Sky Mobile launches their first unlimited data plan

11 July 2024 9:53   By Lyndsey Burton

Sky Mobile customers can now sign up for unlimited data for the first time.

Sky Mobile are launching their first unlimited data SIM, having previously only offered plans up to 100GB.

The new unlimited data plan will cost £35 per month as a SIM only deal, or £25 per month when purchased with a mobile handset.

That means customers can now get unlimited data for just £5 extra per month compared to their previous largest 100GB allowance which costs £30 per month.

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Unlimited data

Sky Mobile have stuck to limited data allowance plans for several years now, despite many other providers offering unlimited data options.

In fact, one of their main unique selling points (USPs), Sky's Piggybank, works with limited data plans to roll over any unused data so it can be used later or even exchanged towards a new mobile device or accessory.

The new unlimited data plan costs £30 per month when taken as a SIM only deal, or £25 per month when bundled with a new mobile handset.

However, the standard price for the unlimited data option looks to be £40 per month, so it's possible prices could rise after an initial launch period.

Mobile data offers

As well as offering a lower price on the new unlimited data plan, Sky Mobile are also offering reduced prices on a number of other deals.

The next biggest data allowance plan is their 100GB option, which is currently reduced to £15 per month for the first 3 months, and then £30. Those who bundle 100GB with a handset will receive the reduced £15 price for the first 6 months.

Other special offers include the 40GB plan reduced from £20 to £14 per month, and the 25GB plan reduced from £16 to £10 per month.

For customers who only need a little bit of data, perhaps for Whatsapp or occasional browsing, Sky Mobile's 5GB data plan currently costs just £8 per month.

All Sky Mobile plans include unlimited calling minutes and unlimited texts, as well as 4G and 5G data coverage, and the option to change plans whenever you like throughout the 12-month minimum term.

Sky Mobile also promise no mid-contract price rises, and their unique Piggybank feature allows customers on limited data plans to roll over any unused data to use in following months, move it to another plan on the account, or redeem it for rewards including new mobile devices or accessories.

The current price promotions covered above are valid until midnight on 24th July 2024.

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