Three Mobile Broadband Plans

What does Three mobile broadband offer?

Three mobile broadband deals can be taken with a mobile hotspot device known as a mi-fi or with a 4G hub that can be used as a replacement for home broadband. All Three mobile broadband devices are available with unlimited data and there are three contract length options available: 1-month, 12 months and 24 months.

Mobile broadband deals from Three are often cheap in comparison to deals from other providers, although customers should check that coverage is effective in the areas where they expect to use the mobile broadband device.

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Is Three mobile broadband expensive?

Three mobile broadband plans are usually some of the cheapest in the UK, especially if a customer is looking for unlimited data. Three occasionally run special offers to get six months discounted or half-price mobile broadband data which may appeal to customers looking for a cheaper deal. However, Three do not include extras with their mobile broadband plans anymore.

Can you get Three mobile broadband on a rolling contract?

Three mobile broadband devices can be taken on 1-month rolling deals for flexibility. These rolling mobile broadband deals from Three often come with upfront costs and may be more expensive per month than deals with a longer contract.

Does Three mobile broadband have upfront costs?

If a customer take a shorter contract of 1-month or 12 months, they may need to pay upfront costs for their Three mobile broadband device. These upfront costs also vary depending on how much data a customer wants to sign up for, with unlimited data plans incurring lower upfront costs than 10GB plans, for example.

Does Three mobile broadband come with unlimited data?

Three mobile broadband deals can be taken with unlimited data, no matter which contract length a customer chooses. These unlimited data deals are often cheaper than their competitors' deals and allow customers to use as much data on their mobile broadband plan as they want to. Smaller data packs are also available from Three mobile broadband if a customer thinks they will use less.

Is Three mobile broadband a replacement for home broadband?

Some Three mobile broadband devices have been designed to replace home broadband such as the 4G Hub and the more advanced 4G Plus Hub. These hubs can connect more devices than a MiFi device with up to 64 devices able to be tethered to them. Three mobile broadband for the home devices also have Ethernet ports to connect devices directly to the hub for higher speeds and better 4G reliability.

Can you get a data add-on with Three mobile broadband?

There are short-term add-ons available to Three mobile broadband that enable customers to boost their data limit for the rest of that month's bill cycle. Up to 10GB can be added on a short-term basis, although the costs for doing this regularly can be high and prohibitive. Data usage outside a customer's allowance can be switched off but, if enabled, each MB of data will cost 1p in the UK.

What is the Three Huawei 4G Plus MiFi?

Three mobile customers are supplied with the Huawei 4G Plus MiFi device. This is a small black device designed to fit into a pocket. It is charged up via a Micro USB 2.0 cable (included in the box) and has a battery capacity of 1500mAh. This should last for six hours when the device is in use or for up to 350 hours on standby between uses.

Can you use Three mobile broadband abroad?

Customers looking to use Three mobile broadband abroad will need to pay a daily fee to access the service. For customers roaming in Europe, this fee is £2 per day, while customers in other destinations will need to pay £5 per day. There is no longer any free roaming with Three mobile broadband devices.

How many devices can you connect to Three mobile broadband?

Up to 10 wi-fi enabled devices can be connected to the Three MiFi device, meaning customers will be able to connect multiple devices whether they're at home or out and about. Bear in mind that tethering more devices to the Three mobile broadband device may mean slower data speeds to each device and the battery on the MiFi will run down more quickly.

Does Three mobile broadband have a fair use limit?

Three mobile broadband does not come with any fair usage limits and they boast there are no hidden caps that customers are subject to. A closer look at their terms and conditions proves this to be the case, so customers signing up to Three mobile broadband will receive completely unrestricted data usage if they're on an unlimited plan.