TalkTalk broadband review


LAST October, TalkTalk became the first of the big ISPs to switch to simpler, all-inclusive pricing, using it as an opportunity to refresh their packages and brand image.

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Value for money:

Customer service:

3 out of 5

They'd purposely had a quiet year until that point, aiming to draw a line under the security and customer service problems they'd had in 2015.

Now they've had time to see how customers are responding to the changes they've made, they're back to focusing on re-establishing themselves as the UK's budget broadband and fibre kings.

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In this full review we'll look at their current prices, TV and other services, and take a hard look at their reputation for security and customer service.

Special offers

As with most broadband providers, TalkTalk offer bounties for new customers. Currently they're offering:

Offer Terms
talktalk TalkTalk Black Friday: 50% off Kids Boost - Fast Broadband, TV Entertainment and Kids TV bundle for just £27.45/mth

Hurry! Offer ends in 5 days!
30 November 2017
Price includes line rental. 12 month minimum term applies. £5 one off cost, free TV Plus Box included.
talktalk TalkTalk Black Friday: Get Fast Broadband for just £18.95/mth.

Hurry! Offer ends in 5 days!
30 November 2017
Price includes line rental. 12 month minimum term applies. No set-up fee.
talktalk TalkTalk Black Friday: Get Faster Fibre broadband for just £25/mth.

Hurry! Offer ends in 5 days!
30 November 2017
Price includes line rental. 18 month minimum term applies. No set-up fee.
talktalk TalkTalk Black Friday: 50% off Entertainment boost - Faster Fibre, TV Plus and 30 extra Entertainment channels just £31/mth

Hurry! Offer ends in 5 days!
30 November 2017
Price includes line rental. 18 month minimum term applies. No set-up fee, free TV plus box included

The prices

As we may have mentioned already, TalkTalk broadband is cheap. But how cheap?

TalkTalk only offer unlimited broadband, with a choice of three "up to" connection speeds. That sounds simple enough - but as we'll explain below, the prices they charge are based not only on the speed of the connection but the length of the contract.

Here's how their basic packages look:

Package Broadband Contract term Upfront price Monthly price
talktalk Fast Broadband Up to 17Mb
12 months Free £18.95
for 12 mths,
then £25.50
talktalk Faster Fibre Up to 38Mb
18 months Free £25
for 12 mths,
then £27.50
talktalk Faster Fibre (up to 76Mb) Up to 76Mb
18 months Free £30
for 18 mths,
then £32.50

As mentioned above, TalkTalk were the first of the big ISPs to adopt fully inclusive pricing for their broadband - so the prices listed above include everything but the cost of any extra calls customers make (more below).

But take note of the contract lengths. TalkTalk's contracts used to be fixed at 18 months long, whichever package we wanted. Now, however, they offer a choice of contract lengths: 12 months, 18, or 24.

The best prices are generally available with the 24-month terms, but where we've access to a better deal with a shorter contract length, that's the one we'll highlight wherever possible.

Beyond that slight complication, TalkTalk's wireless routers are completely free - as well as being included with all packages, there's no charge for delivery.

Customers will also need to factor in a standard setup fee - usually around £50, but frequently offered for less or free of charge.

As a result, despite their concerns about looking less competitive if they moved to all-in pricing before their competitors, their total monthly prices still come in lower than those of many of their rivals. See our guide for more detail.

TalkTalk fibre broadband

The fibre packages have historically compared well to those from their biggest rivals on price, and continue to do so now - although comparisons aren't quite as simple as they were.

Here's TalkTalk's basic fibre deal, compared to the closest equivalents at BT, Plusnet, Sky, and Virgin Media.

Package Broadband Contract term Upfront price Monthly price
talktalk Faster Fibre Up to 38Mb
18 months Free £25
for 12 mths,
then £27.50
BT Unlimited Infinity 1 + Weekend calls Up to 52Mb
18 months £9.99 £29.99
for 18 mths,
then £47.49
plusnet Unlimited Fibre + Line Only Up to 38Mb
18 months Free £22.99
for 18 mths,
then £32.98
sky Fibre Unlimited + Talk Up to 38Mb
18 months £29.95 £25
for 18 mths,
then £38.99
Virgin Media Vivid 100 + Talk Weekends Up to 100Mb
12 months £20 £34
for 12 mths,
then £45

As a result of BT upgrading their Infinity 1 fibre broadband to offer up to 52Mb, TalkTalk, Plusnet and Sky are at a slight disadvantage in that their entry level fibre appears to be slower than that offered by their biggest rival.

But the table above says it all - against their biggest rivals, they're (just about) the cheapest per month.

