Virgin broadband review: is it any good?

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VIRGIN Media offer the UK's fastest widely available broadband - with download speeds ranging from up to 50Mb to as much as up to 300Mb.

But are speeds everything?




Customer service:

5 out of 5

Virgin's superfast speeds are available at prices to rival providers offering broadband less than half as fast.

They also score well against most other providers for customer service and of course offer the ability to bundle TV.

In this review we take an in-depth look at Virgin Media broadband covering their packages, prices, broadband speeds and customer service record.

Special Offers

Virgin Media don't offer free gifts and joining incentives as regularly as other providers such as BT and Sky.

For the run up to Christmas however, Virgin is offering customers who take one of their bundle deals a free Netflix subscription for six months.

Virgin Media Offers

Get a free 6 month Netflix Subscription with Virgin Media Bundles

Hurry! Offer ends 18 December 2017.
12-month contract. £20 activation fee.


The biggest downfall of Virgin broadband is availability - their cable network has so far only reached around 50% of houses across the UK.

While there are plans to expand, Virgin Media is concentrated in urban areas like towns and cities.

This is unlike fibre broadband from providers such as BT and Sky who offer availability to between 90% and 95% of UK households.

Find out if Virgin broadband is available in your area with our postcode check:

Enter your postcode above to check availability in your area.

Virgin Media broadband packages

Virgin Media offer a choice of four broadband packages based on the headline download speed delivered.

Package Broadband Contract term Upfront price Monthly price
Virgin Media Vivid 50 + Talk Weekends Up to 50Mb
12 months £20 £29
for 12 mths,
then £40
Virgin Media Vivid 100 + Talk Weekends Up to 100Mb
12 months £20 £34
for 12 mths,
then £45
Virgin Media Vivid 200 + Talk Weekends Up to 200Mb
12 months £20 £39
for 12 mths,
then £50
Virgin Media Vivid 300 + Talk Weekends Up to 300Mb
12 months £20 £44
for 12 mths,
then £55

For customers who want more than just broadband however, Virgin Media also offer four pre-made bundle deals, which include broadband, home phone and TV.

Of course, on top of these deals, customers can also , mixing and matching different TV packages with different broadband speeds.

Package TV Channels Broadband Contract term Upfront price Monthly price
Virgin Media Player Bundle 70+ channels Up to 100Mb
12 months £20 £33
for 12 mths,
then £48
Virgin Media Mix Bundle 150+ channels Up to 100Mb
12 months £20 £46
for 12 mths,
then £55
Virgin Media Full House Bundle 245+ channels Up to 100Mb
12 months £20 £56
for 12 mths,
then £70
Virgin Media VIP Bundle 245+ channels +
Sky Sports (in HD) + Sky Cinema (in HD)
Up to 300Mb
12 months £20 £91
for 12 mths,
then £125


Virgin Media are competitively priced, despite offering considerably more in terms of broadband speeds.

Here's a selection of closely matched packages from Virgin, BT and Sky.

Package Broadband Contract term Upfront price Monthly price
Virgin Media Vivid 50 + Talk Weekends Up to 50Mb
12 months £20 £29
for 12 mths,
then £40
BT Unlimited Infinity 1 + Weekend calls Up to 52Mb
18 months £9.99 £29.99
for 18 mths,
then £47.49
Virgin Media Vivid 100 + Talk Weekends Up to 100Mb
12 months £20 £34
for 12 mths,
then £45
Sky Fibre Unlimited + Talk Up to 38Mb
18 months £29.95 £25
for 18 mths,
then £38.99

Of course, it's difficult to compare these providers on price alone as they all have various strengths and weaknesses, particularly when we include TV with our broadband deals.

Read this guide for more on how Virgin, BT and Sky compare.

Broadband speeds

Virgin broadband is faster than all other national providers, including BT, Sky, Plusnet and TalkTalk.

Customers can choose headline speeds of 50Mb, 100Mb, 200Mb and even up to 300Mb.

That's much faster than other providers reselling BT fibre who only offer up to 76Mb broadband speeds.

