Three customers get VIP treatment with easyJet

26 July 2018   By Angela Moran

Three customers can now skip the queues and check their bags in for free when flying with Easyjet.

UK mobile network Three have partnered up with budget airline easyJet to add priority travel perks to their Go Roam promotion.

From now on new and existing Three pay monthly customers can benefit from free checked-in bags. At the airport they can drop off their bags at the dedicated easyJet Plus desks, allowing them to go luggage-free on all UK outbound easyJet flights.

Customers can also get a Three tote bag from the check-in desk that can be used to carry any hand luggage items they'll need on the plane.

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Beat the queues with priority service

Three customers will also enjoy priority boarding and jump ahead of standard ticket holders. However, easyJet Plus customers will still retain first boarding rights.

What's more, their bags will be tagged as "priority", meaning they'll be some of the first items loaded off the plane upon arrival at the destination airport.

The whole service, which usually costs £5 per person, will be completely free of charge and will last until 2020.

All in all it provides customers with a smoother and quicker travel experience that'll see them start their holidays ahead of other passengers.

However, the service is only offered on the outward/UK leg of the journey. So before passengers go packing all their regular sized liquids for their holiday they should remember they'll be restricted to 50ml quantities on the return journey.

Registering for the service is easy

  • To go hands-free Three customers must be on a pay monthly plan, phone or SIM.
  • Eligible customers must then text the word "UPGRADE" followed by their easyJet flight number, surname and date of departure to 88555.
  • They'll then receive a confirmation text, which must be shown at the check-in desk upon arrival at the departure airport.

Three: the perfect mobile travel companion

Three has a reputation for offering some great promotions and deals for frequent travellers.

The company was one of the first providers to offer call plan services for free when travelling abroad with their Feel at Home service. Their Go Roam service already allows customers to use plan or add-on data in up to 71 countries worldwide at no additional cost.

According to Three CEO Dave Dyson this added perk to the Go Roam service helps the mobile provider go further in offering a hassle-free travel experience.

More on Three

He said: "From Hands Free at the airport to roaming at no extra charge worldwide, we aim to kick-start your getaway with swagger."

While Robert Carey, Commercial Director at easyJet, said: "We're delighted to be partnering with Three to make travel even easier for their customers. Three share our passion for making travel easy and affordable."

Three has already enjoyed a good year with positive customer service feedback. They've been praised for the expansion of their digital skills programme, Discovery, an initiative that aims to tackle digital exclusion. Plus, they were voted the second best mobile service provider in the UK by RootMetrics, narrowly missing out on first place, which was awarded to EE.

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18 April 2019

If you are travelling on an easyjet flight as a couple, do both people get priority boarding even if only one is the three customer?

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