Plusnet Mobile to finally close this month

3 June 2024 11:37   By Lyndsey Burton

Plusnet Mobile customers receive warning as provider prepares to shut down services.

After warning customers mobile services would be closing over the past year, Plusnet Mobile has now confirmed that services will end in June 2024.

The provider is urging any remaining customers to switch their service as soon as possible, with those wanting to keep their number advised to request a PAC code.

Plusnet Mobile customers can currently access exclusive SIM only deals through EE, although they may not be the best prices available.

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Plusnet Mobile closure

Plusnet Mobile closed to new customers back in March 2023, and since May 2023 existing customers have been unable to take out a new 12-month term with renewals based on 30-day contracts instead.

While Plusnet Mobile have been warning customers services would be closing and that they were free to switch away, the provider has now confirmed a cease of service for any remaining customers is June 2024.

Those still using Plusnet Mobile are being urged to switch their service before their SIM is deactivated and their account is closed.

The provider has confirmed all existing customers will be contacted with a cease date at least 30 days before their mobile account is closed. At this point, customers will become unable to make or receive calls (except emergency 999 calls), send texts or use their data.

Customers will then have a further 40 days in which to port their mobile number to another provider, however after this point the account will be automatically closed and it will no longer be possible to transfer the number.

To keep a Plusnet Mobile number, customers should request a PAC code by texting 'PAC' to 65075, they'll then be sent a PAC code in less than a minute which remains valid for 30 days. Simply give this number to a new provider when signing up and they'll handle the rest.

A spokesperson for Plusnet has said, "We have been contacting customers since May 2023 to let them know our Plusnet mobile service is closing. We have now confirmed that this will close for customers throughout June 2024.

"Customers looking for an alternative mobile service can take advantage of exclusive EE SIM only deals with all the great value of Plusnet and the speed and reliability of EE. There is still time for Plusnet customers to move to EE and keep their mobile number."

Plusnet broadband

Plusnet Mobile originally launched in November 2016, and commonly offered Plusnet broadband customers exclusive discounts for taking both services together. It's likely then, many Plusnet Mobile customers will also take their broadband services.

So, it's important to note Plusnet broadband services are not affected by the closure of Plusnet Mobile, and customers with a broadband account won't see any changes to their service.

Plusnet have said those with broadband services can call EE "to get your latest EE deals", however existing customers have mentioned in the provider's community forum these deals can be more expensive than they were used to paying.

While the BT Group are likely to want to hold onto as many Plusnet Mobile customers as they can by moving them to EE accounts, it also seems to be the case that any discounts on mobile plans for Plusnet broadband customers have been removed.

People who don't want to switch to EE, or who want to find a better deal, can also consider providers including Virgin Media who offer mobile discounts with O2, Vodafone who offer 'Vodafone Together' discounts for customers who bundle services, or Sky who offer free streaming of Sky TV apps on their Sky Mobile plans.


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