EE Mobile Broadband Plans

What does EE mobile broadband offer?

EE mobile broadband deals are available via four different devices, two mobile wi-fi hotpots and two home routers. These devices are available on both 4G and 5G plans from EE on 1-month or 24-month deals. Customers can choose from 4GB data up to unlimited plans, although upfront costs vary depending on the length of deal they opt for.

All EE mobile broadband plans come with a stay connected guarantee that offers month-long speeds of 0.5 Mbps even if a customer has run out of data. In addition, customers taking both EE mobile broadband and a mobile contract can benefit from a 5GB data boost each month.

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Can you get unlimited data on EE mobile broadband?

Yes, all four mobile broadband devices from EE can be taken with unlimited data. Unlimited plans from EE are however subject to a fair use cap of 600GB per month.

Other heavy use data plans available on EE mobile broadband include 500GB, 300GB, 200GB and 100GB.

Can you get EE mobile broadband on a rolling contract?

EE mobile broadband devices can be taken on 24-month contracts or on 1-month rolling deals. This allows customers to choose whether they want to be tied into a contract for a cheaper monthly fee or whether they prefer the freedom to end the deal when they want.

Do EE mobile broadband devices have upfront costs?

Some EE mobile wi-fi devices come with upfront costs if they are on rolling contracts. EE usually offer their 4G mobile broadband devices with no upfront costs if customers are taking a 24-month contract while 1-month contract customers can expect to pay anything from £40 for the device upfront.

The 5GEE WiFi device is more expensive upfront and even customers on lengthy contracts will need to make a substantial upfront payment to sign up. For customers who prefer shorter deals, these upfront costs can rise to £275.

Does EE mobile broadband come with roaming?

Customers with EE mobile broadband devices will need to pay for roaming if they want to use their device outside the UK from January 2022. Customers can buy a data add-on for roaming that will last for 30 days from the time of purchase or until the data allowance within the add-on has run out.

Roaming for EE mobile broadband is separated into five categories: Europe Roaming Zone, EE Roaming Zone A, EE Roaming Zone B, EE Roaming Zone C and EE Roaming Zone D. Customers can check on the EE website to see which zone the country they are travelling to falls into and to see how much roaming would cost.

What mobile broadband devices does EE offer?

EE offers four mobile broadband devices: two mobile wi-fi hotspots which can provide Internet access on the go, and two home routers - mains powered devices that offer fast mobile broadband as an alternative to fixed line broadband.

EE mobile broadband devices currently include:

  • 4GEE Wifi Mini 2020
  • 5GEE WiFi
  • 4GEE Home Router 3
  • 5GEE Router 2021

Is the 4GEE WiFi Mini any good?

EE's mobile broadband 4GEE WiFi Mini device is a small rectangular white device with a built-in rechargeable battery. The battery capacity is 2150mAH which EE say will last up to 12 days and it charges via a Micro USB slot. If the device is used regularly, the battery life will be shorter.

The signal range on the 4GEE WiFi Mini is 30 metres, allowing the mobile broadband signal to travel well in a home, coffee shop, study space or wherever it is being used. Getting the device up and running is simple, allowing it to be used in multiple locations.

What does the 5GEE WiFi device offer?

The 5GEE WiFi device from EE allows 5G-capable devices to connect to the EE 5G network as well as the EE 4G network where this is available. It comes with one ethernet port that enables customers to attach one of their devices via a wired connection for faster 5G speeds. The 5GEE WiFi is compatible with the latest standard WiFi 6 that many modern devices come with, providing customers with higher transfer speeds and less congested networks.

The battery on the 5GEE WiFi is three times the size of the battery on the 4G model, with a capacity of 6460mAh.

Does EE mobile broadband come with any extras?

EE does not provide many extra benefits to customers taking one of their mobile broadband devices. Like other networks, they tend to focus their perks on customers who take other services.

However, EE pay monthly mobile broadband customers will benefit from EE's stay connected guarantee that allows access to speeds of 0.5 Mbps even if a customer's data allowance has run out. This should allow users to send emails, check maps and browse the web, albeit at a much reduced speed.

Customers who take EE mobile broadband alongside a mobile contract on a monthly contract will be eligible for a 5GB data boost to their mobile.

Does EE mobile broadband have a fair use cap?

Unlimited mobile broadband plans from EE still have an informal fair use cap. If a customer uses more than 600GB of data per month, EE will consider this to be non-personal use and reserve the right deprioritise a customer's mobile traffic during busy periods or to move them to a suitable business plan instead. This amounts to roughly 20GB per day and this is unlikely to be an issue for most customers.

All customers using an EE mobile broadband device outside the UK will be subject to a 50GB fair use policy.

How many devices can you tether on EE mobile broadband?

The 4GEE WiFi Mini can connect up to 20 devices at once while 5GEE WIFi can connect up to 64 devices such as smartphones, tablets and smart home equipment. This allows customers to connect many of their everyday devices to the internet without hitting an upper limit.

However, EE's terms and conditions state that if customers are regularly tethering 12 or more devices to the mobile broadband device, they reserve the right to move customers to a more suitable plan. There is no indication what this means in practice or if customers have been penalised by EE for tethering too many devices to their mobile broadband.

Do you need to pass a credit check for EE mobile broadband?

EE routinely run credit checks on their mobile broadband plans, so customers with poor credit may find they are unable to sign up to EE mobile broadband. EE say they use data held by three credit agencies: Experian, Equifax and Call Credit. They also report back to these credit reference agencies, meaning late payments and defaults are sent to a customer's credit record.

What else does EE offer?

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