Which mobile networks offer free streaming?

Last updated: 11 December 2021   By Dr Lucy Brown, Editor

Some mobile networks allow customers to access certain video streaming platforms without using up their data.

VOXI is the champion when it comes to inclusive streaming, with their Endless Video deal covering seven popular streaming services.

Sky Mobile customers can also stream their Sky TV subscription content for free while EE include a Video Data Pass as a Smart Benefit for eligible customers.

Social media fans will again find VOXI offers the most comprehensive option for inclusive social media, although Virgin Mobile have a limited offer too.

mobile streaming video on demand

At a glance

Mobile network Apps with free streaming
VOXI YouTube, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, My5, TVPlayer, UKTV Play, Snapchat, Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook Messenger
Sky Mobile Sky Go, Sky+, Sky Kids, My Sky, Sky Sports, Sky Worlds, Sky Store, Sky News, Sky Sports Box Office
EE Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, MTV Player, YouTube, YouTube Kids, BBC iPlayer, BBC iPlayer Kids, Twisted Mirror, TVPlayer, BT Sport, BritBox
Virgin Mobile WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Twitter

Mobile networks with inclusive streaming

A few UK mobile networks offer unlimited video streaming as part of their mobile plans.

These tariffs allow customers to watch as much content from certain services as they want to without it affecting their data allowance each month. This can also be called zero-rating of certain apps and services.

VOXI, Sky Mobile and EE all offer some form of free data for streaming.


VOXI offers the best unlimited video streaming deals in the UK.

Customers on their mid-level SIM only plans taking 30GB or 60GB of data per month can access Endless Video which allows them to stream as much content as they want from the following streaming services:

  • TikTok
  • YouTube
  • Netflix
  • Amazon Prime Video
  • My5
  • TVPlayer
  • UKTV

If extra subscriptions are required (as is the case with Netflix, for example), these will need to be purchased separately - it's only the unlimited video streaming that's included here.

Straight away, it's obvious the Endless Video streaming is limited, but the services listed include some of the biggest names in streaming such as Amazon Prime Video, YouTube and TikTok.

For customers who use these services regularly, the Endless Video option offering unlimited access to them could be a great deal, particularly because the plans come with 30GB/60GB data which is enough to access most other apps and sites a customer will need each month.

If a customer tethers another phone, tablet or laptop to their handset, the apps and websites in the Endless Video plan will still be free, so customers could theoretically watch Netflix on their laptop without eating up their data allowance.

These are how those SIM only plans look:

Package Minutes Data Monthly price Contract term
Endless Social Media & Video 30GB Unlimited 30GB £15 1 month
Endless Social Media & Video 60GB Unlimited 60GB £20 1 month

As the plan name suggests, these inclusive streaming deals from VOXI include free social media use too. We cover that in more detail later in this guide.

The deals offered by VOXI are highly competitive, especially since customers only need to commit to 1-month deals.

It's also cost-effective to take one of the VOXI plans above instead of their Endless Data option and there are definite savings to be made for those on a budget.

However, when we look at the cheapest SIM only deals in the UK, VOXI aren't always among the top mobile operators. Yet the Endless Video streaming could be worth more to customers than getting the absolute cheapest deal available.

VOXI is a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) owned by Vodafone, so they use the Vodafone network to deliver services and they have the same coverage and speed.

All VOXI plans are 5G-ready and customers with compatible 5G phones will be able to use 5G mobile broadband if it's available in their area.

Although VOXI was restricted to customers under 25 when it launched in 2017, all age restrictions were removed in mid-2019 and anybody can now sign up to one of VOXI's mobile deals.

Sky Mobile

The inclusive streaming offer from Sky Mobile is only available to Sky TV customers. It's called Sky Watch and was introduced in early 2019.

Sky Watch allows Sky Mobile customers to stream their Sky TV subscription content for free. It includes subscription content accessed through the following different apps:

  • Sky Go
  • Sky+
  • Sky Kids
  • My Sky
  • Sky Sports
  • Sky Worlds
  • Sky Store
  • Sky News
  • Sky Sports Box Office

Note: Only content a customer subscribes to can be accessed, so only customers who pay for Sky Sports on their Sky TV subscription will be able to view those channels.