Here are the latest results of real world speeds experienced by customers:

Ofcom average speeds, published April 2017
Advertised speed Over 24hrs Peak time
(8-10pm weekdays)
BT Up to 52Mb 47.7Mb - 48.6Mb 46.9Mb - 47.9Mb
BT Up to 76Mb 57.9Mb - 60.7Mb 57.0Mb - 59.8Mb
Virgin Media Up to 100Mb 87.7Mb - 95.2Mb 72.6Mb - 86.1Mb
Virgin Media Up to 200Mb 169.0Mb - 177.2Mb 143.7Mb - 155.4Mb

We have a more in-depth comparison of BT fibre and Virgin Media, but in terms of speeds, the figures above speak for themselves: Virgin Media are genuinely faster than other national providers.

More on speeds

Traffic management

All Virgin Media's broadband packages come with unlimited usage.

However, they do employ traffic management for customers uploading a lot of data, and have a fair use policy for peer-to-peer and newsgroup traffic.

This shouldn't affect the majority of customers, but for more information we've written about these polices in more detail here.

Latency and jitter

Research by Ofcom into speeds experienced by customers has shown Virgin Media connections suffer more greatly from latency and jitter than BT's network.

Latency is the amount of time a piece of data takes to travel from one point to another, and jitter is when that latency varies over time.

Most Internet users won't notice or be affected by latency or jitter. But gamers should be aware as jitter and latency will affect fast paced games, where a player could get fragged before they've had a chance to respond due to fluctuations in data transfer.

Read more on the best broadband for gaming.

Virgin Media TV

Virgin Media broadband customers have the option of including TV in their package.

Virgin Media provide the Tivo box with their TV packages, which allows customers to pause, rewind and record viewings - including recording up to three channels at once, or up to six with the newer V6 box.

Unlike standard set top boxes, Tivo offers customers intelligent viewing suggestions - learning from both positive and negative ratings as to what we like and don't like to watch.

Virgin Media TV packages break down like this:

Package Channels Contract term Upfront price Monthly price
Virgin Media Mix TV 150+
11 in HD
12 months £20 £22
Virgin Media Full House TV 230+
50 in HD
12 months £20 £44

Read more in our full review of Virgin TV packages and a guide to the Virgin boxes: Tivo and V6.

Customer service

For such a large provider Virgin Media score surprisingly well in customer satisfaction and support reports.

In Ofcom's latest review into customer satisfaction Virgin was beaten only by Sky.

Virgin Media Sky
Customer satisfaction 91% 88%
Satisfaction with reliability 90% 88%
Customers with reason to complain 16% 12%
Average call wait time for support 1 minute, 39 seconds 1 minute, 42 seconds
Satisfaction with complaints handling 54% 61%
Complaints to Ofcom
per 100,000 subscribers
40 26

Verdict: Is Virgin broadband any good?

Virgin broadband is infamous for being the big daddy of the broadband world, or as Virgin have advertised "the mother of all broadband".

Their broadband speeds far exceed those of their closest competitors, and along with their TV service, make an easy choice for anyone living in a Virgin cable area.

As a provider who also scores well for customer support and satisfaction, including reliability of the service, Virgin Media are an easy choice.

Compare all of Virgin's broadband deals or to add in TV, compare Virgin bundles here.

And for anyone still on the fence - our guide to choosing between Virgin Media and Sky is here.


6 November 2017
carol harrison

Just terrible. After two years as a customer with no problem with payments they put up the cost by 50% - with no warning. When I called to query this the guy was so incredibly rude to me and threatened me if I didn't send back the box etc. So I decided to move to Sky. Then Virgin called me to offer a great deal - £5 more expensive than Sky and then make me pay for another 30 days. Avoid at all costs.

31 October 2017
sarah Paris

Virgin Media are absolute rubbish and very bad customer service - avoid at all costs!

31 October 2017

Contract: 12m 100mbps broadband only
Area: BT36, Glengormley
Typical down: 100mbps +/- 10% Up: 10mbps +/- 10%
Latency: 100ms average
Router: Hub 2
Year: 2014-2014
Review: Previous Sky BB customer was delighted with gigabit 5g router. Delivered vast improvement in LAN traffic.

Disappointed with WAN overall. Speed is a take on. Frequent dropouts to <20mbps at any time of day but even with speed tests showing no issues page loads were very slow and downloads never ever reached more than 20mpbs on any type of traffic.

Thoughts: it seems as though they were able to recognise a speed test and usually give good result but mess about with normal traffic. I believe their DNS is garbage. I switched to a 3rd party and had less trouble with page loading.

Customer service was fair. Had to cancel a month early due to move and we worked out a wee scheme to get out early at no cost. Wrote a recent letter of complaint for in-laws and was phoned within 2 weeks.

