Sky Mobile offers half price for 12 months promo

3 June 2024 9:31   By Lyndsey Burton

Sky Mobile have halved the cost of their pay monthly SIM-only and handset deals for the next 12 months.

Customers signing up to Sky Mobile can get half price off every month for the next 12 months with a new promotional deal.

The half price offer applies to both SIM only contracts as well as SIM contracts purchased with a new device.

New customers signing up to Sky Mobile can until 28th June 2024.

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Half price for 12 months

Sky Mobile is currently offering half price for 12 months on all of their pay monthly SIM contracts, including those purchased with a new mobile handset or device.

The deal runs from now until 28th June 2024, and those looking to sign up for this offer can .

Five Sky Mobile tariffs are included in the half price offer, covering:

Was Now
150GB £30/mth £15/mth
50GB £20/mth £10/mth
25GB £16/mth £8/mth
15GB £14/mth £7/mth
5GB £10/mth £5/mth

Monthly prices are discounted by 50% for 12 months, which is also the length of the minimum term contract, so customers will be able to take out a new deal when these promotional prices end.

Mobile phone deals

Those looking for a new mobile phone can also benefit from this half price for 12 months offer when they purchase a new device through Sky Mobile.

Mobile deals currently available include the iPhone 15 Pro Max for £35 a month for 36 months. Sky Mobile are also offering the Samsung S23 FE for £20 a month, or the iPhone 15 from £23 a month for 36 months.

These prices need to be combined with a Sky Mobile SIM deal, however this adds a layer of flexibility for customers, as the mobile phone plan and data plan are somewhat separate.

See more .

Sky Mobile

All Sky Mobile tariffs also include unlimited minutes and unlimited texts, and use the O2 mobile network for coverage over both 4G and 5G data networks.

Sky Mobile also boasts a number of more unique selling points, including the Sky Mobile Piggybank feature, which lets customers roll over any unused data on their plans from month-to-month.

Customers can also share data in their Piggybank with other Sky Mobile plans in their account, as well as redeem it for money towards mobile devices or accessories.

Sky Mobile also performs very highly for customer services, promises no mid-contract price hikes, and customers can swap their mobile tariff up or down to another plan whenever they like, even within the 12-month minimum term.


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