Tethering is also supported on Sky Watch, allowing customers to watch content through their laptop as long as they are tethered to their mobile phone.

The major caveat here, of course, is that mobile customers need to also subscribe to an expensive pay TV package to get any zero rating. However, if they already have Sky TV and mostly want to stream the content they get with their subscription, this could be very useful.

Another caveat is that while Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and Spotify are available via Sky, they are not subject to free streaming because Sky doesn't control those apps. It's only Sky-controlled content that can be zero-rated.

Here are some example tariffs from Sky Mobile:

Package Minutes Data Monthly price Contract term
6GB data Unlimited 6GB £8 12 months
30GB data Unlimited 30GB £25 12 months

There's more detail on Sky TV and broadband packages on this page.


EE customers can sign up to a Smart Plan that includes a Smart Benefit. One of the benefits on offer is the Video Data Pass. This is also on offer in the Full Works for iPhone plan.

With the Video Data Pass, customers can get unlimited streaming on the following services:

  • Netflix
  • Amazon Prime Video
  • BT Sport
  • TVPlayer
  • BBC iPlayer
  • BBC iPlayer Kids
  • YouTube
  • YouTube Kids
  • BritBox
  • Twisted Mirror
  • My5

Again, the cost of subscriptions isn't included, although EE customers can access cheaper deals for BT Sport if that appeals to them.

Smart Plans are more expensive than typical EE mobile plans, so it could be argued that customers are paying extra for the unlimited video streaming option.

However, Smart Benefits are not the only perk of taking a Smart Plan and customers can access a Service Pack to help them maintain and protect their device along with an Upgrade Anytime feature.

Here are some SIM only Smart Plans from EE:

Package Minutes Data Monthly price Contract term
150GB (5G data) + Smart Benefit Unlimited 150GB £25 24 months
Unlimited (5G data) + Smart Benefits Unlimited Unlimited £41 24 months

Smart Plans are also available on EE mobile phone deals, so customers who need a new handset can choose the Video Data Pass as a Smart Benefit too.

It was previously possible for customers without access to Smart Benefits to add the Video Data Pass on to their EE account for around £10 per month.

While this is still technically possible according to the EE website, we couldn't find any option to do so.

One final caveat for the EE Video Data Pass: they say they cannot guarantee tethering and watching video in that way will be zero-rated as the pass was not designed for that type of use.

Past free streaming deals

VOXI, Sky Mobile and EE are the only current mobile networks offering any form of included video streaming on some of their deals.

The previous leader in free streaming was Three with their Go Binge allowance but that was scrapped in October 2020 as they said more of their customers were taking unlimited plans and Go Binge was a redundant perk.

Vodafone also used to offer Passes that included unlimited streaming on some video and music apps. These offers have also been removed, so Vodafone no longer offer free streaming directly (but they do via VOXI).

Free social media

Some mobile networks offer free social media use across certain platforms to encourage customers to sign up with them.

These unlimited social media deals can be useful if customers spend a lot of time on certain networks, although the line-ups can be limited.

Currently, VOXI and Virgin Mobile offer inclusive social media plans.


VOXI allow inclusive social media use on their 15GB, 30GB and 60GB data plans.

It means customers can use the following social media networks without eating into their data allowance each month:

  • Snapchat
  • Instagram
  • WhatsApp
  • Facebook
  • Facebook Messenger
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest

This covers the majority of social networking sites, although it's worth noting that TikTok is classed as a video service and so is included in the Endless Video package rather than this Endless Social Media plan.

Another important caveat: making and receiving voice or video calls is not covered under the plan, even if those calls take place via WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger. For customers looking at making lots of calls, the best option might be an unlimited SIM deal.

Once again, Endless Social Media can be used while a phone is tethered to another device, allowing customers to access their favourite social media sites while on their laptops and tablets without incurring extra data costs.