I was considering trying it again at new house but I'm really on the fence. I know speeds are a bit of a take on but maybe the gamer package might be better.

Not the worst overall but beware of DNS/ routing issues.

20 October 2017
Sue Conlon

Please, please don't use Virgin, unless you want to spend all your spare time trying to fix things (and spend time at work trying to sort things out). Really, I am awarding no stars, I am a customer of 8 years, something that they don't bother recording as they don't care about after sales or service, otherwise they would value a customer that had endured their service (or lack of) for so long.

Our recent installation of phone, internet and TV took over 8 weeks with continual problems, no internet , no phone. Trying to get through to report the issue (on my faulty Virgin iphone) is just as hard, put through to the Philippines each time who eventually concede and email UK staff, who then phone you when you are at work. It took 3 days to get through to report the phone was not working, the automated system leaves one stuck in a loop, the patronising female voice they use doesn't help. The Phillipines will tell you the engineer is coming and "he" will fix it, when pointing out it could be a woman, Philiipine guy said "it will be a man" - when pointing out that the UK have the Equality Act 2010 and assumptions like that should not be made, it goes completely over their heads and they can't understand what needs to be changed. Trying to get a call back after making the complaint is impossible. I am still waiting to hear from my complaint of 8 weeks ago.

8 October 2017

Avoid like the plague, broadband speed is a blatant lie! Worst customer services, they very efficiently bill you and that's all. Expensive with no service, they make no attempt to keep their customers. At the end I could not wait to cancel my contract after paying those fees. Worst service provider of my life!

30 September 2017

I have to admit they are not the cheapest, but have excellent customer service (they answer within 1-3 minutes, I asked
for older bills- they emailed it to me, they give reasonable offers, etc). No internet from any provider is at the maximum speed promise. I have 100MB and I constantly receive around 60-80, once I had 110MB, but also when there is high
traffic it can drop to 40, etc. (traffic measured through wifi, not ethernet cable).
Anyway I could still do my things. Very occasionally (1-4 times a year) the internet fell completely and they fixed it in with 1-2 hours and once overnight (was frustrating but nobody's perfect). I have been with them since 2011 initially in Derby then in Reigate. Reading reviews and dealing with other providers (TalkTalk for instance/over the phone)- OMG I prefer Virgin Media anytime. As for overall satisfaction; they are the best you can get.

13 September 2017

It is the worst company I have ever met. Do not trust them if they promise you anything, they know even less than you know. And it costs you real money. I had mobiles - After a few ridiculous situations I switched to another provider. I was really down and desperate. I still have broadband with them but it is not working properly. And forged technical support. If there are any problems with having no internet, you will be happy if you get a connection to customer service and spend hours explaining that you have no internet! I do not even try to call them if there is no internet for more than a day.

29 August 2017

Utterly appalling customer service.

I'd had intermittent broadband for roughly a week when we decided to first contact them (had thought they were maybe doing repairs or such), only to have to contact them another 3 times that day (each time being advised different things, until the last person told us the problem would be resolved by the following evening).

The issue still wasn't resolved the following evening and after explaining again on the 4th call, we were advised that our bill would reflect the fact that we had been without consistent broadband and that the issue was now resolved.

Fast forward 5 more weeks of intermittent broadband service and complaints being palmed off - we really are at our wits end, no bill has reflected that we have had working internet for only half that time and now, because we want to cancel due to intermittent internet - we are now being charged an early cancellation fee - and the gentleman that i'm on the phone with at this moment is telling me that no complaints have been escalated, and apparently the last time we called - the advisor said they had resolved our issues.

This company is an absolute joke. Do not use them.

26 July 2017

For the love of God and your sanity, don't get this. Speeds are very intermittent and drop to less than 0.7% of what we're paying for (which is 100Mbps) several times a month without fail.

Whenever you call customer service, you get forwarded to some random people in India that can never do anything other than go through the motions and then say something along the lines of, "I've just applied some fixes, you should start to see improvements in the next 24 hours."

To be fair, I'm yet to encounter someone rude, but there is no improvement and they always a reply that basically tells you to wait for them to stop cutting your internet speed off. Whenever they don't do that, they give different fix dates for the internet issues that always go up.

Such a useless service, the 100Mbps speed is somehow slower than the 60Mbps package my friends are paying for with other providers in terms of loading websites and latency. I must have done something bad in a past life and dealing with these obnoxious people must be my punishment. I wouldn't wish it upon my worst enemy.

