Voxi Mobile SIM Plans

What does Voxi offer?

VOXI mobile offers a range of SIM only deals and provides access to mobile handset deals through an agreement with PayPal Credit.

Unlimited SIM only deals are available from VOXI. These are known as Endless Data plans and have no data cap.

All customers taking a VOXI mobile tariff with a data cap will receive Endless Social Media which allows them to access certain social sites without using their data allowance. 30GB and 60GB plans include Endless Video which allows for streaming from certain services without reducing a data allowance.

VOXI SIM only deals are available on a rolling monthly plan and can be cancelled at any time.

Voxi SIM only plans

VOXI SIM only deals are available on four tariff options:

  • 15GB + Endless Social Media
  • 30GB + Endless Social Media & Video
  • 60GB + Endless Social Media & Video
  • Endless Data

All VOXI SIM only plans are on monthly rolling deals. Customers choosing SIM only from VOXI do not need to commit to the network for longer than 30 days.

How does the Voxi contract work?

VOXI SIM only deals are on flexible subscriptions. This means customers can pause, change and terminate their SIM only plan at any time.

The first 30-day period of a deal begins on the day a customer starts using their SIM and will be refreshed every 30 days unless altered or cancelled.

Customers can manage their VOXI contract using the online account system. This allows them to see how many days are left on their current plan and enables them to amend their VOXI plan if they wish. There is no VOXI app available for account management.

What is Endless Social Media?

The Endless Social Media plans offered by VOXI allows customers to use certain social media sites without using any of their data allowance.

The sites and apps covered by VOXI Endless Social Media are Instagram, Facebook Messenger, Pinterest, Snapchat, Twitter and WhatsApp.

Endless Social Media is available with all VOXI's limited data plans.

How does Endless Video work?

Endless Video from VOXI allows customers to stream as much video content from certain services without eating into their data cap.

Endless Video includes streaming content on Amazon Prime Video, My5, Netflix, TikTok, TVPlayer, UKTV and YouTube. Customers may need separate subscriptions to those services.

The Endless Video service from VOXI is available on their 30GB and 60GB plans.

Are there any fair usage limits?

VOXI say there is no set limit to the amount of data customers can use on Endless Data, Endless Social Media or Endless Video plans when in the UK.

However, VOXI reserve the right to suspend a customer's service in extreme situations when they believe it is being used for commercial purposes, is affecting the service for other VOXI customers or is affecting the overarching Vodafone network.

Voxi Mobile Phone deals

VOXI mobile plans with handsets are available. Customers can pay for the handset outright or take a credit agreement with PayPal Credit. Eligibility and acceptance are managed by PayPal Credit. There are currently no other options for getting a handset on credit with VOXI.

The payments for a mobile handset and a VOXI mobile SIM are separate. This means a customer can continue paying for their handset with PayPal Credit but move their SIM to another network if they wish.

Phones available through VOXI include top handsets and 'like new' models of the latest devices.

Voxi by Vodafone

VOXI uses the Vodafone mobile network to provide their mobile services. This means customers will experience the same coverage and speeds offered by Vodafone when using their VOXI mobile plan.

The Vodafone 4G network is available across 95% of indoor premises in the UK and covers 82% of the UK's landmass according to the latest data from Ofcom.

Data speeds on VOXI should be around 21Mbps - 35Mbps based on speed testing data provided by Opensignal, RootMetrics and Ookla. Actual speeds will vary depending on a customer's location.

Does Voxi offer 5G?

VOXI supports 5G-ready devices and all VOXI SIM cards are 5G-ready. VOXI 5G mobile services can be used wherever the Vodafone 5G network is available as long as a customer has a compatible 5G handset.

5G speeds on the Vodafone network can vary with Opensignal figures suggesting average speeds of around 60Mbps while Ookla suggests an average of 130Mbps.

Wi-Fi and 4G calling

VOXI mobile plans support WiFi Calling and 4G Calling.

WiFi Calling allows customers to connect to a wi-fi network and use it to send and receive calls and texts if the VOXI mobile signal drops out. Wi-Fi Calling is a free service offered by VOXI and can be used wherever there is a wi-fi network to connect to.

In addition, VOXI customers have access to 4G Calling. This improves audio quality on calls by enabling a device to connect to the 4G network for HD-quality audio.

Can Voxi plans be used abroad?

Calls, texts and data from VOXI can be used within their Europe Zone. This includes countries such as Austria, France, Spain and Italy.

There is a roaming fair use data cap of 20GB per month. This means customers cannot use more than 20GB (or their allowance cap level if this is lower) abroad within a 30-day period.

Endless Social Media and Endless Video cannot be used abroad. Any social media apps or video streaming customers access while abroad will be taken out of their 20GB limit.

VOXI customers using their plans outside the Europe Zone will need to add credit to their account to pay for the charges. Rates start from 60p per minute for making a call and 12p per MB of data.

How much does it cost to call abroad?

VOXI mobile plans allow customers to call abroad with rates from 1.5p per minute for countries in their Zone 1 category such as China and India. Rates rise to 45p per minute for landlines and mobiles in Zone 5 and Zone 7 countries. This includes countries like Canada and Tunisia.

Customers can also add an International Minutes Extra to their VOXI mobile plan. This includes 100 international minutes to 100 destinations across the world.

Does Voxi allow tethering?

VOXI allows customers to turn their VOXI mobile into a personal wi-fi hotspot. Multiple devices can then be tethered to the mobile and a customer's data allowance will be shared between those devices.

Endless Video and Endless Social Media plans can be tethered and accessed on a laptop and tablet.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Voxi offer unlimited mobile data?

VOXI offers an Endless Data plan that provides unlimited data for customers to use in the UK.

What mobile phones does Voxi sell?

VOXI mobile phone deals are available on top handsets from the likes of Apple and Samsung through an agreement with PayPal Credit.

Which network is Voxi on?

VOXI mobile uses the Vodafone mobile network to deliver services, so VOXI coverage and speeds match the Vodafone network.

Does Voxi offer 5G?

VOXI provides 5G-ready SIMs as standard and allows access to 5G networks where available and where a customer has a 5G-capable device.

Can anyone sign up to Voxi?

VOXI no longer has age restrictions, so anybody can sign up to a VOXI mobile plan.