TalkTalk TV prices

TalkTalk offer the same Youview TV service that BT have, and that Plusnet offer their fibre customers.

Youview is essentially a Freeview service with up to 80 channels, plus seven day catch up and the ability to pause and rewind live TV.

TalkTalk offer two base packages: the newly renamed "TV" and "TV Plus".

The Youview box that comes with the basic TV bundle has no recording ability and can only pause or rewind live TV by up to 30 minutes; the channels offered are basically those we'd get with standard Freeview.

For that reason, there's a £25 fee for the set top box, but otherwise it costs no more than getting TalkTalk's broadband and phone - unless we choose to add one of TalkTalk's TV Boosts, listed below.

Upgrading to TV Plus usually costs an extra £5 a month. For that customers get an upgraded Youview+ box, which can pause and rewind for up to two hours, up to 180 hours of TV recording and six extra Sky channels, including Sky 1, Sky Living and Sky Arts (but not Sky Atlantic).

All TalkTalk TV customers can further upgrade their service by adding monthly "boosts". They start from £5 a month, for the Starter and Kids packs, and go up to £42, for the combined Sky Sports and Sky Cinema pack.

TV Boost Extra channels Monthly cost
TV Starter Sky 1 and Sky 2,
Sky Living, Real Life, Sky Arts,
Sky Sports News HQ
Kids Disney, Disney Jnr, Disney XD,
Nickelodeon, Nick Jnr, Nicktoons,
Baby TV, Boomerang and Cartoon Network
Entertainment 30 extra channels (including TV Starter) £12
Asian TV Selection of Asian TV channels including Zee TV and Sony TV Asia £7.50
Picturebox On demand movies and TV box sets £5
Sky Cinema
(previously Sky Movies)
11 live Sky Cinema channels,
Sky Cinema On Demand
Sky Sports All 8 Sky Sports channels £34
Sky Sports + Sky Cinema All available Sky Sports and Sky Cinema channels £42
BT Sport BT Sport 1 and 2, BT Sport Europe, BT Sport ESPN £22.99
Boxnation 24/7 boxing channel £12

BT Sport is a fairly new addition to Youview from TalkTalk, having finally been made available on the platform late last summer.

It costs £22.99 a month, plus an activation fee of at least £20 when taking a 12-month subscription. It is possible to take the BT Sport pack on a 30-day contract, for the same monthly price but with a higher activation fee of £35. Customers need to contact BT if they want to add the channel pack - there's more detail here.

On top of these boosts, TalkTalk offer Netflix through their Youview boxes, giving existing subscribers the chance to watch on a TV screen rather than a computer or mobile device.

People new to Netflix can sign up through the in-box app, with prices starting from £5.99 a month.

The fact that TalkTalk TV is customisable keeps basic prices low compared to competitors - and it has the bonus that customers only pay for what they want to watch. But the extra boosts can add up, so remember to factor them in when comparing between providers.

Package TV Broadband Contract term Upfront price Monthly price
talktalk TV with Fast Broadband & Phone YouView TV with 80 channels
7 day catch up
Up to 17Mb
12 months £25 £18.95
for 12 mths,
then £22.95
talktalk TV Plus with Fast Broadband & Phone YouView TV with 80 channels, including six Sky channels
7 day catch up
Record TV
Up to 17Mb
12 months Free £24.95
for 12 mths,
then £31.95
bt TV Starter + Unlimited Broadband + BT Sport + Weekend calls YouView TV with 80+ channels
7 day catch up
Up to 17Mb
18 months £59.99 £23.99
for 18 mths,
then £31.99
virgin media Player Bundle Virgin Media TV with 70+ channels
Free set top with TiVo
Up to 100Mb
12 months £20 £30
for 12 mths,
then £48
Sky TV Original + Broadband 12GB + Talk Sky TV with 270+ channels
Sky Q 1TB box
Up to 17Mb
12GB usage
18 months £19.95 £43.99
for 18 mths,
then £45.99

However, this clearly isn't a fair fight as Sky's basic deal offers far more channels than TalkTalk's, and Virgin offer much faster broadband.

TalkTalk phone boosts

All TalkTalk broadband packages must be taken with the provider's landline. Now they've moved to the all-in method of pricing it's less obvious how much exactly that line rental is, but for those who still have to pay it, it's now £18.95 per month.

One casualty of the move to all-in pricing is their upfront line rental option.

Since December 2014, this has tended to reduce the cost of the line rental part of the bill by just under 10% over 12 months; a little later they brought in an 18-month version that offered a saving of 15%.

Existing customers who choose to stay with their old separately priced bundles can continue to pay line rental in one go, paying either £204.66 for the year (equivalent to a monthly cost of £17.06), or £289.93 for 18 months (just over £16 a month).