26 July 2017
Chris Doody

So I have just left Virgin having been a loyal customer since they started offering cable and internet. I have recently moved house to a non-cabled area and so I called up well in advance to say I would be moving, but was told to call back nearer the time when I had an exact moving date. I did as I was asked and was told my services would be disconnected on the day I moved out. I then received a bill for £47 at my new address for a time period which I was not living at my old address for! When I spoke to Virgin it was because they needed 30 days notice to disconnect my services (despite me giving them over that originally, and being told to call back when I had an exact date). I tried to explain this but was referred by a very rude agent (and then an extremely rude manager) to the terms and conditions. I explained that essentially I had been tricked into delaying giving notice, but they did not care. What a dreadful way to treat a customer of over 15 years - disgusting! No wonder Mr Branson can afford his own island the way I've been completely ripped off! I will NEVER use Virgin again!

15 June 2017
Hussain Hussaini

Been with Virgin Media for over 7 years. Moved house around this time last year so we contacted Virgin Media to get the new service at the new address which was fine. The new deal which we agreed on was found on Uswitch and it clearly stated 12 months contract. So here after 12 months contract the price has gone up by £15 a month. Spoke to cancel the contract as it's been 12 months and was told it's an 18 month contract. The person on the phone was very rude, like he was giving the job on the street with no manners or respect. Requested to speak to the manager which again she was rude and kept telling me the same thing as the contract is for 18 months. But when we agreed to the contract we were told 12 months. The guy I spoke to on the phone really needs to find a job that suits him where he doesn't need to show manners or respect, and same goes for the manager, I don't know how she became a manager with that attitude and rudeness. So apparently I have another 6 months left with these scammers and to cancel it before the contract ends, they want me to pay over £250 for a cancellation fee. This is stupid. I will never be going back to Virgin Media after this is over and I advise whoever is looking for broadband to go with Sky or BT.

Avoid Virgin Media!

3 March 2017
Gülnara Rikken

Do not get Virgin Media!
We had it for over 12 months. They raised the monthly payment by £2 with no notice and did not inform us of the possibility to leave. We moved and they charged £20 installation fee (although there was a free option we were not told of). Also they did not inform us that our contract has been renewed for an other 12 months and we were charged £95.75 for 2 months plus installation fee of £20, plus an extra £10.75, would never recommend this for my worst enemy!

1 February 2017
Daniel O'shea

We were with Virgin until 2007 and switched to Sky for better service, we have now switched back to Virgin but what a mistake that has been. Tivo is laggy or locks up most of the time, a new fibre cable was fitted in the garden 5 days ago but the internet and TiVo stopped working at that point. I was told that it would be fixed that same day (did not happen, after waiting in) and was then told that an engineer would fix it the following day (again no engineer and waiting in wasting a day), was then told it would be fixed in 3 days (texts and emails to confirm the times but then....NO ENGINEER AGAIN and a wasted day for my wife). Have now been told it will be in 6 days but could be earlier, we now want to leave but have been told it will cost £240 to leave. Even if they fix the problems we will be leaving at the earliest point that we can without having to pay an "exit fee". The broadband was good when it was working but the TiVo box is complete rubbish and the organization by customer service is very poor (I even had a sigh from one customer service person). Based on all of the above I would not recommend Virgin and ask people to please read all of the reviews. Have been waiting 2 1/2 hours now for a call back which should have been within 2 hours and probably will not happen tonight.

29 November 2016
Peter Benjamin Gibson

I had such a bad experience with Virgin after being a loyal broadband customer for 4 years, I have just had enough. The service they provide is spotty and the customer service is rude and unaccommodating. How can a company not take notes when you ask them to cancel your account?? I now have an £120 charge of internet & phone that I didn't use?? I thought if I just talk to them like a human being that would be enough, I mean how can you refuse to give a refund and not even be bothered about getting the money from the person using their service, they would get the same amount of money it's just them not caring and hiding behind corporate policy. I got passed around to at least 10 different people in different departments, and then you get transferred to the 'bully' who has been trained to brow beat you into submission by not caring about you in the slightest. They don't even listen to you they just wait for their turn to say, no, we are keeping your hard earned money just because it's against a policy that I have never seen nor signed or agreed to. Well guess what... it is not my policy to give money to anyone that has not earned it.

Corporations should have a responsibility to do the RIGHT thing when situations arise where human decency is needed. We all need to vote with our money when a company steps out of line and just starts caring about the money more than the customer. Would you want to give money to company like this??... Cause I wouldn't.. Never again will I use any of their services.

