Plusnet Mobile SIM Plans

What does Plusnet offer?

Plusnet Mobile plans offer customers a set amount of minutes, texts and data per month with data allowances of up to 50GB available.

Mobile services from Plusnet do not need to be taken alongside the provider's broadband but customers will receive a 2GB data boost per month if they take both.

Customers sign up to a 30-day rolling deal, allowing them to cancel their Plusnet Mobile deal at any time.

Plusnet uses the EE 4G network for their mobile services and do not currently offer 5G.

Plusnet SIM only plans

Plusnet SIM only deals are available with data allowances up to 50GB. All Plusnet Mobile plans are on rolling 30-day deals.

These are the data allowance packs on offer from Plusnet for mobile-only customers:

  • 1GB
  • 2GB
  • 4GB
  • 5GB
  • 6GB
  • 15B
  • 30GB
  • 50GB

There are no unlimited data plans available from Plusnet Mobile, however existing broadband customers can boost the top tier up to 52GB per month.

Most Plusnet Mobile plans come with unlimited texts and minutes, although there are exceptions on lower data plans.

How does the Plusnet Mobile contract work?

Plusnet SIM only deals are offered on rolling monthly deals.

These 30-day mobile plans from Plusnet allow customers to leave at any time and they do not have a minimum term attached.

Will prices increase each year?

Customers on Plusnet SIM only deals will see prices increase in March each year. This price increase will be based on the Consumer Price Index (CPI) rate of inflation announced in January + 3.9%.

As Plusnet Mobile customers on 30-day deals are not locked into a contract, they can leave if they do not want to pay the higher prices.

Plusnet Mobile bolt-ons

Plusnet Mobile customers can add bolt-ons to their mobile plan if they need more data, minutes or texts in a month.

The data bolt-ons available are:

  • 250MB data
  • 500MB data
  • 1GB data
  • 2GB data
  • 4GB data

Minutes and texts bolt-ons allow customers to add between 100 and 1000 extra minutes or texts to their plan.

Since Plusnet SIM only deals are on 30-day plans, customers can upgrade to a higher data plan by contacting Plusnet directly.

Plusnet Broadband customer benefits

Customers who take Plusnet Mobile plans alongside an existing Plusnet broadband plan will receive an extra 2GB of data per month for their SIM.

This boost is available on all Plusnet Mobile tariffs, so the minimum available plan is 3GB and the maximum data allowance is 52GB per month.

All Plusnet Mobile deals have unlimited minutes and texts when taken alongside Plusnet broadband.

Which network is Plusnet Mobile on?

Plusnet Mobile uses the EE 4G mobile network to deliver their services to customers.

The EE network has greater geographic coverage than any other mobile network, with the 2021 Connected Nations report from Ofcom finding they cover 86% of the UK's landmass. They have 93% indoor coverage for UK premises.

EE 4G data speeds exceeded 30Mbps in data published by Tutela in October 2021. The network is frequently named the fastest in the UK, however Plusnet Mobile customers will only have access to the 4G network and not 5G services.

Can I keep my number if I switch to Plusnet?

Customers switching to Plusnet SIM only deals from another mobile provider can keep their existing mobile number if they request a Porting Authorisation Code (PAC) from their current mobile network.

During the sign-up process, Plusnet will request that customers enter the PAC they have received and promise to transfer the number to their network within one working day if the request is made before 5pm on a weekday.

Using Plusnet Mobile abroad

Plusnet Mobile currently has a Roam Like at Home policy, although this may change in the future following the UK's exit from the UK.

Roam Like at Home allows customers to use their Plusnet Mobile allowance in 40 EU destinations including France, Germany, Spain and Italy.

There is a fair usage policy on using data abroad for plans with more than 20GB of data. If these customers use more than 15GB of data in a billing cycle while abroad, they may have to pay a surcharge.

A data spend cap of £40 is placed on all data usage while outside the UK. This means customers will not be charged more than this amount for data usage per month and cannot continue to use data after this threshold is reached until they actively choose to.

Does Plusnet allow tethering?

Plusnet SIM only plans support mobile tethering, so customers can use their mobile phone as a personal hotspot as long as they have enough data left.

Data use while tethering is taken out of a customer's Plusnet mobile allowance. If they exceed their allowance, out-of-bundle pricing will apply or customers can choose to add a data bolt-on to their account.

What else does Plusnet offer?

As well as SIM only mobile services, Plusnet also offer broadband services to customers.

Customers choosing to take both broadband and mobile services from Plusnet will receive a 2GB data boost each month on their mobile plan.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Plusnet Mobile offer 5G?

No, Plusnet does not offer 5G and uses the 4G network for data, calls and texts.

Does Plusnet Mobile offer unlimited data?

No, Plusnet Mobile does not offer unlimited data plans on their SIM only deals. The maximum data allowance a customer can get from Plusnet Mobile is 52GB per month.

Does data roll over with Plusnet Mobile?

No, Plusnet Mobile tariffs do not support data, text or call roll over. Customers will lose any unused allowances at the end of the month.

Can you set a spending cap with Plusnet Mobile?

Customers on Plusnet mobile plans can set a Smart Cap on their bills to limit any out-of-allowance charges each month. Once a customer reaches this amount, their mobile services will be suspended until their mobile plan is renewed the following month.

Does Plusnet Mobile have good coverage?

Plusnet Mobile services use the EE 4G network. This network has 93% indoor premises coverage and 86% geographic coverage across the UK.