But Value Line Rental is not available for those moving across to the new all-in deals, or for completely new customers.

To add to this, standard line rental from TalkTalk doesn't include any inclusive calls, aside from those between TalkTalk customers (up to 180 minutes per month).

As with the TV service, however, the landline part of the package can be customised with a couple of bolt-ons, and like the TV boosts they're offered on a month-by-month rolling basis.

Available boosts include:


TalkTalk offer discounted mobile phone services to their residential customers, using the Vodafone network. Under the terms of that partnership they can only offer 2G and 3G services - but that seems to suit the roughly 400,000 customers who have at least one mobile with them.

However, in the face of a growing quad-play market, they're stepping up their mobile ambitions. At some point in the near future they'll be switching across to the O2 network, which will allow them to move into 4G.

Keen to start pushing quadplay services as soon as possible, in December 2014 they introduced a free sim, worth £5 a month, for what were then Plus TV customers.

In February 2016, they extended the free SIM deal to all their customers, new and existing, whatever package they have: it comes with 200 minutes of calls, unlimited texts and 500MB of data.

For a while they were known for offering what they called "Britain's lowest priced unlimited SIM", offering unlimited data, minutes and texts at an introductory price of £12 a month.

The deal appeared in April 2015 - but less obvious was the fact that the bargain price was for an introductory period only.

When the promotion ended in August 2015, the cost of the SIM rose to £24 a month - and by the start of 2016 there was no mention of the unlimited deal at all on TalkTalk's site.

That means there are once more only two networks offering unlimited data, texts and minutes: GiffGaff and Three, both of whom offer 4G as standard.

More recently the most data TalkTalk offered as standard was 2GB with their Large SIM plan when bought online, with the option to add extra data boosts - as TalkTalk have said previously that even 3GB provides more than enough data for 95% of their customers. However at the time of writing, TalkTalk were not selling any SIM plans or handset contracts whilst they get themselves '100% ready for launch' regarding their new mobile phone service.

The reputation

TalkTalk had collected a formidable collection of wooden spoons for poor customer service in the past - and after a period where they showed some signs of improvement, they came in for serious criticism over how they handled the aftermath of the October 2015 data breach.

Customer service problems

Before 2015's problems, horror stories about the provider ran the gamut of broadband badness, from shoddy customer service to disrupted connections and billing disasters: it's fair to say TalkTalk customers had a pretty rough ride.

Partially, that's because of a huge billing mess up stemming all the way back to a 2009 takeover, which led to thousands being overcharged or charged despite having left. As they emerged from that crisis, the ISP's day-to-day service proved a problem.

Records were not always kept and reports of being endlessly passed from one TalkTalk department to another were common.

They seemed to hit their stride for a while towards the end of 2012, when data from Ofcom showed the number of complaints they were receiving about TalkTalk had dropped sharply. But then all of this good work was undone in the aftermath of 2015's security breach.

More recently though, TalkTalk's customer service standards seem to be improving, albeit slowly, and there's still a long way to go.

Ofcom's most recent study reveals they have the lowest call waiting times, for contacting customer services, of the major ISPs, just 47 seconds.

However, where they fell down was with their customer service advisors. They received the lowest satisfaction rate for how complaints were dealt with (51% versus a 56% average).

See our broadband customer service guide for more detail on this.

Security problems

The first security breach only came to the ISP's attention when they realised they'd been receiving more complaints about suspicious calls from people claiming to work for them.

Last October's attack was far less serious than first suspected, and the company said that their security was "head and shoulders" above that of their competitors.

The Information Commissioner's Office seem to have disagreed, as they fined the ISP a record £400,000, saying that the attack "could have been prevented if TalkTalk had taken basic steps to protect customers' information".

Given the number of breaches in so short a period, it's not surprising that many customers lost faith in TalkTalk's ability to protect them and their data - and that's when the customer service issues began to crop up again.

Understandably shaken by the thought of large amounts of personal information having been accessed, those who said they wanted to leave were told they would still be charged penalty fees if they had time left on their contracts.

Others reported issues with the free upgrades they were offered by way of apology for any concerns caused.

However, claims that TalkTalk broadband is itself always of poor quality are far of the mark.

TalkTalk have their fair share of complaints and they don't always deal with them well, but millions of people have received decent enough broadband services and liked the ISP enough to stay put for years.

They are still the UK's fourth biggest broadband provider, and by a comfortable margin. Clearly they've been doing something right.

TalkTalk's technical side

Price and reputation are, perhaps, TalkTalk's biggest pro and con respectively but it's also well worth knowing about their broadband's speed and quality and about HomeSafe, their security and parental control software.