The thing about Virgin is they make you pay 20% extra for what you think is going to be a much better service, but this is false. I thought that as a virgin customer they would go the extra mile to provide great or even ok customer service. This is false too. Virgin spends all this money on advertising telling us they are a certain way when they are not! I mean when I left Utility warehouse years ago they were way nicer and they are a small company in comparison.

I have now changed to BT broadband and they are really great. I had an issue which the customer service bent over backwards to help and make sure everything was ok.

25 November 2016

Seriously don't buy Virgin Media, they are horrible, make you wait ages and it's not even working, and the customer service is rude. It is rubbish how it is, I have never seen worse.

2 November 2016

The worst experience I ever had! We signed a contract for £25 per month and after 10 months they charged £37, and now have started to charge more than £40 per month... The internet doesn't work properly! When I went to the store and asked about that nobody wanted to talk with me! The excuse was: "I'm selling and don't know anything else"!
Why did nobody say that one day they will start to charge over £40 just because they want to?! Why didn't I receive any email about that?! Very disappointed, I would never recommend it for anyone else!
By the way, if I want to cancel I have to pay £200?! And yes, my contract is for 18 months, but it also is for £25, not for £40!!!

29 September 2016

<a href="" rel="nofollow noopener" title="">https://uploads.disquscdn.c...</a>

I've just cancelled Virgin Media after 6 years of loyalty due to 9 months of unresolved faults. Having been sold an upgrade to the 200MB connection, and paying the highest tariff in the UK for the pleasure, the speed tended towards the pointlessly-low 1-2MB range, has had a top speed of only 20MB, and connection only works occasionally, i.e. there is rarely a connection. Worse, Virgin never checked the connection when I moved in.

They will not fix the problem until end of November, yet gladly have been charging me full price. Shockingly, customer service suggested I check the speed every day and call them every time if was under par. For me, that suggests that, in the staff's experience of the service and customer complaints about speed, they have no trust or confidence in the service.

Customer services told me that checking their customers' actual line speed before they started using it was not good business sense for Virgin Media. They were right - with an incredibly high margin of reportedly around 50%, unheard of elsewhere in retail, it's clear that gouging customers is one of its best ways to make a fast buck.

Now that the brand has totally lost its luster for me, and with so many operators offering unlimited 38MB and above, I have no problem - except sour taste and hassle - leaving the greedy and cynical Virgin Media behind.

26 September 2016
Aziz Hamra Webwoods

The connection speed is tolerable in my area, it's just the customer service that I find disgusting; untrained, rude staff, no internal communication and rubbish infrastructure

25 September 2016

Had the same issue with intermittent connection, they would keep saying they would reset my connection but it had never helped. Finally I have decided to switch to sky (hopefully it was a good decision). On top of this Virgin Email box is just terrible, they are unable to manage spam messages, also obviously you are losing your email when you leave them...

30 August 2016

I've subscribed to several Virginmedia services in the past with no major complaints but they now seem to have a terrible customer service. The length of time they put you on hold only to be told they can't help is very frustrating. You get cut off whilst holding and the customer service staff can't call you back because they are only incall centres. I spent about 25 minutes holding only to be put to the wrong department. It almost seems as if they put you on hold hoping you'd get tired of waiting. Although, if you're a new customer, you get excellent service right until after you've paid. Seems once you are signed up they no longer care because they bank on the contract keeping people on despite the bad service. Also, they informed me before buying the fibre optic broadband that I'd be able to use it when I moved a month later (I should have been suspicious). Since it turned out that was not the case, I cancelled the subscription. I wasn't going to pay for a service that I can no longer use. They asked me to pay &pound;240 fee to get out of the contract which I refused. I asked them to listen to the taped recordings (which they claimed they had). Was told they would but never did. It's not a lot of money but I've had to pay it as I did not want anything negative on my credit record. I will not be using their useless service ever again that's for sure.

12 August 2016
Victoria Hughes

Virgin are truly terrible

We spoke to Virgin last year to try and change the name on the account- we were told this had been done. Found out 18 months later that it hadn't. When we called again we were told that despite the fact that the money had been coming out my account for the past 18 months, they refused to speak to me as my name wasnt on the account. They then threatened to cancel the account and not refund the money that we had paid for the month. When I pointed out that this was essentially theft the guy got extremely irate with me to the point that he reduced me to tears. I asked to speak to his manager who was even more disgusting! The worst part was this issue was their fault as they had originally told me the name had been changed!