We've already discussed the higher tiers in the inclusive streaming section above, but here's what the 15GB plan looks like:

Package Minutes Data Monthly price Contract term
Endless Social Media 15GB Unlimited 15GB £10 1 month

The Endless Social Media perk is something that sets VOXI apart from their rivals and the rolling contract helps to make it a tempting offer.

Virgin Mobile

Virgin Mobile offer limited inclusive social media on all their mobile tariffs.

It means customers can use the following apps without eating into their data allowance:

  • WhatsApp
  • Facebook Messenger
  • Twitter

Here are a couple of tariff examples from Virgin Mobile:

Package Minutes Data Monthly price Contract term
8GB data Unlimited 8GB £8 12 months
100GB data Unlimited 100GB £20 24 months

Once again, no voice or video calls are covered through this offer and it's designed more to help people keep in touch than to offer truly unlimited social media use.

Things to watch out for

Free data for streaming and inclusive social media plans can have some caveats, so it's always important to read the terms and conditions before signing up to understand exactly what the rules are.

Here are some common caveats to watch out for:

  1. Pay close attention to the included services and pay attention to any notifications from networks about changes
  2. Customers will need some data left on their account in order to use inclusive streaming or inclusive social media
  3. Free data for streaming doesn't always associated activities so clicking on links that take customers out of a streaming service or away from a social media app will still incur data costs (this can include adverts)
  4. Free streaming is not usually available when roaming outside the UK
  5. Using iCloud Private Relay on iOS 15 can interfere with free data for streaming as a network can't link a customer's activity to their account

So, free data for streaming can come with some strings attached, but they still offer a good deal for customers who use included services frequently.

Alternative options

The number of mobile networks offering inclusive streaming are limited and customers may find the choices are not as appealing as they were just a few years ago.

This is especially true for music lovers as there are no unlimited music streaming plans available anymore.

For customers looking at keeping their streaming costs low, there are two other options to consider: unlimited data and downloaded content.

Unlimited data plans

Unlimited data plans are the obvious solution for customers wanting to stream video or music while on the move.

There are no restrictions on which apps customers can and can't use as there are with inclusive streaming plans, although there may be some mobile fair use policies that double check customers are using their plans for personal rather than commercial use.

However, the costs of unlimited data plans can deter some customers. Here are some of the cheapest unlimited SIM only data plans on the market right now:

Package Minutes Data Monthly price Contract term
Unlimited data Unlimited Unlimited £16 24 months
Unlimited data Unlimited Unlimited £20 12 months
Unlimited (5G data) Unlimited Unlimited £22.50 12 months

Customers can also take unlimited data deals with their mobile handset plans, but these can be expensive when coupled with many top handsets.

Downloadable content

Another option for customers who can't afford unlimited data plans is to consider which content from streaming services can be downloaded for use later.

More video streaming services are offering this option such as Netflix and Disney+. It allows customers to choose what shows they want to download and take with them to watch later, with the main restrictions being a customer's wi-fi connection while they're doing the download and how much space they have on their device.

Music services like Spotify and Apple Music allow customers to download podcasts, playlists and albums on to their devices so they can be listened to later without incurring data costs.

It can be a frustrating way of doing things since it relies on customers being prepared and downloading things while they're on wi-fi, but it is a good way of getting around a low data allowance.

Summary: Which mobile network is best for free streaming?

VOXI is the undisputed winner for both unlimited video streaming and unlimited social media use.

Their SIM only plans allow customers free streaming of some of the most popular video and social media apps with tethering to other devices included.

It's true that not all major video streaming services are zero-rated on VOXI, but there are enough there to make the deal worthwhile for many customers.

While we like Sky Watch for Sky Mobile customers, it's very much a perk for Sky TV customers taking mobile services rather than one designed exclusively for mobile customers and the extra costs involved with taking Sky TV can be high.

Similarly, EE's Smart Plans including the Video Data Pass can be expensive, even if we did like the wider variety of video streaming apps available there.

Overall, if free data for streaming for the cheapest amount possible is the goal, VOXI is the clear winner.

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