE broadband doesn't have all the extras parent company BT offers, for example, but they do provide a quality router and customers can also access discounts if they take both broadband and mobile services from the same provider.

EE broadband and TV deals are backed by one of the best customer service records in UK broadband, with more EE customers satisfied with their provider than any other ISP. They also have an excellent complaints record, regularly vying with Sky for the title of the broadband provider with the lowest level of quarterly complaints.

What packages does EE offer?

EE home broadband packages are available with speeds up to an average of 900Mb in areas where fibre to the premises (FTTP) has been deployed.

Overall, EE offer the following fixed line broadband deals: Broadband (10Mb), Fibre (36Mb), Fibre Plus (67Mb), Fibre Max 100 (100Mb), Fibre Max 500 (500Mb) and Full Fibre Max Gigabit (900Mb).

Some of these EE broadband plans come with set-up costs, but EE occasionally run special offers to reduce or eliminate these costs.

Customers who have pay monthly mobile contracts with EE will receive a 10% discount on their broadband contracts and they will also receive a data boost on their mobile account of up to 20GB depending on the package chosen.

EE's Apple TV 4K service is also available to EE pay monthly mobile customers who sign up to EE home broadband, so there is an opportunity for customers to bundle TV for extra savings.

How fast is EE fibre broadband?

EE fibre broadband can provide speeds of up to 900Mb in areas where Openreach's fibre to the premises (FTTP) network has expanded.

The vast majority of customers will be able to access superfast broadband from EE of 36Mb or 67Mb, with the Openreach superfast network covering around 97% of premises across the country.

Customers in FTTP or areas can access EE fixed line broadband speeds of 145Mb or 300Mb, while only customers in FTTP areas will be able to sign up to EE's Fibre Max Gigabit package providing average download speeds of 900Mb.

Full fibre connections provide more reliable broadband speeds, so customers in FTTP areas should opt for full fibre lines even if they want superfast speeds of up to 67Mb.

EE also still offer a basic copper broadband product with average speeds of 10Mb. This package is gradually being phased out as more people make the switch to fibre broadband.

Is EE home broadband reliable?

EE are one of the most reliable broadband providers in the UK.

Compared to their superfast fibre broadband rivals, EE have a great record on keeping customers connected with their daily rate of disconnections lower than other ISPs. EE home broadband customers also have a good perception of reliability and low levels of customer complaints suggest customers are generally happy with the service EE broadband provides.

It's worth remembering fibre to the premises (FTTP) connections will generally be more reliable than fibre to the cabinet (FTTC) lines. This is because FTTP runs fibre optic cable directly into a customer's home while FTTC lines stop the fibre at the cabinet and run copper the rest of the way to a household. Customers in FTTP areas who are given the choice between EE full fibre and FTTC will find the full fibre connections are more reliable.

What does EE TV offer?

Customers who have pay monthly mobile deals with EE can add Apple TV 4K to their plans, effectively creating a triple-play bundle with broadband, mobile and TV services.

BT Sport is included with Apple TV 4K, a perk that could otherwise involve subscribing to Sky TV or paying monthly for a BT Sport Monthly Pass.

Using Apple TV 4K, EE customers can access free and paid on-demand services like BBC iPlayer, YouTube, Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. There is also a library of content on offer from iTunes and the Apple TV app.

There are a couple of things to note about Apple TV 4K: existing EE broadband customers who want to add the service will need to sign up to a new 18-month contract to be eligible, plus there are no recordable options with Apple TV 4K - it's simply a set-top box.

Does bundling EE broadband and TV offer value for money?

Bundling EE broadband and TV packages together can save money especially if customers want to watch BT Sport.

However, as customers need to be on an EE pay monthly mobile plan, it can be more expensive for customers who don't already have a mobile contract with EE to sign up for, as they will need to take out a mobile deal first.

Apple TV 4K is a nice extra for EE broadband and mobile customers, but it is unlikely to be the most attractive feature of signing up to an EE broadband deal and customers may want to compare other broadband and TV packages if they're looking for a more substantial TV service.

Do you need a landline for EE broadband?

EE does not routinely provide landlines with their fixed line broadband anymore, making them one of the few broadband providers who don't insist on customers taking a home phone alongside their broadband deals.

For customers who actually use their landline, this may pose problems, although they can pay an extra per month to add a landline.

Complicating matters is the fact there is a difference between fibre to the premises (FTTP) broadband packages provided by EE and their fibre to the cabinet (FTTC) plans. As FTTP lines do not need a copper line into the home, a landline isn't available. However, as FTTC covers the distance between the street cabinet and the home with copper cable, landlines are available to customers on those connections.

As the rollout of FTTP continues, more customers taking those services from EE will be unable to add landlines to their contracts whether they want to or not.