We eventually came to the conclusion that the account would be closed and I would be refunded. I was told the account would be closed within 48 hours.

Fast forward 4 days and I rang yet again to question why I was still online. I was then told that my account was due to be closed within 14 days.

Fast forward 14 days and there was no record of the account ever being closed down.

Virgin are absolute crooks preying on customers who have no choice but to go with them due to not having a phone line. My advice to those in the same position is that landlines are far cheaper to be installed than you may think!

Avoid Virgin at all cost unless you want to be reduced to tears by their rude rude staff!

22 June 2016
Roger Charles

The one thing that really gets my goat about Virgin Media is that I have to rent a landline to get the rest of the package.

This is out of date technology and of no use to anyone. I've been a customer of Virgin for years and have not had a connected landline for almost as long - but I have have to pay them each month for something that I never use.

Wake up Virgin! I use your services but I certainly don't like you.

27 June 2016
Choose team

HI Roger,

Virgin Media is actually one of few fixed line providers that allow you to take broadband without a phone line. We have more information on this is this guide: <a href=";cuid=2412393" rel="nofollow noopener" title=""></a>

Hope this helps.

4 June 2016

I've been with this company through about 4 or 5 incarnations since about 1998 when it was called Telewest in my area and the dial-up Internet was Cableinet. I've never had a problem until now and would recommend them to anyone, but these days whether it is through them upgrading the network or not I get disconnected from my 50Mb connection several times daily.

It's only for a few minutes each time but if you are watching something on BBC iPlayer or your son is trying to 'own' somebody on the Xbox then being kicked off the net every couple of hours quickly becomes frustrating.

7 March 2016

Ha ha, all good reviews paid for by VM no doubt, absolute rubbish customer service, 5 days for a engineer to come then don't turn up, threaten to leave and they say go on then.
Please go somewhere else they are rubbish 1 call a month so far with problems.

28 January 2016
jinky bhoy

I think anyone reading these comments will be unfairly swayed with the negative comments. It's not as if people who have great service go looking to post it on forums. Unlike disgruntled customers.

I have dealt with Talk Talk, Sky and Virgin.
In my honest opinion Virgin is without doubt the best for price, service and customer satisfaction. I have never dealt with more obnoxious people than at Talk Talk truely shameless liars and shysters, their freeview box and terrible broadband for &pound;60pm.

Sky services were better with Sky TV their broadband was marginally better, although &pound;90pm after all their add one etc. I even called Sky to reduced my gran mothers bill, a customer since Sky came into her area in the 90s and they said the best they could do was change her bill to paperless and save her &pound;1.

Now Virgins price is &pound;50pm with free BT sports, free netflicks, free HD channels and all the entertainment channels inclusive. By far the best broadband. I have to say they have spoilt me. I am no longer as patient waiting for a page to load or a movie to stream. If its not instant or uninterrupted I am not happy. The only downside, for me is I had to move and unfortunately they aren't in my area so had to revert to their closest rival Sky which is why I am on here.

I need better broadband and Virgin aren't available, oh and customer services is 2nd to none. Virgin let me off with 2 months off my contract in comparison, Sky and Talk Talk both charged my grand mother (Sky) and my mother (Talk Talk) some onerous charges. After I conviced them to change to Virgin. Now they are both happy customers without the constant calls for tech support to their old ISPs' and they are paying less for a by far better service.

22 December 2015

Virgin media internet is awful, it's slow and it keeps disconnecting me from my hub. I have called up twice and asked what's going on with my internet and they haven't been any help either. Virgin internet is awful.

9 May 2012

I have had the Virgin XXL service, without phone line, for nearly a year now. I will not renew my contract. I get occasional disconnects and anything from 5 mins to 2 hrs before it will reconnect. The router sometimes loses its settings, and reverts to default mode. I only get the headline 50Mb speed at 6am in the morning. At 6pm, I will be lucky to see 20Mb. For satisfaction and reliability, my previous 3Mb ADSL was better. Thankfully, it appears BT Infinity serves me now, so I will likely change.

13 May 2015

Have you checked to see that your line is in the preferred power range (-12 to 54 dMbV), usually that can cause major speed problems.

