TalkTalk's lowest price Sky Sports deal

23 July 2018 0:00   By Angela Moran

Budget broadband provider TalkTalk is back with another competitive offer - Sky Sports for just £15 per month.

New and upgrading customers can get all eight Sky Sports channels for less than half the usual price. It's only available though when taking one of TalkTalk's Faster Fibre broadband and TV plans on an 18-month contract.

This latest deal is the cheapest the provider has ever offered for Sky Sports. Moreover, they are hailing it as the UK's "lowest price Sky Sports deal". While it certainly looks good at first glance, many are wondering if there's a catch? We take a look at the details.

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Price details

Faster Fibre is currently being offered to new customers for £22.50. This brings the total price of the TV/broadband/Sky Sports package to £37.50 per month when taking the TV Standard plan and £44.50 a month with the TV Plus plan.

For upgrading customers the price is slightly higher at £42.50 per month for the Standard TV box and £49.50 per month for TV Plus.

There's no activation cost involved. However, there is a one-off £9.95 fee for postage.

What does it include?

The channels

The deal includes all eight Sky Sports channels, which are:

  • Sky Sports Main Event;
  • Sky Sports Premier League;
  • Sky Sports Football;
  • Sky Sports Cricket;
  • Sky Sports Golf;
  • Sky Sports F1;
  • Sky Sports Action; and
  • Sky Sports Arena.

Overall this means access to 126 Premier League matches, 700 football matches, races from the 2018 FIA Formula One World Championships and coverage of all four major golf championships plus the Ryder Cup.

Other services and equipment

Customers will get a free Youview TV box included with the deal. They can choose between TalkTalk's standard TV box or the more expensive, advanced TV Plus box.

Both boxes offer 80 Freeview channels plus an additional 30 entertainment channels and seven-day catch up facilities. Both boxes can also pause and rewind live TV. While the advanced TV box can also record up to 180 hours' worth of TV.

Faster Fibre offers average download speeds of 35Mb and totally unlimited usage. It also comes with line rental but no free talk time.

TalkTalk's newest router, the Wi-Fi Hub, also comes free with the deal. The company claims it offers their strongest, fastest and most reliable Wi-Fi connection to date. It's capable of connecting up to 50 devices without compromising the quality of the connection.

TalkTalk are keen to empathise that the combination of fibre broadband and the hi-tech hub ensures a fast, reliable connection that will enhance the TV/sporting experience.

What's the catch?

The deal, which is the latest in a long line of offers from TalkTalk, is definitely one of the cheapest ways to get Sky Sports.

However, it's important to note that it comes as part of an 18-month contract and Sky Sports is only offered for £15 a month during the first nine months. For the remaining nine months of the contract the price will rise to £34 a month. This brings the total monthly price to £56.50 for the Standard TV deal and £63.50 for the TV Plus plan.

More on TalkTalk

Yet even taking this into consideration, the deal still offers impressive savings. Customers save £171 during the first nine months of the contract, which brings the overall Sky Sports contract down from £612 to £441.

TalkTalk aren't the only provider to offer Sky Sports at a reduced price. Sky themselves are currently offering all channels for £20 per month. As part of an 18-month contract with TV and broadband, customers can expect to pay around £60 per month. It's a more expensive option but does include Sky's entertainment channels.

And this isn't the first time TalkTalk have offered cut-price Sky TV services. Last year, they offered a 75% and 50% price reduction on Sky Sports and Sky Cinema, respectively.

One last important point to note is that this current deal from TalkTalk is only available for a limited period of time. Customers can sign up from now until 16th August 2018. Just in time for the kick off of the new Premier League season.

Which broadband deals are available in your area?

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