With fibre, TalkTalk are able to offer some of the UK's best speeds and often for a little less than BT or Plusnet, who are offering the same service.

Fibre is slowly catching on across the board, but it's still some way behind ADSL in terms of customer numbers.

ADSL: Figures from Ofcom's independent tests, released in April 2017, show that TalkTalk are offering the slowest standard broadband speeds:

Overall average Peak (8-10pm weekdays)
TalkTalk ADSL2+ 8.6Mb to 10Mb 8.6Mb to 9.9Mb
9.1Mb to 10.8Mb 9.0Mb to 10.6Mb

Even so, there's only a couple of Mb in it in terms of average speeds, and the speeds seem to remain consistent regardless of whether it's peak time or not.

We saw similar results when comparing TalkTalk with their other big rival Plusnet side by side here. Yes, TalkTalk were slower, but that speed was pretty much guaranteed whatever the time of day.

Fibre: Thanks to the rise in the number of people taking fibre broadband across the UK, Ofcom can now get accurate average speed results for almost all of the packages offered by the biggest fibre providers.

With the exception of Virgin Media, all of those fibre deals are resold versions of BT's Infinity broadband service (review here), with differences in the speeds achieved coming down to traffic and network management.

Overall average Peak (8-10pm weekdays)
TalkTalk up to 38Mb 30.8Mb to 32.8Mb 30.6Mb to 32.6Mb
Infinity up to 52Mb 51.6Mb to 56.7Mb 51.2Mb to 56.3Mb
Infinity up to 76Mb 57.9Mb to 60.7Mb 57.0Mb to 59.8Mb

As mentioned earlier, TalkTalk seem to be quite a way behind in the entry level fibre stakes since BT upped their first tier package to 52Mb. Ofcom's results only add to the gulf in speed, whilst TalkTalk fell quite a bit below their advertised speeds, BT were closer to theirs.

Overall though the boost from ADSL looks to be significant and worth the extra cost per month for high usage households.

For more on the differences between TalkTalk and other BT Infinity wholesale resellers like Plusnet, Sky and EE see our big fibre showdown guide.


But more important than speed, from TalkTalk's point of view at least, are services that underline - and could help to rebuild - their reputation as a user friendly ISP.

The most important of these is HomeSafe.

It's essentially a security system, much like the software we're used to getting from Norton, McAfee, Kaspersky and others, with the essential difference that the restrictions apply to every device using the wireless network: the iPad or laptop as well as the family PC.

It's a hit: according to Ofcom around 36% of TalkTalk customers use it - mostly, it seems, to prevent children from accessing inappropriate content, self-harm and violent sites.

See our parental control software guide here for more on HomeSafe and how it compares to the safety controls other ISPs are giving away free.

In addition to the free - and much imitated - Home Safe, TalkTalk now include the security "boost", SuperSafe.

A more traditional computer security system - in this case using F-Secure Internet Security - it protects PCs, Macs, tablets and mobiles from viruses and malware, and fake and inappropriate sites.

All customers will benefit from this boost for one device, or they can pay £2 a month to protect up to eight; TV Plus customers are covered on up to eight devices for no more than the cost of their package.

The bottom line

The bottom line is that TalkTalk still offer some of the cheapest and simplest ways to get online.

It's been good to see the improvements in their fibre and TV service and, after years of promises their customer service had been improving.

Although they came in for criticism for the way they handled some of the fallout from last year's cyber attacks, they did a pretty good job in keeping customers informed once the initial panic had died down, and offered them all free credit monitoring, to help them keep an eye on their accounts.

Whether that's enough to keep existing customers on board, and whether those issues will continue to put potential new customers off a generally consistent broadband service remains to be seen.


9 November 2017
Pam Thompson

Signed up with TalkTalk, yesterday was my 'go live' date but still have no internet access. Phoned tech support who were rude and unhelpful. I've had to pay £7 in order to get online with BT for the day. Frankly I'm amazed they are still in business and can only assume that it's because of suckers like me joining them for their prices. I can't imagine anyone stays with them.

7 September 2017
ellie hoccom

Do not use this company.
Signed up to broadband, they took the order details, payment details and gave me a date for the engineer to visit, he did not show up.

I have been speaking to TalkTalk customer services for 4 hours now, they said I had two accounts at first, then they say I have only one account and no record of my order at all. And because they have no record they cannot do anything about it. I offered to send my confirmation email and they were not interested! All they were interested in was putting me through to sales team to make another order!

Time wasters.

