TalkTalk cuts price of Faster Fibre Large to just £25 a month

4 September 2018   By Jo Bailey

For a limited time, TalkTalk have further reduced the price of their 63Mb fibre broadband deal.

TalkTalk are offering their top of the range broadband and phone bundle for the lowest price to date. Until September 27th, customers can order the Faster Fibre Large package for just £25 a month, £3.50 less than its previous special offer price of £28.50 per month.

Other packages from TalkTalk have also been discounted as part of this latest promotion, taking the UK's cheapest broadband deal down to just £17, fixed for 18 months. This deal is for the Fast Broadband, with an average of 11Mbps download and 1Mbps upload.

Their mid-range package has also been cut in price to £22.50 for 18 months. This is in line with prices offered by TalkTalk earlier this year which finished at the end of May. However, it's the lowest price that Faster Fibre Large has ever been offered at.

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What do you get with Faster Fibre Large?

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Previously known as Faster Fibre (Speed Boost), Faster Fibre Large is TalkTalk's fastest broadband package, offering average download speeds of 63Mbps and maximum speeds of up to 76Mbps. Along with the broadband, customers can expect to get:

  • Line rental included: No additional charge to TalkTalk or any third party for the phone line
  • Unlimited data usage: No limits are imposed, and no charges made for using any amount of data
  • New generation Wi-fi Hub: The new Wi-fi Hub is included with all new subscriptions to Faster Fibre and Faster Fibre Large. It offers a more stable connection, stronger signal and the ability to connect up to 50 devices at once
  • Free setup: No additional charge from TalkTalk for setting up your equipment
  • Various other features: Including call blocking, internet security and parental control

As well as these package benefits, new customers to TalkTalk can benefit from their Great Connection Guarantee; a new initiative which aims to allow customers to test their internet service for up to 30 days.

Under this guarantee, if new customers are not completely satisfied with the speed, reliability or any other aspect of the service, they are free to leave without penalty. This applies to other services ordered at the same time including phone and TV.

TalkTalk have pledged no mid term price rises on all broadband packages. All their new customer deals are fully available to those looking to re-contract too. Customers can add a TalkTalk TV service or other calling features to these plans, although this will cost extra.

TalkTalk back where they used to be

Despite years of problems, including data breaches, cyberattacks and poor customer service, TalkTalk are working hard to bounce back. As well as championing fixed price broadband deals, the company is striving to offer a better overall customer experience, and it seems to be working.

In the first quarter of this year alone, TalkTalk have gained a 4% growth in subscribers, securing 80,000 new customers and taking their total customer base to 4.2m. Their revenue is on the up too, with the provider reporting an increase of £382m compared to the first quarter of last year.

These numbers take them just about back to where they were in 2014, before the issues began.

Along with low cost broadband offers, TalkTalk are also offering a shorter contract deal aimed at students and their housemates. Until 27th September 2018, students signing up to this deal can claim a £100 reward voucher. More details are available here.

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