Sky TV deals: should you believe in better?

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By Samantha Smith

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SKY TV is well known for its wide-ranging and exclusive TV content, from movies to sport and popular series, as well as more recently HD channels and 3D content.

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In this review we take an in-depth look at Sky's TV deals - the packages available, the extras that can be added, and how much they cost.

We'll also look at the other services available from Sky - Sky Talk and Sky Broadband, and now their mobile service has launched, we'll take a quick look at Sky Mobile too.

What we don't look at here are the Sky Q boxes themselves. For those who wish to learn more about this newest upgrade from Sky TV, check out our in-depth review of Sky Q here.

Special offers

Sky TV Latest Offers

Get the Sky Cinema Bundle with Sky Q for £32/mth (usually £40/mth)

Get this deal

Hurry! Offer ends 24 September 2017.
18 month minimum term. From £20 setup.

Let's start with one of the features Sky are famous for: their special offers. This is the main deal Sky are currently offering new customers who sign up to a Sky TV deal online via Choose - just click the red button above to take advantage.

Packages and prices

Package Channels Contract term Upfront price Monthly price
sky Original bundle 275+ (240 free to air, 11 HD) 18 months £20 £22
sky Variety bundle 315+ (240 free to air, 11 HD) 18 months £20 £25
for 18 mths,
then £32
sky Box Sets bundle 365+ (240 free to air, 50 HD) 18 months £20 £31
for 18 mths,
then £38

New Sky TV customers will have to pay set-up costs of at least £20, which for that they'll get the loan of their Sky Q box, with their "smart features" activated.

This is something of a change for Sky: customers used to be given a Sky+ or Sky HD box to keep, free of charge. But as Sky Q customers are only "borrowing" the boxes, no matter how long they subscribe to Sky TV, they get free servicing and mechanical fault repairs.

Note also that minimum contracts are now 18 months long.

Among the paid for channels on the Original Bundle are Sky One, Sky Living and Real Lives, Sky Arts and, perhaps most importantly for fans of HBO programmes, Sky Atlantic.

With the Variety Bundle, there's also a host of extra music channels such as VH1 and the MTV spin-offs, the Discovery channels, a greater range of kids' channels and several sports channels - but not the much sought after Sky Sports channels.

The Box Sets Bundle offers everything the Variety Bundle does, but with far more HD channels, on demand 3D content and - as the name suggests - access to Sky's collection of box sets and exclusive series.

With more than 350 box sets titles to choose from, Sky boast that this collection contains more of the latest shows "than any other pay TV or online subscription service in the UK".

Sky TV extras

Sky TV on demand

Everyone taking a Sky TV deal can get a certain amount of on demand content free of charge. For Original and Variety customers this is limited to catch up services such as BBC iPlayer, ITV Player, All 4, My 5 and Sky's own catch up options.

Accessing it is simply a matter of connecting their set top box to a broadband connection.

People with the Sky Q app on their mobile or tablet can also use that to prompt their set top box to download catch up content, wherever they are, so it's ready to watch when they get home.

Do note that while BT give their capped broadband customers unlimited on demand TV access when that content is accessed through their set top box, Sky TV plus broadband customers don't get the same perk - so be careful if catching up via one of their capped broadband deals.

All Sky TV customers get Sky Go at no extra cost. This gives them access to content via their laptop or compatible tablets and mobile phones, wherever they are, via 3G, 4G or wi-fi.

What we can get on our devices or computers should mirror our subscription - so people with the Original and Variety Bundles can watch those channels, while Box Sets Bundle customers will also be able to access, well, box sets.

People with extra channels like Sky Sports will be able to watch them too.

Sky Sports and Sky Cinema

Sky Sports and Sky Cinema - previously known as Sky Movies - come as extras on top of the basic bundles - here's how much more they cost, when not on special offer:

Package Channels Price
sky Original Bundle
+ Sky Sports
(7 Sky Sports,
240 free to air)
£22 + £27.50
= £49.50
sky Original Bundle
+ Sky Cinema
(11 Sky Cinema,
240 free to air)
£22 + £18
= £40
sky Original Bundle
+ Sky Sports
+ Sky Cinema
(7 Sky Sports,
11 Sky Cinema,
240 free to air)
£22 + £36
= £58

With the recently refreshed Sky Cinema package also comes access to around 1,200 films on demand, and since June last year, both the SD and HD versions of each channel for no extra cost.

