TalkTalk Fibre 35

Last updated: 28 August 2023   By Lyndsey Burton

Fibre 35 is TalkTalk's entry-level fibre broadband plan, although it's only marginally cheaper than faster options.

TalkTalk Fibre 35 is a good budget option for smaller households, although most will benefit from upgrading.


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TalkTalk Fibre 35 is the provider's cheapest part-fibre broadband package and is available to around 97% of UK homes.

Fibre 35 offers average download speeds of 38Mbps at peak times, and bundles a home phone line with pay as you go calls, and an optional 4K Netgem-powered TV box.

Overall, while Fibre 35 is a good budget option for smaller households, most will benefit from the upgrade to Fibre 65 at just £1.95 more per month.

talktalk broadband

At a glance

Price £28
Setup cost £15
Minimum term 18 months
Out of contract price £28 after 18 months
Annual price increase CPI + 3.7%
Download speed 38Mbps
Upload speed 9Mbps
Usage allowance Unlimited
Router Wi-Fi Hub Black/Premium
WiFi guarantee Not available
Parental controls TalkTalk HomeSafe
Home phone Included
Anytime calls £12/mth (inc. UK mobiles)
TV £5 per month
Pros Cons
Wide availability across the UK Only £1.95 to upgrade to Fibre 65
TalkTalk's cheapest broadband plan Cheaper plans available from rival providers
Optional 4K Netgem TV service
Includes home phone line
Package Broadband Monthly price Upfront price Contract term
Fibre 35 38Mb average £28 Free 18 months
offer Offer: Free Setup (worth £15)
TV 4K + Fibre 35 38Mb average £33 Free 18 months
offer Offer: NOW Entertainment just £4.99 for 12 months (was £9.99) + NOW Boost free + Free Setup (worth £15)

Who is TalkTalk Fibre 35 best suited for?

TalkTalk's Fibre 35 package is an entry-level part-fibre deal that's ideally suited to small households where just one to five devices are connecting at the same time.

While the connection is capable of allowing customers to shop and work online, as well as stream TV in HD, and possibly even 4K, it might struggle if another member of the household was also trying to go online at the same time.

Therefore, TalkTalk Fibre 35 is most suitable for:

  • Smaller households with average Internet use, including streaming TV
  • Where working from home, streaming TV, or gaming activities aren't competing with another Internet user
  • People looking for a low-cost broadband option, especially those who want to bundle a NOW TV Membership plan
  • Areas where full fibre broadband from Openreach and CityFibre is not yet available

Overall, Fibre 35 performs well in independent speed tests against similar packages from rival providers BT and Plusnet. However, on price, TalkTalk Fibre 35 is more expensive than equivalent deals from Plusnet and Sky.

That said, when the bundled TalkTalk TV service is taken into account, customers can save more with exclusive discounts on NOW TV Memberships, including half price on NOW Entertainment.

Ultimately, TalkTalk Fibre 35 is a good choice for those who want a cheap broadband deal with the option to bundle premium TV content. However, the upgrade to Fibre 65 is worth serious consideration for the money.

Check availability and prices in your area on our TalkTalk deals page.

What does TalkTalk Fibre 35 offer?

Fibre 35 is an entry-level part-fibre package offering average download speeds of 38Mbps at peak times.

The plan comes with a home phone line and pay as you go calls, with the option to upgrade to anytime or evening & weekend calls. Customers also get a dual-band WiFi 5 router, and the option to bundle a TV service.

Here are the latest prices for TalkTalk Fibre 35:

Package Broadband Monthly price Upfront price Contract term
Fibre 35 38Mb average £28 Free 18 months
offer Offer: Free Setup (worth £15)

Customers of Fibre 35 will get access to TalkTalk HomeSafe, which offers network-level security and parental controls, and can be used to control access to age-restricted content as well as online times, and virus alerts.

It's also possible to upgrade to Supersafe Security, a separate software subscription which protects up to 10 devices against viruses and malware for £2.50 per month, or £5 usually.

All TalkTalk broadband packages come with an 18-month minimum term, and this also applies to Fibre 35. This means customers can't leave their contract before 18 months without paying early termination fees.

TalkTalk don't offer fixed prices anymore, or the option of the Fixed Price Plus add-on, so prices will rise annually by the Consumer Price Index (CPI) + 3.7%. Prices tend to go up in April regardless of when a contract was taken out, so that's worth budgeting for.

