O2 Mobile Broadband Plans

What does O2 mobile broadband offer?

O2 mobile broadband deals can be taken with a dongle for single computer usage or with a mobile wi-fi hotspot for multiple devices to get online at the same time. Deals from 15GB up to unlimited data are available and customers can sign up from as little as three months.

O2 don't tend to give away many benefits with their mobile broadband plans but customers choosing unlimited packages may access some discounts when special offers are available.

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How do O2 mobile broadband deals work?

O2 mobile broadband deals allow customers to take a mobile broadband device along with an airtime plan and use it to access the O2 mobile broadband network. This can be used as a back-up for home or while customers are out and about in cafes and other public places. Customers signing up to O2 mobile broadband must commit to a minimum contract and there are no monthly rolling deals.

Does O2 mobile broadband have upfront costs?

Customers choosing O2 mobile broadband do not necessarily have to pay upfront charges if they don't want to. O2 contracts start from zero upfront, although customers can choose to pay off more of their commitment upfront.

The maximum upfront cost is £390 for the 5G Pocket Hotspot Pro, with these costs likely to be far above what a customer wants to pay upfront for mobile broadband.

How long are O2 mobile broadband contracts?

O2 mobile broadband contracts are flexible with customers able to choose anything between 3-month and 24-month plans for the 4G dongle and hotspot devices or up to 36 months for the 5G hotspot device. If a customer opts for a shorter contract, it may make sense to pay more money upfront to avoid high monthly costs.

O2 separate their mobile broadband plans into Device and Airtime to allow customers to see how much the mobile broadband device is costing them and how much of the monthly charges relate to the data plan.

What 4G mobile broadband devices does O2 offer?

4G mobile broadband customers can choose from two O2 devices: the O2 Huawei 4G Dongle and and the O2 Huawei 4G Pocket Hotspot.

The 4G Dongle can be used to connect a single laptop or desktop computer to the O2 mobile broadband network. The dongle is connected via a USB port and allows that device to access the internet.

The 4G Pocket Hotspot can be used with more than a dozen devices at the same time and has a 1500mAh battery that works for up to six hours between charges. It has a standby time of 350 hours.

What is the O2 Huawei 5G Pocket Hotspot Pro?

Customers signing up to 5G mobile broadband from O2 will receive the O2 Huawei 5G Pocket Hotspot Pro. It is a pocket-sized 5G-ready device with an 8000mAh battery and support for 40W fast charging and reverse charging. The maximum theoretical download speed on this device is 1.65 Gbps, although maximum speeds will depend on the speed of the 5G network in an area.

The Hotspot Pro is easy to set-up and customers will simply need to scan a QR code to get started.

What's the minimum amount of data with O2 mobile broadband?

O2 mobile broadband plans can be taken with a minimum of 15GB data each month. Other options include 50GB and 150GB, although it's worth noting there are not many options for customising the speeds with O2 mobile wi-fi plans.

Can you get unlimited data with O2 mobile broadband?

All O2 mobile broadband devices come with an unlimited data option. This allows a customer to access unrestricted mobile broadband throughout the month. Unlimited mobile data can be taken on shorter contracts and with higher upfront costs if customers want to lower their monthly payments.

Can you get any perks with O2 mobile broadband?

O2 usually keeps their perks and extras for their mobile customers, but mobile broadband customers can sometimes access special deals. For example, O2 often give away six-month trials to streaming services like Apple Music and these are sometimes offered to unlimited mobile broadband customers.

Mobile broadband tariffs from O2 may also be eligible for Virgin Media O2 Volt rewards. These are speed boosts and other incentives given to customers who take pay monthly services from O2 while also taking broadband services from their partner Virgin Media.

How many devices can you connect to O2 mobile broadband?

O2 mobile broadband plans can connect up to 16 devices at a time if a customer has a pocket hotspot device. An O2 mobile dongle connects solely to the device it is plugged into, so only that single device can benefit from the mobile broadband signal.

Does O2 mobile broadband have a usage limit?

O2 unlimited mobile broadband deals should not be used for commercial purposes. O2 will investigate a customer's usage limits if they regularly tether more than 12 devices to their personal hotspot or if they use 650GB data per month twice within a six-month period. The purpose of any investigation would be to check whether a customer is using their mobile broadband device for commercial use and they could transfer them to a more suitable plan if that is the case.