Those who want Sky Sports in high definition, however, still have to pay extra for the special HD pack, which is only available to customers with the Box Sets Bundle, and costs £6 a month on top of all the other subscriptions.

Anyone who isn't too bothered about Sky Sports in HD can add both these premium packs to their basic channel pack for £36, a saving of £9.50 on getting them separately.

Alternatively, those who want the Box Sets Bundle as well, or who must have Sky Sports in HD, can always take the Complete Bundle:

Package Channels Monthly price
sky The Complete Bundle As Box Sets, PLUS Sky Cinema, PLUS Sky Sports in HD £74.50
for 18 mths,
then £81.50

There are also a number of other add-on channels available too:

Package Monthly price
sky Sky Asia Pack £15.00
sky Chelsea TV £7.00
sky MUFC TV £7.00
sky LFCTV £7.00

The Sky Asia pack offers seven channels, including Sony Max, Zee TV and Zee Cinema, ARY Digital and B4U Movies.

These channels are available as bolt-ons whatever the basic package.

Sky Q Multiscreen

For those who don't want to be limited to watching Sky TV on one decent sized screen or who don't have a good enough signal or connection to stream it to their devices, there are a couple of options: Sky Q Multiscreen and Sky Go Extra.

We look at Sky Q Multiscreen in more detail here, but in essence for £12 a month customers will get one or more Sky Q Mini boxes to use in other rooms in the house.

People who take Sky Q Multiscreen can use the Sky Q app to stream or download content and recordings from their set top box to their tablets or phones.

Those without Sky Q Multiscreen will need Sky Go Extra instead. Like Sky Go, it allows users to stream live content to two other devices at a time - in addition to watching on TV - but also lets them download on demand content (but not personal recordings) to as many as four devices to watch later.

Sky's other products

While Sky still focus primarily on their TV offerings, their other media services are pretty competitive too - and they're often made even more so by the special offers the provider runs.

Here's a selection of some of them:

What's on offer? When you join online for: Need to know:
sky Get the Sky Cinema Bundle with Sky Q for £32/mth (usually £40/mth)
Offer ends 24 September 2017
Sky Cinema Bundle18 month minimum term. From £20 setup.
sky Sky Unlimited Broadband + line rental £20/mth for 12 months (then £28.99/mth)+ £100 prepaid Mastercard
Hurry! Offer ends in 7 days!
31 August 2017
Sky Unlimited broadband
(without Sky TV)
12 month minimum term. £19.95 set-up fee.
sky Add Sky Fibre to any TV bundle for £20/mth for 12 months.
Offer ends 28 September 2017
Sky Fibre
(as a new Sky TV customer)
12 month minimum term. £39.95 set up fee.
sky Sign up to Sky Fibre broadband from £23.99/mth for 12 months (then £28.99/mth) + £100 prepaid Mastercard
Offer ends 28 September 2017
Sky Fibre broadband packages
(without Sky TV)
18 month minimum term. £59.95 set up fee.

For anyone thinking of adding extra services, Sky Talk is the logical place to start.

Sky Talk

It's available to all homes with a BT-compatible phone line - although Sky will install a new line in houses that are lacking, for just £20.

Line rental costs £18.99 a month - the same as charged by BT and Virgin Media. The minimum contract is 12 months long.

Sky don't include any calls to UK landlines with their line rental; anyone who wants inclusive calls will need to add either evening and weekend calls for £4, or anytime UK calls for £8 a month.

They also offer unlimited anytime calls of up to 60 minutes at a time to 50 countries for £12 a month.

Plan Contract term Monthly price
sky Pay As You Talk 12 months £18.99
sky Talk Evenings & Weekends Extra:
Unlimited evening and weekend calls to UK landlines, UK mobiles and 0845 and 0870 numbers
12 months £22.99
sky Talk Anytime Extra:
Unlimited anytime calls to UK landlines, UK mobiles and 0845 and 0870 numbers
12 months £26.99
sky Talk International Extra:
Unlimited anytime calls to UK landlines, UK mobiles and 0845 and 0870 numbers
PLUS Unlimited geographic landline calls to 50 international countries
12 months £30.99

Once we've got Sky Talk, the next service that might be of interest is broadband.

Sky Broadband

It used to be that Sky TV customers who also had Sky Talk could get basic, limited, broadband free on top of their other services, in the form of Broadband Lite.