Read more in our full review of TalkTalk broadband.

Fibre 35 + TalkTalk TV

TalkTalk Fibre 35 customers have the option to add a TalkTalk TV box when they sign up online.

Fibre 35 customers will get the 4K Netgem TV box, which offers access to the Netgem platform, including over 210 live channels, as well as discounts on NOW Memberships.

Here's the current pricing for Fibre 35 with the TalkTalk TV box:

Package TV Broadband Monthly price Upfront price Contract term
TV 4K + Fibre 35 215 38Mb average £33 Free 18 months
offer Offer: NOW Entertainment just £4.99 for 12 months (was £9.99) + NOW Boost free + Free Setup (worth £15)

Unlike the broadband element, TalkTalk TV comes with a 30-day minimum term, and after 30 days customers can cancel the service with just 48 hours' notice. Content subscriptions, including NOW and Netflix among others, are also all available on rolling monthly terms, which gives customers a lot of flexibility over what they watch and pay for.

The part-fibre packages from TalkTalk, including Fibre 35, are provided with the Netgem box, which is arguably better than the new Android-powered hub included with full fibre plans, as the new box misses out on the live content supplied through Netgem.

Customers will be able to watch Freeview, as well as a range of premium TV channels, including 90 in HD and over 45 sports channels.

The Netgem box also supports subscriptions to on-demand players including Netflix, NOW, and Prime Video, so customers also have access to Sky content including exclusive channels like Sky Atlantic, as well as Sky Cinema and Sky Sports.

Overall, the TalkTalk TV service is a great low-cost option to gain a 4K set-top box, especially considering the subscription price of £5 a month includes NOW Boost, which usually costs £6.

This could be another area however, where customers may want to consider the upgrade to Fibre 65, which could more adequately handle better quality live streams, including content in 4K. The average download speed of 38Mbps on Fibre 35 is only just above the minimum required for 4K content at around 30Mbps, while Fibre 65 offers average speeds of 67Mbps.

Read more in our review of TalkTalk TV packages.

TalkTalk Fibre 35 vs Fibre 65

Customers living in areas where full fibre is yet to reach them will have the choice between TalkTalk's Fibre 35 and Fibre 65 packages.

Package Broadband Monthly price Upfront price Contract term
Fibre 35 38Mb average £28 Free 18 months
offer Offer: Free Setup (worth £15)
Fibre 65 67Mb average £29.95 Free 18 months
offer Offer: Free Setup (worth £15)

As we've mentioned, Fibre 65 is currently only £1.95 more per month than Fibre 35, which means it should be seriously considered before signing up as it's only marginally more expensive, for almost twice the download speed.

In terms of value for money, Fibre 65 is the better option, it also provides more adequate speeds for customers looking to take TalkTalk TV with much content delivered over 1080p HD, and options for Ultra HD streaming as well.

To compare all TalkTalk plans in your area use our postcode checker here.

Price comparison

TalkTalk isn't the budget provider they used to be and prices have increased on most of their plans.

This means it's possible to find cheaper deals with rival providers including Sky and Plusnet, as well as smaller providers like NOW Broadband, Vodafone and Shell Energy Broadband.

Here is Fibre 35 side-by-side to some equivalent packages:

Package Broadband Monthly price Upfront price Contract term
Fibre 35 38Mb average £28 Free 18 months
offer Offer: Free Setup (worth £15)
Unlimited Fibre 66Mb average £24.99 Free 24 months
offer Offer: Reduced price + No setup fee + Exclusive offers and discounts for Plusnet customers
Superfast 35 Broadband 36Mb average £28 £5 18 months
offer Offer: Save £6.50/mth (was £34.50) + WiFi Max just £6.50/mth for 3 months and then just £10/mth + (£5 refundable setup fee for new customers if applicable)
Fibre Essential 36Mb average £31.99 £31.99 24 months
offer Offer: Reduced price for 24 months + (Ends 07/12/2023)

TalkTalk Fibre 35 is cheaper than Direct Save Telecom, Zen Internet, and iTalk Telecom, as well as BT's Fibre Essential plan which offers 36Mbps average speeds for £31.99 per month.

When comparing deals from different providers it's worth looking at other factors as well as just price. For example, cheaper providers such as NOW Broadband and Vodafone offer very basic routers, where TalkTalk's WiFi Hub Black or Premium are likely to offer a stronger wireless signal.

