Vodafone Mobile Broadband Plans

What does Vodafone mobile broadband offer?

Vodafone mobile broadband deals work with Vodafone's 4G dongle, their 4G personal hotspot or their 5G GigaCube device. Customers signing up to mobile broadband from Vodafone can choose from contracts ranging from 30 days up to 24 months, with some deals incurring upfront costs.

Customers opting for unlimited Vodafone mobile broadband can choose between limited 10 Mbps speeds and truly unlimited data.

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How does Vodafone mobile broadband work?

Vodafone mobile broadband allows customers to connect devices like tablets, laptops and games consoles to the internet using Vodafone's 4G or 5G networks. Customers use a dongle or a mi-fi device (also known as a personal hotspot) to connect and each device has a set amount of data per month to use on that mobile broadband device.

Can you get unlimited data on Vodafone mobile broadband?

Vodafone mobile dongle and mobile wi-fi broadband deals can be taken with unlimited data. However, there is a difference between Unlimited and Unlimited Max mobile broadband plans. While Unlimited Max is completely unrestricted data, Unlimited comes with a speed cap of 10 Mbps. This is the maximum speed available to customers on this plan, even if the available speed on the 4G Vodafone network is much higher.

Does Vodafone mobile broadband come with upfront costs?

Some Vodafone mobile broadband packages can have upfront costs if a customer wants to take a rolling contract on the Vodafone dongle or mi-fi device plans. In addition, the Vodafone GigaCube usually comes with upfront costs whether taken on a 30-day rolling deal or a 24-month contract. The costs of taking a GigaCube with rolling mobile broadband data from Vodafone can be up to £325 and will be unaffordable for many.

Can you get Vodafone mobile broadband on a rolling contract?

Vodafone mobile broadband plans can be taken on 30-day rolling deals, meaning they can be cancelled with 30 days' notice. These no-contract deals are more expensive than the 12-month and 24-month contracts also offered by Vodafone with their mobile broadband deals, but some customers may prefer the flexibility.

The fastest 4G speeds available from Vodafone with Unlimited Max may not be available to customers on rolling contracts, so customers are advised to check for speed restrictions on their mobile broadband plan before signing up.

Can Vodafone mobile broadband be used on 5G?

Customers who want to use 5G services on Vodafone mobile broadband will need to buy the 5G GigaCube. This is a larger device that works on both Vodafone's 4G and 5G networks to offer faster speeds and the ability to connect up to 64 devices. Vodafone's data dongle and mobile wi-fi hotspot are 4G only and cannot be used on the 5G network.

What does the Vodafone dongle offer?

The Vodafone mobile broadband dongle can be plugged by USB into a computer or laptop to enable that device to connect to the internet. As long as a device has a USB port, customers can stay connected using the Vodafone dongle. This mobile wi-fi device is lightweight and pocket-sized for ease of use.

What is the Vodafone 4G Mobile Hotspot?

The Vodafone 4G Mobile Hotspot is a small rectangular device that is able to tether 10 devices at the same time, allowing customers to hook up multiple devices up to the internet while at home or out and about. It has a 2000mAh battery and is a slight upgrade on the previous model in terms of looks but it is broadly the same. It is a dual band mobile wi-fi device with a single LAN port.

Does Vodafone mobile broadband include roaming?

Some Vodafone mobile broadband plans have roaming in 83 countries included. This is only applicable on Unlimited Max mobile broadband data plans and other customers will have to pay. However, all Vodafone roaming is subject to a fair use policy of 25GB so mobile broadband customers will not be able to exceed that limit while abroad.

Does Vodafone offer any extras with mobile broadband?

Vodafone does not offer any perks to customers signing up for their mobile broadband plans. If customers are looking for Vodafone extras, they would need to sign up to one of their phone plans instead. Vodafone mobile broadband customers are not eligible for any discounts for taking multiple services from the company.

Does Vodafone mobile broadband have a fair use policy?

Vodafone mobile broadband does not have a publicly available fair use limit on their unlimited data services. However, clauses in Vodafone's terms and conditions state that customers must only use their mobile broadband services for private use and they monitor traffic to see if customers are using abnormally high levels of data. They reserve the right to block or throttle traffic that would be harmful to their network or throttle speeds at busy times.

What else does Vodafone offer?

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