Three offers 30GB mobile data for price of 12GB

17 August 2018   By Angela Moran

Three's '30GB for 12GB' mobile data offer is available for both new and existing customers who sign up for a new pay monthly contract.

Three are well known for offering their customers big data allowances, and this latest offer is no different. For the price of 12GB customers can now get nearly triple the data - with 30GB available for the same monthly price.

To access the deal, customers need to take out a pay monthly mobile phone contract on a 24-month advanced plan.

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What's on offer?

This deal is available with over 30 different phones, ranging from the latest pre-order of the Samsung Galaxy Note9, to older and simpler models. Brands included in the offer are: Samsung, Apple, Huawei, Sony, LG, and the exclusive to Three brand - Honor.

The table below offers a snapshot of what's available across a range of available phones. All of these deals can only be taken out on 24-month advanced contract plans.

Phone Cost for 12GB and 30GB (monthly) 30GB saving (monthly) Upfront cost (for both)
Samsung Galaxy S9 £43 £9 £79
Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus £48 £9 £79
Samsung Galaxy A6 £28 £4 £19
Apple iPhone 8 £45 £3 £79
Apple iPhone X £63 £4 £79
Apple iPhone SE £31 £4 £19
Honor 10 £32 N/A £19
Huawei P20 £37 £4 £29
LG G6 £33 £1 £29
Sony Xperia XZ2 £50 £4 £79

As the table shows, the benefits vary from phone to phone, with savings for the 30GB deal ranging from just £1 to a decent £9 per month. However, with nearly triple the data on offer for the same fixed price as 12GB, any saving is probably worthwhile.

Existing customers benefit too

Additionally, it's not just new customers that can access extra data deals.

Existing customers who choose to take out an additional contract also benefit from the 30GB for 12GB offer across a wide range of phones.

The table below lists some of the phones that existing customers can get on both a 12GB and 30GB contract for the same monthly price, and with nothing to pay upfront.

Phone Monthly cost (12GB and 30GB) Upfront cost Normal cost
Samsung S9 £41 £0 £43/month & £79 upfront
Apple iPhone 8 £45 £0 £45/month & £79 upfront
Huawei P20 £36 £0 £37/month & £29 upfront
Honor 10 £28 £0 £32/month & £19 upfront
LG G6 £32 £0 £33/month & £29 upfront

The full range of offers for existing customers can be seen here.

Other perks

With plans over 12GB, Three also offer a selection of other benefits to tempt customers.

  • Go Roam: For those heading abroad, Three's Go Roam lets customers use their data allowance internationally - plus calls and texts to the UK - at no extra cost. With a 12GB plan or over, Go Roam is available throughout the world in 71 destinations (with a fair use policy of 12GB). There's more about this here.
  • Travel upgrades with easyJet: For new and upgrading pay monthly customers on 12GB plans or over, Three have partnered with easyJet to offer a £150 travel voucher for use on an easyJet holiday. This offer includes the easyJet Plus Bag Drop, hassle-free security, priority boarding and fast bag delivery at the final destination. Read more about this here.
  • Go Binge: This offer gives unlimited streaming to customers with a 12GB plan or over for selected apps, meaning that users can watch and listen to their favourite shows and music without touching their data allowance. Apps include Netflix, Apple Music, Dave and Deezer, among more.
  • Oh Snap: As part of Go Binge, qualifying Three customers can also use Snapchat without any data limits - a nice perk for anyone who loves to Snap.

We've got more on Three's mobile broadband here, as well as further reading on Three's big data deals.

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