EE offer mobile customers more video subscriptions for free

15 March 2019   By Dr Lucy Brown, Editor

Customers can now enjoy free six-month subscriptions to both Prime Video and MTV Play with inclusive data as part of EE's new content offer.

At the same time, EE have launched their new Video Data Pass which allows streaming on some services without impacting a customer's data allowance for £8.99 a month.

New and existing customers can sign up for these services, with the Video Pass available on a rolling contract for flexibility.

These new offers are complementary to EE's existing offers for Apple Music (six-month subscription) and BT Sport (three-months).

EE's figures suggest that customers could save up to £164 if they took all the subscription offers currently provided.

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What are EE offering?

Customers on monthly deals can access the free subscriptions, whether they're on a pay monthly phone, tablet or SIM only plan.

The Prime Video subscription gives access to the Amazon service over multiple devices such as mobile handsets, tablets and smart TVs. This subscription must be activated no later than 11th September 2019.

Meanwhile, the MTV Play app gives access to reality TV shows, a live feed of MTV UK and short form series only available on digital.

EE customers can already access six months of Apple Music and three months of BT Sport for free without impacting on their data allowance.

Accessing Prime Video and MTV Play during the free subscription periods will also be data-inclusive, so users won't be breaking their data allowance by using the services.

The current monthly costs of the subscriptions outside these offers are: £5.99 for Prime Video, £3.99 for MTV Play, £9.99 for Apple Music and £5 for BT Sport.

Video Data Pass

Also launched by EE this week is the Video Data Pass which is available on a monthly rolling contract and is separate to the subscriptions mentioned above.

Costing £8.99 per month, the pass ensures that accessing video content from Netflix, Prime Video, MTV Play, TVPlayer and BT Sport doesn't impact on a customer's data allowance.

It's important to note that the pass doesn't pay for subscriptions to these services, so customers will still be spending, for example, £5.99 per month on a basic Netflix subscription.

However, the Video Data Pass might be worthwhile for customers who watch a lot of video content on the move as data consumption can quickly rocket if watching for prolonged periods or in HD.

Here are some current offers on the most popular phones with the Video Data Pass shown within the pricing:

Handset Upfront cost Monthly cost
(Inc. Video Data Pass)
(Data / calls & texts)
EE Huawei P20 Pro 128GB £30 £46.99 10GB / Unlimited
EE Samsung Galaxy Note 9 128GB £50 £71.99 10GB / Unlimited
EE Apple iPhone XR 128GB £30 £66.99 10GB / Unlimited

Networks trying to stand out

In a marketplace where the same phones are offered with similar packages, it can often be extras like EE's new deals which make the difference for some customers.

Three launched their Go Binge service in 2017 which allows customers to access six popular services without impacting on their data allowance.

Unlike EE's Video Data Pass, however, Go Binge is a free service for pay monthly and SIM only plans with 12GB of data and beyond.

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Like their rivals O2 and Vodafone, both EE and Three announced price increases in February which were in line with RPI, although EE's increase was slightly higher at 2.7% due to rising in line with December's RPI figure.

Major networks are also racing to get the first 5G smartphones into stores, with EE expected to launch theirs first.

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