21 August 2017
robert hingston

TalkTalk can never be blamed for speeds or telephone line issues, this is all down to BT. However their customer service is the worst I've ever come across.

13 July 2017

I can only talk about my experience with the company and it has been woeful. 18 month contract with problems from the very beginning. Loss of connection almost every day, sometimes for just a few moments but in many cases for several hours. 3 routers, engineer call outs and countless hours on the phone to them yet we never got any closer to the problem. Terminated the contract in the finish.

17 March 2017

Take a transcript when dealing with TalkTalk.

5 January 2017
Stephen Desmond

Misleading advertising and very worryingly unsecure, unreliable online payment and ordering process.

In brief, my experience has been an absolute nightmare. Rude and pushy customer services, and more worryingly, unsecure and unreliable online payment and data capture processes.

I ordered the Talk Talk £20 per month broadband package via uswitch yesterday. All seemed to go through online ok including payment details and I got a confirmation email - see below. I rang up the next day (this morning) to check which address the router would be delivered to, my current address or the new one we're moving into. It took me an hour and 5 different numbers before I could finally speak to someone. The customer support line at every juncture kept asking me to enter my customer phone number. I don't have a Talk Talk number and when I entered my mobile number it said not recognised. But there was very little alternative and it was nigh on impossible to actually speak to someone. Eventually, I did, and explained my question about delivery address for the router. She said I couldn't change the address I had given with the order (not understanding there were field options to give 2 addresses on the order form). She then reluctantly looked up my order number from the confirmation email and said they had no record of the order on their system. I then spoke to someone else in another department who said the same. And both were a little rude about it. This is very worrying since I had completed the online process, given my debit card details and even fixed a date and time for the engineer visit - all of which I had confirmed by email!

Regardless, I rang up a different number yet again to place the order from the start, since the online process clearly hadn't worked. This is the real good bit. I was told by the sales guy that the £20 price doesn't include VAT and that with VAT it's actually £22.95. Errr, hold on. The price is advertised as £20 per month. There's no mention of incl or excl of VAT. More importantly, that would make the VAT rate 14.75%. Since when was VAT 14.75%??? So that was a complete lie. Then, after a little prodding, he back-tracks to say the uswitch price is wrong and they've been asked to update it. Not my problem. It's an advertised rate. £20 was the agreed and final price in your confirmation email back to me. "Maybe that's why the order didn't go through yesterday, because they haven't updated the price at uswitch," he chirps. Errrrr, it did go through. As a customer experience, it went through. You took my debit card details and confirmed payment and even a date and time for an engineer visit! Scary! I would have been sat in my new property awaiting that very visit in 2 weeks time like a total muppet.

With distrust coursing through my veins I said I'd rather rethink my options as the price had suddenly changed from the advertised rate and I'd had a poor experience with TalkTalk. At this point he got quite pushy. "Can I ask why you've changed your mind?" "Err, yes. You just changed the price". "But," he says "the uswitch price says router charge of £6 and we'll do it for free. We're still the cheapest for broadband." Are you serious, basket-case? First, the uswitch page has no mention of a router fee. In fact, it says 'No set up costs'. Another lie! And since when did a £6 reduction in exchange for a £2.95 increase per month over 12 months make sense to anyone?

As for being the cheapest for broadband, I just signed up with EE for £19.50 per month -including VAT!

Overall, a terrible, terrible first experience of Talk Talk, full of lies and deceit and, most worryingly, unreliable online systems. Lord knows where my bank and personal details as entered may now be sitting! So glad I didn't move all services to TT, as I'd originally planned. Won't be going back in a hurry. Consumers should not be fooled by the headline-grabbing prices, which turn out to be utter rubbish.

Oh, and please give your team some manners, Mr Dunstone!

14 December 2016

My grandmother had TalkTalk before she died for 5 years or so. They would constantly cut her connection for no valid reason, her bills were always paid on time. Their reason for doing so was that she hardly used it. I would have to go round regularly every couple of months to get her back online, it was disgusting service and dealing with customer services was an absolute chore which took about an hour each time for them to reconnect the line. It only stopped when we threatened legal action. I can only assume they did it to minimise traffic on that line. Completely illegal. I would never ever go near them myself, they wouldn't be able to cater for my uses.

12 November 2016

Totally agree with everyone here. Bunch of liars working for customer service. I've raised complaints only to find out calling later, when the service is again not working, that none of my complaints have actually been filed. The service is down more that it is up. Just don't waste your money on this con of the a company. Talk Talk are disgusting/thieves.

30 October 2016
Jaspal Lidder

I've been with BT, SKY and Talk Talk fibre for past 10 years all are very similar with average to good service/speed. But I would switch to Virgin fibre if they would put it on my street!!