8 April 2012

Virgin Media is overrated. I am having major issues with them at the moment. Basically I have had intermittent connection for how many months. I called up the tech support to be told that my laptop may be the issue. I am frustrated because the disconnection is getting more frequent. I called again to find out now they can see that I am experiencing intermittent connection. I have to add, their tech support know nothing. They are pretty much reading a list of dos because each time I call, different people end up telling me to do the same thing in the exact same order. Their solutions make no sense and are in no way connected to the problems that I am having. So after weeks and many phone complaints about their faulty line, I am still currently experiencing problems. When they sent me a text today my intermittent connection was resolved, I only then found out that I am hit with another problem which is experiencing the slowest connections ever, slow I'm saying 0.20Mb/s. I complained about this, this was supposed to be fixed a couple of days ago, marking their 5 day claim how long it should take. Now my problem is, I'm getting intermittend connection plus slows speeds of 0.00-0.02Mb/s. I'm frustrated and have already closed my services and awaiting for my new provider to take over. This was not the only issue I had with Virgin and I don't recommend them to anyone. They do not do the engineering work for their faults apparently, they have to send BT to do their work, which in essence means that they do not know what they are doing and since you are not a BT customer I doubt you will take any precedence. Overall, save your money and stress and don't go for Virgin Media based on my frustrations.

16 March 2012

I'm fed up with Virgin and I'm on the verge now of searching for a new broadband company. I have been getting intermittent internet connection for many months. I called their technical service and I strongly believe they have a checklist to determine what the issue is, which makes me believe they do not know what they are doing. I am supposed to get 11Mb, certain days I barely get 1Mb. I am on the unlimited deal and paying so much for so little in return.

I know the problem is on their end. They keep telling me to do all these stupid and silly things to fix the problem. It has not been fixed. I keep telling them on my DSL router that the lights for the WLAN, DSL and internet go off and resets on its own and I get disconnected from the internet. It happens so frequently. The latest advice was for me to connect by wire to the router directly. I kept telling their so called "technician" it disconnects even when the computer is OFF, the problem is not on my side. And he says a technician won't come until I do this for how many hours until it disconnects again. What lousy service am I paying for, if I'm having an issue that may be a potential fault on their side, why not send a technician to rule it out instead of having me calling them and putting a hassle on myself. They are absolutely incompetent and I strongly advise anyone to NOT ever sign up with Virgin Media. I have nothing but trouble with them.

11 February 2012

We went with Virgin because we don't have a landline here. Even with all the questionable advertising and invasion of privacy that BT has a reputation for, its service can't be any worse than what we have now, so when the BT fibre optic network spreads to this area in the summer we will be making the switch ASAP.

The problems with Virgin are pretty thoroughly addressed in the previous comments but I'll echo the key points: they're pretty cheeky about offering us 30Mb and 50Mb packages in addition to the basic ones even though the cables in this part of the country can't deliver nearly that kind of speed. We get 2Mb on a good day. Drops out several times a day, and often it's a problem on their end, where restarting modems and computers doesn't fix it. If I have to rely on the internet to do something important I go to a library instead. This will have to do for basic browsing and streaming videos at lowest quality.

19 January 2012

I got Virgin Broadband without the phone and I had all sorts of problems within the first three (3) months. However, the service has improved somewhat, but I still have problems. I only had 3Mb broadband in the Philippines, which is a third world country and the speed was a lot better. I find that, when I use video during a Skype conversation, after a few minutes it gets poor and I get a dropped call. Surely this shouldn't happen with broadband in a first world country like the UK when chatting to someone in another first world country. This happens no matter what time of day I'm am online... Oh, and before anyone gets into the kind of computer I'm using, all I can say is that it is well up to speed.

5 January 2012
Dave P

Is Virgin Media any good? No, very bad. Probably all you need to know.

The service in my area is appallingly slow. I sit in front of my computer waiting for pages to load, I've given up trying to download anything. The network is completely oversubscribed (by their own admission) and they have done nothing about it for over six months.

Customer service is awful. It always takes between 20 and 30 minutes to speak to someone, then I wonder why I've bothered when I hear the usual patter about fantasy fix dates.

I'm not complaining about a few weeks problems, I haven't been able to work at home for months. I'm currently paying for a service that just doesn't work. I'll be cancelling my subscription and changing providers as soon as possible.

13 December 2011
Mike O'Malley

I was going to upgrade my broadband package from 10 to 30 with V. Media.
1. No price on website for existing users, informed by e-mail after requesting upgrade.
2. Special deal price for me was &pound;20 more than for a new customer for the same package. For new customers it would have been cheaper still if special offers were taken into account.
3. Have requested reason but expect no reply, will cancel soon.

