O2 boosts sustainability with refreshed 'Like New' phones

8 June 2024 17:49   By Lyndsey Burton

O2 has refreshed it's refurbished mobile phone range, 'Like New', with discounts and benefits.

New and existing customers can save up to £430 by combining offers on O2's newly refreshed 'Like New' range of refurbished mobile phones.

A selection of handsets will be discounted by £360 for both new and existing customers from now until 7th August 2024.

Existing customers can also save a further £70 through the My O2 app when they purchase certain 'Like New' mobiles before 15th July 2024, including the Samsung Galaxy S23.

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O2 'Like New' refresh

O2 have announced they've refreshed their second-hand refurbished mobile phone range, 'Like New', and are offering limited time discounts to celebrate.

New and existing customers can find discounts of £360 on selected mobiles, with existing customers able to save an extra £70 through the My O2 app on certain models, including the Samsung Galaxy S23 5G 256GB.


In addition to these promotional money-off offers however, O2's revamp also means customers can now save money on refurbished phones year-round.

New and improved benefits of O2 'Like New' include:

  • Save up to £200 compared to buying the same model brand-new all year round
  • 'Like New' handsets undergo at least 40 quality checks to ensure they meet the same or similar standard as a new phone
  • Customers get a three-year warranty with Plus Plans, and a one-year warranty with Classic Plans, just like with a new handset
  • Every 'Like New' phone must have a battery capacity of at least 80%

Other benefits of buying a 'Like New' refurbished mobile phone from O2 include helping to reduce your carbon footprint by reusing a mobile phone.

Data from GfK UK's Tech360 has revealed demand for refurbished mobile phones has increased by 36% since 2021, and O2 themselves say they've seen a year-on-year rise in purchases of second-hand phones.

However, for most customers it seems the reduced price of second-hand phones is a bigger pull than saving the planet, with the vast majority of purchasers citing price as their primary motivation for buying a refurbished phone.

Only 9% of purchasers gave environmental impact as a reason to buy a refurbished mobile phone, and even then, this was a "nice to have" rather than a key incentive.

In any case, customers who do save money with O2's 'Like New' range, can help to lower the device's carbon footprint, as well as use fewer virgin materials and help keep devices out of landfill for longer.

O2 'Like New' deals

We looked through O2's 'Like New' range of mobile phones and found the following handsets with the £360 discount applied to them:

  • Samsung Galaxy S23
  • Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra
  • Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max
  • Apple iPhone 14 Plus

It's disappointing not more devices were included in the offer, but as some of the most wanted handsets, we're sure many users will find the savings on the Samsung Galaxy S23 and iPhone 14's worthwhile.

As mentioned, existing O2 customers can save a further £70 by accessing these deals through the My O2 app, while new customers can save £360 on these devices by .

O2 benefits

Customers signing up to an O2 contract with a 'Like New' handset can also benefit from some of the following extra services:

  • Flexible payments: 'Like New' devices can be spread over payment plans up to 36 months, as well as flex their data allowance monthly with O2 Refresh
  • Next day delivery
  • O2 Switch up: Customers can switch their device to any new or 'Like New' phone every 90 days at no extra cost
  • O2 Travel Inclusive Zone: Plus Plan customers can roam in 75 countries including 49 EU countries, USA, Mexico, Canada, and Australia, up to 25GB
  • Get up to six months Disney+ Standard or Amazon Prime
  • Volt: O2 customers who bundle Virgin Media broadband can benefit from extra perks as we cover in our Volt review
  • Student discount: get 20% off O2 Airtime Plans when they buy a phone or tablet

Read more about O2 mobile in our full review.


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