25 October 2016
C Atkinson

I won't agree with any of these bad comments. I've been with Talktalk as far back as I can remember (9yrs). Yes they've had a few problems who doesn't, but they always sort them out. Their overall pricing is difficult to beat and I'm not afraid to recommend them to anybody.

If I ask friends about BT or Sky they go off on one so where does that leave us !
It's easy to get things wrong but it's how you put them right that matters and they've always done that 10/10.

Everybody is always quick to criticise but not so quick to praise. It will be very difficult for another company to coax me away from talktalk for broadband and telephone. I sometimes use the free TV and that works fine too.

15 October 2016
Peter Owen

I've been with TalkTalk since the year dot and my phones and internet have all worked fine throughout, apart from one day when our local exchange was going through a fibre upgrade, by all accounts and the entire neighbourhood was affected regardless of provider! I simply pay a very competitive monthly fee for line rental, unlimited internet and anytime phone calls including international calls. No one touches them for value at just over £30 pm! Never had to deal with them directly though, so can't comment on their customer service as regards resolving issues?

28 September 2016
Elizabeth Courtney

Have been with talktalk from May. Never had an issue on fibre and have heard more complaints about BT in area. Great company. No complaints.

29 May 2016

Talktalk lie and scare monger you until you have to stay with them. And then find that sending a tweet takes 20 mintes because their broadband is so bad.

30 April 2016
geoff peck

Talktalk tried to get me to stay by offering me £1 off my bill each week after being with them over 10 years and having huge problems with email never working or authorizing. £1 off for £1000s in lost business, hahahahahahahahaha. Bye - plusnet are giving me 18 months for free.

27 December 2015

Talktalk has the worst customer services of any company I have ever communicated with in my life. If you do eventually manage to get through to anyone after wasting your time and money on hold then you are met with an unempathic, disinterested employee typically with a poor grasp of english. Thoroughly dissatisfied with every aspect of talk talk and with a quick google search you can see that the majority of customers writing reviews online feel the same way. I am now 5 months following stopping the service and moving and am still having to deal with talk talk and pay ridiculous fines and fees. I will strongly emplore everyone I know to stay away from talk talk. I was unable to make a formal complaint to talk talk so I have emailed ofcom and left reviews online.

25 July 2015
Sue Reynolds

Terrible service handover from Tesco homephone. Six days and still faulty.

7 March 2016
B Sseri

I'm with most expensive BT, and had to wait 5 days without broadband as well, but then at least it was fixed. So, a bit more time with talktalk isn't that different, unless it'll take VERY long, or doesn't get fixed at all.

24 October 2014
stephen perkin

I've been with TalkTalk since Tiscali days, there has never been many problems until recently. Speed is 6.5Mb ok for me but now the dropouts are getting more and more frequent. Sometimes it can go on for seconds on off, on off, for an hour or so then disappear, then be ok for a day, then on off again. Customer service is useless they follow a script (with poor English) all the time trying to get you to upgrade. But from what I have read all ISPs have faults, it does not seem to be enough of a problem to change.

4 February 2014

We recently 'upgraded' (ha ha) to medium fibre optic with TalkTalk. The speed increase is disappointing - sometimes it drops to around 1Mb/s, other times it is measured at 44Mb/s - normally 3 to 4Mb/s despite the assurances from TT. The TV runs slowly, phones and tablets magically disconnect. It is nearly three weeks since we reported the problems; after visits by 2 BT technicians and 1 TT technician + numerous lengthy phone calls = zero progress. BT blaim TT and TT blaim BT etc etc. Each time I ring TT to find out what is going on, I get the standard answer, "we are very sorry... your issues are being escalated to the senior engineering team". By now we should have a Prof. from Cambridge personally on the case!! They send annoying texts telling me the problem is FIXED when all that has happened is a techie visit. We have discovered that there is a long conventional cable from our home to the FO Interface Unit, with a high loss but the TT technician didn't seem to appreciate the significance (I am an electronics engineer). Today's lengthy call to the call centre = yet another promised visit with confirmation today. Yes, you've guessed it, zilch.

28 January 2014
Eddie Dench

I have been with TalkTalk seventeen years almost from the start (2003) and I have had satisfactory service since then, even moved home, had a few problems over the years but nothing major, good customer service, am now thinking of going fibre, with my experience of TT I would recommend them.

14 October 2014

Errr 2003 - 2014 is 11 years not 17 !!!