Does EE offer any free calls?

EE does not offer any free calls with their broadband plans, so customers who want to use their home phone for outgoing calls will need to add a call plan to their broadband package at checkout.

EE offer three calling add-ons to customers: one for pay as you go calls, one for anytime UK calls and one for anytime UK and international calls. The anytime call plans also include 1,500 minutes to UK mobiles.

Note: customers on full fibre lines will not have a landline and so call plans cannot be added.

What equipment will I get?

Customers signing up to an EE broadband deal will receive the EE Smart Hub with their order. This router is given to all new EE broadband customers as standard.

The Smart Hub is a repackaged version of parent company BT's router and it comes complete with excellent specifications. It uses the latest wireless standard to deliver wi-fi across the home and it's a dual band router operating with smart channel selection to help household devices access the internet as quickly as possible. It also has seven antennae and four gigabit ethernet ports.

Customers taking EE broadband and TV deals will also receive an Apple TV 4K box to allow them to stream on-demand content from Apple TV and other providers.

Does EE offer discounts for mobile customers?

If customers take broadband alongside an EE pay monthly mobile deal, they will receive a monthly 10% discount on their broadband contract. For eligible customers, this may make EE broadband a more budget-friendly option.

Customers taking EE broadband and a pay monthly mobile contract will also receive a data boost to their mobile account as a reward for taking both services together.

This data boost can be up to 20GB depending on which broadband package a customer chooses, so it can dramatically increase the amount of data a customer has on their pay monthly mobile account every month.

Is EE's customer service any good?

EE are one of our top picks for broadband customer service.

They have some of the lowest complaint levels in the broadband industry, as well as having high customer satisfaction levels. They also answer the phone more quickly than other ISPs and have a low call abandonment rate, meaning comparatively few customers hang up the phone before speaking to an advisor.

On the flip side, plenty of EE's Trustpilot reviewers seem unhappy with the company's performance on broadband and mobile, yet review sites tend to attract customers who are either delighted with their service or have a grievance to air in public.

No broadband provider is going to be perfect all the time, but EE have a stronger record than most of their rivals according to Ofcom's annual customer satisfaction surveys and their quarterly complaint figures.

Is EE owned by BT?

Yes, EE was purchased by BT in 2016, so EE is part of the BT Group along with Plusnet.

Although the brands are part of the same company, they offer different things to customers, with EE focused on mid-market broadband and mobile while BT offers more premium services and Plusnet is a more budget brand. This essentially means there is something for every customer within BT Group.

If customers browsing EE deals find there is something lacking from their broadband packages, EE are keen to direct them to the BT site. In this way, EE can offer streamlined broadband deals without providing all the frills BT broadband offers to their customers.

It also means EE broadband and TV deals don't necessarily need to rival the BT TV services offered by their parent company as all customers are part of the same group.

How much does setup and installation cost?

Setup fees on EE home broadband vary depending on which broadband plan a customer signs up to, and these costs can frequently change too depending on what special offers EE are promoting at the time.

Generally, EE will charge small upfront charges for customers looking to take their most basic 10Mb copper broadband plan as part of their strategy to encourage customers to take EE fibre broadband instead.

It's also likely upfront costs will be applied to ultrafast broadband packages, often reflecting the extra work that has to go on to get customers connected to those networks.

However, it isn't unusual for EE and other broadband providers to reduce or eliminate installation costs for a limited period to attract new customers, so keep an eye out for those offers in the table above.

How long is the minimum contract period?

EE offer 24-month contracts as standard with their broadband deals. This means customers are tied into fixed term 24-month broadband plans if they choose EE, with no shorter options. This is in line with contracts offered by their parent company BT.

Customers looking to take EE broadband and TV deals (alongside a pay monthly mobile contract) should be aware that adding TV to a broadband and mobile contract will result in a new broadband contract being triggered. This is why it makes more sense for a customer to sign up to EE broadband and TV packages at the same time to avoid accidentally extending the minimum term of a contract.

How long does it take to switch to EE?

After comparing broadband deals, customers can initiate a switch to EE home broadband within a few minutes.

Completing a switch to EE broadband usually takes around two weeks, although this estimate could be extended if customers need an engineer visit to install a new home phone line or install a box to receive full fibre broadband.

Broadband switching on the Openreach network is led by the gaining provider, so customers switching from the likes of TalkTalk or Plusnet won't need to notify their old broadband provider that they're switching away.

The main exception to this is for customers switching from Virgin Media or other operators with their own broadband networks such as Hyperoptic or Community Fibre - customers looking to switch to EE from other networks will need to contact their existing broadband supplier directly to confirm they are leaving their contract.