26 November 2011

Warning to potential XXL users: Virgin now operate traffic management on ALL packages between 9am and 10pm on newsgroups and P2P traffic. My XXL broadband goes from 50Mb down to 2.5Mb when this is in effect every day. This was largely unannounced from Virgin who went back on their promise of offering 'truly unlimited' downloads some months ago.

26 November 2011
Choose team

Virgin XXL 50Mb is only traffic managed on uploads for those connections which have already had a speed upgrade from 1.5Mbps up to 5Mbps up. The resultant management for upgraded heavy up-loaders then only get slowed down to 1.75Mbps.

Virgin Media do employ traffic management on file sharing activity, such as Peer to Peer BitTorrent, etc.. But the majority of Internet users shouldn't notice a problem with this unless they're engaging in file sharing. For example, normal Internet activity such as BBC iPlayer, streaming movies and regular downloading of music, or online gaming is not affected by this.

Additionally, it should be looked at in fair comparison, because file sharing traffic management is becoming quite widespread, even providers such as Eclipse will slow down users who are doing a lot of heavy P2P downloading/uploading.

Normally where this applies ISPs are now saying that people who want to use P2P should do so outside of peak hours when they don't restrict this traffic. For Virgin Media this would be from midnight to 5pm during the week and midnight to midday on weekends.

P2P can be scheduled, so this seems quite a fair approach to us.

25 November 2011
HaKyung HAN

I totally agree with Brenna! Anything would be better than this!

While using Virgin broadband for two months my modem has broken once, and the Internet disconnects or slows down frequently, regardless of the time of day.

I can't understand why they only emphasize traffic management at peak times. My Internet disconnects unexpectedly early in the morning, during the daytime and during the evening. It isn't a matter of time or traffic, but Virgin's customer service centre still doesn't respond with a proper explanation except to repeat the traffic management period.

This is the worst broadband and customer service I have ever experienced. Please consider other broadband companies when you make a decision because your time and money are precious.

23 November 2011

I changed from Sky to Virgin about 6 months ago... and I wish I hadn't.

The signal gets "dropped" at least a couple of times a day. Sometimes for a whole day I have no wireless at all and each time I waste 30 mins to 45 mins on the helpline (which is very good by the way, they try their best).

I wouldn't suggest signing up for broadband from Virgin - it is unreliable, and if you were running a business from home you are asking for trouble.

21 September 2011

Virgin Media broadband is quite frankly the worst broadband I've ever wasted money on. It is incredibly slow - much of the time not even reaching 1Mb - and rendering it completely useless.

I work from home in academic research and so have to spend all my time in libraries, pubs and cafes with free wifi because I'm stuck in a contract with these clowns and can't even check my email at home without having to exercise the patience of a monk. They don't respond to emails and right now I'm on hold with them to demand someone come here and fix this ongoing problem. I've been on hold for over half an hour and counting. I have had it with Virgin. Do not use them - anything would be better than this!

10 August 2011
David Koffler

I've had Virgin Media broadband for several years and have largely been very pleased with the service and the support staff. My one piece of advice would be to monitor your bill very carefully and make sure that it matches the commitment they made. I just arranged for my daughter and her flat mates to sign up to their XL 30Mb service (without a phone) as there are seven of them. I also decided to upgrade from L 20Mb to XL 30Mb myself and in the end the only way I could get them to match the price was to speak to disconnections.

9 August 2011

Terrible! Over sold network, full of lies and empty promises!

28 July 2011

Phone line is mandatory with all Virgin Media packages. I only want broadband but have to have phoneline - what a rip off? They're the only company that can do it but they won't.

29 October 2013

Not anymore.

28 July 2011
Choose team

You can definitely get Virgin Media broadband without a phone line if you're a new customer. We're 100% on this one.

Click through from any of our standalone broadband reviews to double check the exact pages on the Virgin site where services "without a Virgin Phone line" are listed.

Perhaps, for some bizarre reason, they don't want to offer it to you as an existing customer?

18 July 2011
paul johnson

Virgin Media are rubbish, I took my tenancy on 7 months ago and applied to Virgin for the complete package. They wouldn't accept me as a new customer because there was debt linked to my address even though I have never had Virgin. It seems they can be picky. Now I have BT and no problems at all.

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