TalkTalk also offer the added benefit of their TV service, where customers would only have similar options with BT, Sky and Virgin Media.

Fibre 35 with TalkTalk TV is most closely compared with the new streaming services Sky Stream and Virgin Media Stream, as well as BT TV which also uses NOW Memberships to provide the bulk of its content.

Package TV Broadband Monthly price Upfront price Contract term
TV 4K + Fibre 35 215 38Mb average £33 Free 18 months
offer Offer: NOW Entertainment just £4.99 for 12 months (was £9.99) + NOW Boost free + Free Setup (worth £15)
M125 Fibre Broadband + Stream 52 132Mb average £26.50 £35 18 months
offer Offer: £50 bill credit + Get 10% Stream credit back on every subscription you add to Stream (Ends 14/12/2023)
Sky Entertainment + Netflix + Superfast Broadband 150 61Mb average £36 Free 18 months
offer Offer: Save £7/mth on Sky Entertainment & Netflix + Reduced price broadband + Free setup (Ends 29/12/2023)
Entertainment + Fibre 2 96 67Mb average £20
for 3 mths,
then £55.99
£30 24 months
offer Offer: Black Friday: 3 months free broadband and reduced setup costs (was £61.99) + £100 BT Virtual Reward Card (Ends 07/12/2023)

In the deals listed above, the prices don't include content for TalkTalk or Virgin Media, while Sky and BT's deals include Sky Entertainment. Virgin Media customers would need to pay an extra £12 for the same content.

TalkTalk, however, are currently offering access to NOW Entertainment for just £4.99 per month for 12 months, when it usually costs £9.99 per month.

TalkTalk TV customers also get NOW Boost included for free, whereas BT customers have to pay extra for this.

Overall, TalkTalk TV offers value for money against rival options and is especially suited to customers who primarily use on-demand apps like Netflix and NOW.

How fast is TalkTalk Fibre 35?

Fibre 35 is a fibre to the cabinet broadband connection which is available to around 97% of homes across the UK. It uses the Openreach network and connects to a customer's home using the existing copper phoneline network.

TalkTalk list Fibre 35's average download speed as 38Mbps, and so we know at least 50% of their customers must be receiving this speed during the peak hours of 8pm to 10pm when the network is busiest.

We can also look at independent research by Ofcom into real-world broadband speeds for a more accurate picture on how Fibre 35 performs.

Ofcom average speeds, published March 2023
Advertised average speed Over 24hrs Peak time
(8-10pm weekdays)
BT 36Mb 32.36Mb 32.00Mb
TalkTalk 38Mb 35.68Mb 34.73Mb
BT 50Mb 43.79Mb 42.54Mb

TalkTalk Fibre 35 performs well against similar packages from Plusnet and particularly BT, with faster average download speeds both at peak times and over 24 hours on average.

Fibre 35 achieved 34.73Mbps between 8 and 10pm, and 35.68Mbps over 24 hours, beating BT's equivalent package by some margin as they reported just 32Mbps and 32.36Mbps over the same periods.

Upload speeds

Ofcom also look at upload speeds for the major broadband providers, and TalkTalk Fibre 35 had average upload speeds of 7.04Mbps over 24 hours. This was faster than BT's average upload speed of 6.38Mbps.

Average upload speeds over 24 hours
BT 36Mb FTTC 6.38Mbps
Plusnet 36Mb FTTC 8.44Mbps
TalkTalk 38Mb FTTC 7.04Mbps

While upload speeds may not be noticed by most people, they can affect online activities like gaming, as well as video calling and file uploads for example when working from home on shared projects.

Minimum speed guarantee

TalkTalk are signed up to Ofcom's voluntary Broadband Speed Code of Conduct. This means customers who take Fibre 35 will be given a guaranteed minimum download speed when they sign up. If they then don't receive this, they can leave their contract early and without penalty as long as they give TalkTalk 30 working days to try and fix the problem.

This is a good insurance policy that ensures customers get the speed quoted when they signed up, and if they don't they can move to another provider without cost.

Estimated speed range Minimum guaranteed speed
TalkTalk Fibre 35 36 - 37Mbps 35Mbps

When we looked at an example postcode we were given an estimated speed range of 36 to 37Mbps, and a guaranteed minimum download speed of 35Mbps.

However, this is likely to vary between locations especially as part-fibre deals like Fibre 35 are more affected by factors such as distance from the local telephone exchange, as well as quality of wiring.