This had a monthly data limit of 2GB and only offered speeds of up to 17Mb, but very few of us use that little data any more - so in July 2016, Sky withdrew the package.

It was replaced by a package with a slightly more generous cap of 12GB per month; introductory periods aside, the new deal costs £5 a month and it's available to everyone, not just Sky TV customers.

The other issue with Sky Broadband is availability. Not everywhere can get it, and in early 2017 Sky stopped offering their out-of-area product, Sky Connect, which offered speeds of up to 8Mb for £17 a month.

These are the basic packages on offer:

Package Broadband Contract term Upfront price Monthly price
sky Broadband 12GB Up to 17Mb
12 months Free £23.99
sky Broadband Unlimited + Talk Up to 17Mb
12 months £19.95 £20
for 12 mths,
then £28.99
sky Fibre + Talk Up to 38Mb
25GB usage
18 months £59.95 £23.99
for 12 mths,
then £28.99
sky Fibre Unlimited + Talk Up to 38Mb
18 months £59.95 £33.99
for 12 mths,
then £38.99
sky Fibre Max + Talk Up to 76Mb
18 months £59.95 £38.99
for 12 mths,
then £43.99

Note the difference in contract lengths between standard and fibre broadband. After selling both on year-long terms for about a year, Sky have recently moved back to asking for a longer commitment from those who want one of their fibre deals.

For more detail on Sky's broadband deals go to our main guide here.

Sky Mobile

After announcing their mobile ambitions at the start of 2015, Sky have just launched their O2-based mobile virtual network.

Existing Sky customers and those who pre-registered have been able to sign up for Sky Mobile since December 2016; sales opened to everyone else in January this year.

There are just three data plans to choose from, ranging from 500MB for £5 a month to 5GB for £20 a month.

There's a huge incentive for those interested in Sky Mobile to have Sky TV first: unlimited inclusive calls and texts to all standard UK landlines and mobiles.

Everyone else (including Sky Broadband and Talk customers) needs to pay for every call and text they make, or add a calls and texts bundle to their plan for £10 a month.

Data Calls and texts Contract term Monthly price
sky 500MB Sky TV customer

Everyone else

Pay as you use
12 months £5
sky 1GB 12 months £10
sky 3GB 12 months £15
sky 5GB 12 months £20

We look into how it all works in this guide.

Sky TV versus...

Depending on which media service is their priority, potential customers are likely to go for different providers.

Sky's broadband can't hold a candle to Virgin's in terms of speed and usage, for example. While BT Infinity - with a top speed of up to 76Mb available more widely than both, and reviewed here - is also hard to beat.

But when it comes to TV, the basic packages available from other providers pale in comparison with the sheer number of channels, and breadth of content available on Sky's Original Bundle.

If, however, it's just Sky's movie channels or sports content that appeal, both packages are available to customers via other providers at varying prices. Check out our guide to getting Sky Sports elsewhere here, and where to find Sky Cinema in this guide.

It's even possible to get Sky Atlantic elsewhere - although the options are seriously limited. See this guide for more information.

For a more comprehensive look at each of the big multimedia providers relative to each other, take a look at our guide here.

Sky's customer service

It's worth noting that among the big four media providers, Sky and Virgin frequently go head-to-head in terms of who gets fewer complaints, and who has the most satisfied customers.

In the past year or two Virgin have had the edge with regards to overall satisfaction rates when it comes to broadband services, scoring 91% compared to Sky's 88% according to Ofcom's findings. Yet Sky get higher marks for their landline services, with a satisfaction rating of 90% while Virgin fall behind at 85%.

Sky also does much better when it comes to the number of customers actually making complaints.

Only 26 complaints per every 100,000 subscribers were made about Sky's broadband services. While 40 out of every 100,000 customers complained about Virgin's. Similarly, only 25 complaints were received per every 100,000 customers of Sky's landline facilities. Yet 36 complaints were registered per every 100,000 customers of Virgin's landline services.

Customers also tend to rate Sky's aftercare pretty well.

Sky TV: Our verdict

It doesn't hurt that Sky are the only place to find lots of TV that might once have been on terrestrial or free-to-view channels, or that they're willing to haggle to keep their customers satisfied.

But they've certainly raised their game from the days when Sky was merely regarded as an expensive luxury to become a good all-round TV and media provider.

Sky are also the cheapest place to get Sky Sports and Sky Cinema, and the only place to watch Sky Atlantic, which may be the deciding factor for many people.

Compare all Sky TV deals here.

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