26 January 2014

TalkTalk are rubbish! I have seen a loss of broadband speed down to 0.06Mb/sec. My internet is so slow I cannot use youtube, inlayer, etc.
All my complaints to TalkTalk have been fobbed off. Their customer service is in India, and their operators are trained to go through a set routine. If they can't solve my request for help, they use the old trick of saying they will transfer me to another department, and then cut me off!
Don't get on the TalkTalk customer service roundabout... you'll end up feeling very sick!

18 June 2013

I have been with TalkTalk for several years now and have had no problems with their broadband service at all. It has been reliable and never dropped out or been inaccessible.

As a result of having no problems, I cannot comment on their customer support when things go wrong, but to date I am a satisfied customer.

15 October 2016
Peter Owen

Same here Mr B. I've been with TalkTalk since the year dot and my phones and internet have all worked fine throughout, apart from one day when our local exchange was going through a fibre upgrade, by all accounts and the entire neighbourhood was affected regardless of provider! I simply pay a very competitive monthly fee for line rental, unlimited internet and anytime phone calls including international calls. No one touches them for value at just over £30 pm! Never had to deal with them directly though?

10 April 2013

Appalling service! Stay away from them they con you so bad. I have found cheaper than TalkTalk which are a lot better in terms of quality and service. Plusnet and their call centre is in UK!

7 March 2016
B Sseri

Plusnet nowadays are more expensive, AND they have cancelled their UK based 24 hour technical support. Only normal customer support from 8 to 8 is available, and still UK based.
I was with them, and happy (even though every year they raised their line rental and other prices - after all Bt owns them), until they didn't give the 24 hour technical support anymore.
Since then, I've been with SKY (less than a month), now with most expensive BT (24 hour technical support, but in India - they're never are able to help me, and I anyway have to wait till next day or longer, to get real technical help).
I'm still looking, and got a special offer now from TalkTalk. Therefore I thought of switching, but most posts here - although they are at least 9 months old or even a few years - are complaining about the bad customer service. So I don't know what to do. Any ideas?

16 June 2015

It's not cheaper now, sadly. If it was I would switch from TalkTalk. It looks it on the surface.

7 April 2013

Never get anything from TalkTalk... absolute disgrace. The speed of transfer of data is supposed to be 54Mb. I'm not talking about the broadband, but the speed at which the information is passed. Today I got 1Mb for the area in which I live in. Nothing loads. Really annoyed, and I know I won't stay with them for the next year.

7 February 2014

Think you're getting a bit mixed up there. Most WiFi routers transfer data between devices at 54Mbps, a wireless N router, 1Gb. This has nothing to do with the speed down the line. Use <a href=";cuid=2412393" rel="nofollow noopener" title=""></a>

23 February 2013
Robert Townson

My Tiscali broadband service was fine, until it was taken over by TalkTalk. Thereafter the service reliability gradually degraded to a point when I was spending almost as much on telephone calls trying to have faults mended as on rental. Being no longer able to tolerate the hassle I migrated. Migration was easy, being out of contract, but obtaining a refund of the credit balance on my final account was anything but. Some are evidently satisfied with TalkTalk. Before I finally bailed out I was wondering whether TalkTalk was saving its modest best for TalkTalk customers, leaving those taken over from Tiscali to hang out and dry. Be that as it may, I have been so exasperated by TalkTalk's dysfunction these last six months that, in the absence of any other ISP, I would have rather done without broadband altogether than continued it with TalkTalk.

7 December 2012
Clive Jones

TalkTalk seem to be their own worst enemies. I was interested in switching my BT line to a fibre optic package including internet, telephone calls and TV.

My first encounter was with an advisor who was clearly still in training and had to check the answer to every question I posed with her manager. I was patient, though, and we eventually agreed a deal whereby within 3 weeks I'd be connected to fibre broadband, at which point I was to call a number she gave me to have the TV part switched on.

Three weeks later I received a letter to say I needed to call them to sort out a problem. Using the telephone number provided, I was pushed from one department in India to another before eventually being informed that my account had been cancelled because the landline number I advised them of did not exist. Remarkably, I was somehow using this non-existent line to call them and the line has been operated for the past ten years.

I was eventually given another number to call, this time reaching a UK-based advisor to whom the whole story had to be recounted. His solution was to go through the entire quotation process again and this time I was told that I had to take the TV package first before upgrading the line to fibre. In addition, the 12 months free access to LoveFilm no longer seemed to be on the table.

After three weeks, during which nothing had happened, and a further hour on the phone, I had to explain that I needed to break off and do some work. I asked for the salesman to ring me back in order to complete the new order but he told me he couldn't do so. That was the last straw. I'm not sure I want to deal with a telephone service provider who cannot call me. (Don't they have telephones?) So, that's a loss to TalkTalk of &pound;702 (18 months x &pound;39).