TalkTalk WiFi Hub

TalkTalk Fibre 35 comes with a branded WiFi Hub, either the WiFi Hub Black or the WiFi Hub Premium.

Both routers support dual-band wireless over the WiFi 5 protocol (802.11ac). They also have four gigabit Ethernet LAN ports for wired connections, and 7 internal antennae for a decent wireless signal.

The specifications of the WiFi Hub are:

WiFi Hub Black/Premium
WiFi Protocol 5
WiFi Band Dual band
2.4GHz channel 3x3 MIMO (802.11 b/g/n)
5GHz channel 4x4 MU-MIMO (802.11 a/n/ac)
Ethernet LAN 4 x 1Gb
Security WPA2

TalkTalk don't specify which customers will receive the WiFi Hub Black, and those that will receive the WiFi Hub Premium, however, on testing, we've found postcodes in faster locations, such as where G.Fast is enabled, or those closer to their local exchange, are more likely to be provided the WiFi Hub Premium.

However, both routers have the same physical specifications, and so it's likely the Premium version simply has an updated firmware version.

Overall, either the WiFi Hub Black or the WiFi Hub Premium offer decent wireless signal strength with the seven antennae compared to some more basic routers.

Frequently Asked Questions

What speed will I get with TalkTalk Fibre 35?

TalkTalk Fibre 35 offers an average download speed of 38Mbps, this means at least 50% of their existing customers receive this speed or greater during the busiest network times of 8pm to 10pm.

What is the minimum speed guarantee on Fibre 35?

The minimum speed guarantee on Fibre 35 is individual to customers, however, they should expect a minimum speed around 35Mbps.

TalkTalk are signatories of Ofcom's voluntary code on broadband speeds, this means TalkTalk will supply all new customers with a minimum speed guarantee at the point of sign up. If TalkTalk fail to deliver this speed, customers can leave penalty free as long as they've given TalkTalk 30 working days to try and fix any issues.

In addition to this, TalkTalk also offer new customers a 30 Day Great Connection Guarantee, which promises if a customer is unhappy for any reason they can cancel their contract penalty free within 30 days of their line being activated.

How long does it take for Fibre 35 to be installed?

TalkTalk installation of Fibre 35 should take around two weeks, although this could up to 21 days if a customer needs a new phone line installed.

Most installations of Fibre 35 will be done without needing an engineer, and a customer simply needs to plug in their router when they're notified that their line has been activated.

New phone line installations that require an engineer may cost up to £60 with TalkTalk.

What router comes with TalkTalk Fibre 35?

TalkTalk Fibre 35 comes with the branded WiFi Hub Black router.

The WiFi Hub Black supports WiFi 5, or 802.11 ac, and is also backwards compatible with previous WiFi protocols. The router is dual-band working across both 2.4GHz and 5GHz channels, with seven internal antennae, and four gigabit LAN ports for wired connections.

Some customers will get the WiFi Hub Premium, which likely has an updated firmware version.

Where is TalkTalk Fibre 35 available?

TalkTalk 35 uses the Openreach fibre to the cabinet network, where the final cable to a property is the existing copper phone line network. Fibre 35 is available to around 97% of UK homes, so most people should be able to receive it.

Customers living in full fibre enabled areas on either the Openreach or CityFibre networks won't be able to opt for Fibre 35, and instead their cheapest plan will be Fibre 65.

Verdict: Is TalkTalk Fibre 35 any good?

TalkTalk Fibre 35 is a budget broadband option that's most suited to smaller households of around one to three people, including where they work from home or stream online TV.

It performs well on price, although there are cheaper options if cost is the most important aspect. However, for anyone looking to also bundle TV it's one of the best options for a low-cost broadband and TV bundle with access to premium content and apps.

What we like most about Fibre 35:

  • Some areas will get TalkTalk's latest WiFi Hub Premium for improved wireless performance
  • TalkTalk TV plan is a low-cost way to access 4K content as well as on-demand apps from Netflix, NOW and Prime Video

When people may want to consider another provider:

  • Larger households who may be streaming TV or online gaming at the same time may want to upgrade to Fibre 65 for a more seamless experience
  • People looking for the lowest cost package will save more with NOW Broadband, or even Plusnet or Sky

To find out more about TalkTalk broadband in general, we've reviewed their service in full here. We also have more information on TalkTalk TV.

Compare TalkTalk's latest prices here.



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