Vodafone launch VeryMe reward programme for mobile customers

4 December 2018   By Jo Bailey

Dubbed by Vodafone 'a world of rewards built around what you love', the programme will give customers of the network free treats and discounts.

Vodafone has launched a reward programme for its customers in the UK. Called VeryMe Rewards, the scheme is set to go head to head with offers from Three's Wuntu and O2's Priority Moments programmes.

Following in the footsteps of other mobile operators, Vodafone's new loyalty scheme promises free treats and discounts from numerous big brand companies, as well as one of the best deals in the UK for cinema tickets.

Chief Executive of Vodafone UK, Nick Jeffery, said that the app was designed as a 'personalised thank you to our customers for their loyalty'. He said the app is quick to use and will present daily treats to customers, individually tailored to their preferences.

VeryMe is open for use by all Vodafone customers, whether on a contract, SIM only deal or one of their flexible pay as you go (PAYG) plans. However, PAYG customers must have topped up by at least £10 in the past six weeks to access the deals.

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How to use VeryMe

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In order to access the VeryMe deals, customers need to have the My Vodafone App installed. It can be downloaded from the App Store or the Google Play store.

When opening the app, there should be a 'VeryMe' button visible on the first screen. Clicking this will prompt the customer to join the new rewards scheme.

After signing up, any available offers will be shown right away, and can be redeemed through the app.

What can you get?

Vodafone have said that the offers available will be personalised to the user. This means customers could be offered a variety of deals and freebies, based on their interests and availability in their area.

The app has some built in AI, which will learn the rewards that individual customers like and will give them priority when offering other similar benefits.

Offers will always include a deal from Odeon, Vodafone have said, which is currently two tickets to the cinema for £7, valid any day of the week. Other offers which could pop up include:

  • Free coffee at Costa Coffee
  • Discounts on Interflora flowers
  • Free cookie from Millie's Cookies
  • A gym pass for a week

Other brands said to be included in future offers include Hotel Chocolat and Tesco.

Some of the deals will only be available to a limited number of customers, so it's worth checking regularly to see what's been newly released.

As an introductory offer, Vodafone customers are also being offered an extra 2GB of data when they sign up to VeryMe.

Is it worth switching to Vodafone?

VeryMe will be a nice perk if you're already a customer of Vodafone, but it's generally not worth switching network simply to access these types of deals.

Other operators provide similar loyalty schemes, such as Wuntu from Three which offers anything from discounted meals out to free products. Their customers also get free travel perks from easyJet.

O2's Priority Moments gives customers all sorts of treats, from cheap lunches to entertainment downloads, as well as access to advance ticket sales at any O2 venue. These are available to customers on PAYG, contract and their new custom plan tariffs.

Less well known are the perks from EE Tickets, which includes discounts for shows, days out and competitions.

With any of these offers, it's important to remember that they are not a good reason for signing up with a provider. Far more important are the available contract, handset and service levels, which is what should be taken into account when comparing offers from operators.

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