BT Black Friday deals

22 November 2018   By Angela Moran

Save up to £440 on broadband, TV and mobile packages at the BT Black Friday online sale.

BT are going all out this Black Friday offering price reductions on a range of products, including their Superfast Fibre broadband and TV plans. In addition, customers can enjoy no activation fees and increased rewards when signing up to select plans.

bt black friday 2018

Broadband offers

Package Contract term Upfront price Monthly price Reward Card
bt BT Broadband 18 months £19.99 £24.99 £70
bt BT Superfast Fibre Essential 18 months £9.99 £28.99 £80
bt BT Superfast Fibre 18 months £9.99 £29.99 £120
bt BT Superfast Fibre 2 18 months £9.99 £39.99 £140
bt BT Superfast Fibre Plus 18 months £9.99 £54.99 -

Superfast Fibre 50Mb is available for £29.99 a month, reduced from £35.99. BT says this offers customers an overall saving of £220. On top of these savings, customers receive a free £120 Mastercard Reward Card.

BT's faster, 67Mb, Superfast Fibre plan has also had its monthly price slashed as part of the Black Friday deals, reduced from £45.99 to £39.99. Customers signing up to this plan will be treated to a Reward Card worth £140.

Both deals are available on 18-month contracts and without activation costs. They also come with unlimited usage, BT line rental, unlimited weekend calls, free cloud storage and BT Virus Protection. However, there's a small postage and packing cost of £9.99.

Broadband and TV offers

Customers can make even bigger savings by bundling broadband services with a TV package.

Package TV Broadband Upfront price Monthly price
BT BT Starter Bundle Freeview + BT Sport 67Mb £59.99 £45.99
BT BT Entertainment Bundle Freeview, premium channels + BT Sport 67Mb £9.99 £54.99
BT BT Max 4K Bundle Freeview, premium channels, Kids' TV + BT Sport 67Mb £9.99 £63.99

The Starter Bundle offers 67Mb broadband speeds and a TV plan that includes Freeview TV plus the BT Sport channels for a monthly price of £45.99. The deal represents a saving of over £240.

The Entertainment Bundle, with more channels, is on sale too. Customers signing up to this deal will get Freeview TV plus 20 premium channels, BT Sport and a 67Mb internet plan for £54.99 per month, reduced from £60.99.

While those who want even more channels can sign up for the Max 4K Bundle for £63.99 and save over £240. This package includes Freeview TV, 62 premium channels, 10 Kids' channels, BT Sport, HD channels and 67Mb broadband speeds.

All TV deals include a free TV box that can record up to 300 hours of live TV as well as line rental, unlimited weekend calls. Activation fees have been waived on Entertainment and Max 4K, but there's a £9.99 postage charge. Contracts run for 18 months.

Mobile deals

The offers don't just apply to broadband and TV customers, those signing up to a range of BT mobile phone plans can take advantage of reduced monthly prices and free reward cards too.

Here are the SIM only deals:

Plan data Price as BB customer Price as non-BB customer Reward Card
bt 2GB (was 1GB) £8 £13 £50
bt 5GB (was 3GB) £10 £15 £60
bt 12GB (was 10GB) £14 £19 £80
bt 20GB (was 10GB) £17 £22 £90
bt 40GB £25 £30 £100

Price reductions vary depending on the plan. Additional data allowances are included free of charge.

These deals are available to both new and existing BT customers. Those already signed up to a BT Broadband plan will benefit from even further price reductions.

For example, the 40GB SIM only deal is usually priced at £40 a month yet during the Black Friday sale it's on offer for just £25 to those with BT broadband and £30 to those without broadband.

All plans include 4G data, unlimited minutes and texts and are offered as part of a 12-month contract.

Family SIM options are available too to help customers save even more. Customers can order up to two more SIMs, plus they'll have the opportunity to switch allowances every month.

All SIM only deals comes with a 30-day money back guarantee, should customers change their mind.

Note there's a special SIM only offer exclusive to Choose readers. Get a 15GB SIM for just £16 per month, if you have BT broadband, or £21 per month if you don't. This offer also comes with a £80 reward card.

The 12GB, 20GB and 40GB SIM only plans also include the free BT Sport app so customers can watch live sporting action from their mobile phone.

Customers interested in a data only SIM can also save:

Plan Price as BB customer Price as non-BB customer
bt 30GB £22 £27

The 30GB data only SIM is available as part of a 12-month contract. Note there's no free reward card with this deal, but customers will get free access to over five million wi-fi spots across the UK as well as the free BT Sport app. The money back guarantee applies to this deal too.

Lastly, there are also deals on a number of pay monthly mobile plans:

Phone Data Contract term Upfront price Monthly price Reward
bt iPhone 8 Plus 3GB (double data 6GB) 24 months £0 £26 for 6 months then £47 a month Up to £160 BT Reward Card
bt Galaxy S9 30GB (double data 60GB) 24 months £10 £36.50 for 6 months then £68 a month Up to £150 BT Reward Card
bt iPhone 8 3GB (double data 6GB) 24 months £0 £22.50 for 6 months then £40 a month Up to £150 BT Reward Card
bt Galaxy J3 1GB 24 months £0 £12 for 3 months then £19 a month Up to £110 BT Reward Card

Customers can sign up for a new iPhone 8 Plus, which ordinarily costs £47 per month, and enjoy a reduced price of £26 for six months. They'll also get double the amount of data, 6GB at no additional cost.

There are reductions on Android handsets too. Pick up a Galaxy S9 and pay a reduced monthly fee of £36.50 for six months. This deal also includes a double data allowance of 60GB free of charge.

This is just a selection of the pay monthly deals being offered as part of the BT Black Friday sale. There are also reductions on phone plans for the iPhone SE, the Galaxy J6, Sony Xperia L1, the iPhone 7 and more.

Sign up before it's too late

These deals, which are exclusive to customers signing up online, are already running on the BT website. Those interested should hurry as all offers are set to end at midnight on Monday 26th November.

Which broadband deals are available in your area?

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