1 December 2012
Wayne Smith

TalkTalk cancelled my Tiscali TV package and could not replace it with a TalkTalk package.

No one at any of their various departments could help with the problem, and I must have talked to every member of staff they have after being passed from person to person.

When I finally gave up and went to Sky, TalkTalk refused to transfer my line and cancelled my order with Sky.

Hopefully after 5 weeks of pain from TalkTalk I have now left, NEVER to return.

8 November 2012

Great deals, horrendous customer service. You'll be waiting on the phone to speak to them for ages.

4 November 2014

Spoke to them today about upgrading to Fibre Optic Broadband. Got through in about two minutes and excellent help provided, before being quickly switched to a specialist department as I have a legacy TalkTalk package dating back to April 2006 and would need a custom tailored new contract.

21 December 2014

.....Ringing them about upgrading and signing a new contract will of course get you through quicker than if it's regarding a fault. Common sense man, use it.

8 September 2012

Talktalk seem to get a kicking from people, but I have to say I like them. I just got fibre from Talktalk, it is the best thing I ever did, didn't get the 76Mb max speed but have 70Mb which is close enough. I moved away from BT 3 years ago and have never looked back. I do not think my Internet has ever gone down since moving to Talktalk.

29 May 2016

You must live on planet TalkTalk

20 April 2012
Mr R

While initially they were "fine", in the past year they have become an unbearable burden. Problems range from being overcharged, to unwittingly having our contract and plan changed without our consent.

We're currently being harassed by a stream of letters detailing how we're going over usage limits for broadband. There is nobody at the address and I have an Unlimited policy. Obviously when I'm back in the UK I'll move to pulling away from TalkTalk, but _to any prospective customers of TalkTalk_, the real question should be whether or not you're willing to pay for a broken product paired with a relentless number of problems which never seem to end.

9 March 2012
John Matthews

TalkTalk is rubbish, I'm on a 24Mb/s package and only receive 4Mb/s, I had an engineer come over only to say 4Mb/s is a good speed. On the TalkTalk website I'm estimated 13Mb/s but only receive 4Mb, showing that they are lacking in everyway.

22 February 2012
Tom Green

I'm going to speak in defense of TalkTalk... I've been with them for five years, and their customer service has improved steadily from a base of "appalling" (if they actually bothered to pick up the phone) to "actually quite good now". I only stayed with them due to laziness in the past, but would now recommend them.

Speed and stability is great, and their engineers are responsive. I've had an ongoing fault recently (due to the BT infrastucture outside my property) and it was handled perfectly - quickly and with regular status updates.

So to summarise: TalkTalk - was rubbish, now much improved.

24 December 2011
Marge Adams

TalkTalk broadband is the most reliable service I've ever used. Almost 24meg of speed, and I can even download music and as many films and TV shows as I can stand... Well, overall. TalkTalk driven my way.

31 October 2011
james grimshaw

I've got to be fair, I'm with Talktalk and I get a really good service. I had a problem once, requested to speak to someone who speaks a language I can understand, was transferred to someone I could speak to and the problem was sorted. I've never had a problem since and that was 2 years ago. I'm getting a reliable service with 12Mb download speeds and cheap bills as well. :)

17 October 2011
Ray Heath

The only problem I had was dealt with politely &amp; quickly. They got it right.

My experience with TalkTalk? I like it, it works and, as they say in modern parlance, end of!

3 October 2011
joko jonsen

I am with TalkTalk right now and it doesn't work - it goes down every 5 minutes and the connection is slow. It may be cheap but it's not very good. If you want a poor quality internet provider go with TalkTalk.

27 September 2011
E Richards

For my sins I have been with Talktalk for 15 months. I signed up with them for 18 months and what a colossal mistake that was. I feel I am eminently qualified to say that they are, without any doubt, the worst ISP on the planet.

Slow speeds, freezing, unable to gain access to my emails and poor customer service, if you can understand what they say in the first place. Personally I've had a bellyfull of this totally rubbish ISP and as soon as my contract is up I'll be going elsewhere. My strong advice to anyone contemplating signing up to Talktalk is a very emphatic: don't!

17 May 2016
Samantha Tucker

They have treated me badly. Every day I have to frequently reset the broadband router. 2 years worth of phone calls then an engineer visit. Problem with faulty wire at exchange. They may as well have give me two fingers as all I've had is a month credit. Worst thing I've ever done. Getting rid of as I type!!

24 August 2011
mrs m

I'm on a TalkTalk trial and my advice is please don't bother. It has too many issues and their customer service is very very bad.

21 August 2011

No TalkTalk broadband is a waste. It's always too slow.

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