EE launch new Smart Plans with swappable benefits

3 May 2019   By Jo Bailey

EE's new Smart Plans let you swap features, upgrade anytime and guarantee your handset for the lift of the contract.

This week, EE have launched a game changing new service which promises a smarter way for customers to enjoy their mobile phone contract.

The new Smart Plans offer some valuable perks, including a lifetime guarantee on the handset while in contract and an annual check up of the device and contract by an EE expert.

As well as this, the Smart Plans give customers a better way to enjoy their benefits. The new Swappable Benefits let them choose from data-free video or music streaming, extended international roaming and BT Sport, all of which can be swapped out at any time during the contract.

In addition to all of this, EE customers taking up a Smart Plan will unlock the ability to upgrade at any time. Whenever a new smartphone is released, they can choose to upgrade immediately regardless of how long their contract has left to run.

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What is the EE Smart Plan?

The new Smart Plans from EE aim to offer customers better value and flexibility for their mobile needs. Data allowances are available up to 100GB each month, and customers can be sure of a great connection with EE's superior coverage and speeds.

For the first time in the UK, EE are allowing customers to swap their benefits over the course of the contract. Swappable Benefits mean customers aren't tied in to the deal they set up at the start, instead being able to switch their perks to suit their changing needs.

The Swappable Benefits include:

  • Music data pass: A pass to allow free streaming of music without taking it out of the mobile data allowance. Works with Deezer, Tidal and Apple Music.
  • BT Sport app: Access on demand and live sport including UEFA Champions League, UFC, Premier League and Gallagher Premiership Rugby.
  • Video data pass: Download or stream video content without using up all the data allowance. Works with Netflix, BT Sport, TV Player, MTV Play and Amazon Prime Video.
  • Roam further pass: Gives access to the plan allowances in an extended number of countries, including Mexico, Australia, the USA, Canada and New Zealand.

All customers taking out a Smart Plan will be able to access at least one Swappable Benefit in their package. Customers can swap out the benefit they're using at any time (with seven days' notice), using the My EE app or the online portal. In addition, customers can choose to purchase additional benefits for a month at a time as they wish.

As with EE's Essential plans, new contracts from with a free trial of some of the services included in the Swappable Benefits list. Amazon Prime Video, MTV Play and Apple Music all come with a six month free trial, whereas the BT Sport App is a three month free trial.

Added extras

Also included in the Smart Plan is a complementary EE Service Pack. This includes £10 discount on protective gear for the handset, an annual device and account MOT and a lifetime guarantee on the handset. Protective gear eligible for the discount includes screen protectors and cases from the EE shop.

The annual MOT is an invitation to attend an in store appointment to check over the device. EE staff will check the functionality of the device and will clean and polish it too. They will check for any apps or software which could make the phone better. They'll also check over the customer's account and contract, to ensure it's the best deal for their usage needs.

Under the EE lifetime guarantee, the handset purchased will be covered for any manufacturers faults that develop while that device is still within contract. This means that if it stops working, it can be sent off for professional repair at no extra cost, even if the manufacturers warranty has expired. It would not, however, protect the handset against accidental damage caused by the user.

All customers on a Smart Plan unlock the Upgrade Anytime feature from EE too. This means they can change their contract to enjoy the latest smartphone at any time during their contract.

How much does the Smart Plan cost?

The cost of the new EE Smart Plan will depend on the specifics of the deal. In general, these plans are a little more expensive than the Essential plans, but that's to be expected with all the extra perks included. Plans start from £50 a month, depending on the handset and data allowance included.

As an example, the iPhone 8 with 10GB data, unlimited calls and unlimited texts would cost £10 up front and £59 per month for 24 months. A OnePlus 6T with 60GB of data and unlimited calls and texts would cost the same. And a Galaxy 9 with 60GB data will cost £10 up front and £64 a month. The same deals are between £5 and £12 cheaper on the Essentials plan.

Rumour has it that you can get a sim only Smart Plan, but you won't find it online. The sim only deal is available on a 12 month contract and is offered at £27 a month for 20GB data, £32 a month for 50GB data and £35 a month for 100GB data.

These all include unlimited calls and texts as well as the Swappable Benefits. You can't get the sim only deal online; it's only available via the EE sales line on 0800 856 6000.

With EE's 5G launch edging ever closer, these new plans look fit for the future and the way we're all going to be using our smartphones in years to come.

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4 June 2019

You can get sim only smart plans in stores too. Not just over the phone. And you can only upgrade to them, not if you're a new customer.

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