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By Samantha Smith

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FOR those who love their sports, being able to watch the big match or qualifier online or even on the go is a must. Here we look at how to watch Sky Sports online.

Depending on how we watch Sky Sports at home - if at all - there are various options available. Those with Sky TV should keep reading to find out how they can watch online wherever they are.

Who's your pay TV provider?
I have Sky TV
I have Virgin Media
I have TV from BT / TalkTalk
I don't have pay TV

Those with pay TV from another provider should skip ahead to find out how they can take their subscription with them - and those who don't have pay TV can click here to see how they can watch Sky Sports online.

I have Sky TV

All Sky TV customers automatically have online and mobile access to live streaming content that mirrors their main subscription via Sky Go.

Customers can register two devices, including iPhones and iPads, mobile phones and tablets running at least Android 4.1 or their computer (PC or Mac); they can watch on both registered devices at the same time.

They can then watch live streams of all of the channels in their subscription - so if that includes Sky Sports, they'll have access to all seven live channels via the app as long as their wi-fi or data signal is strong enough and fast enough: Sky recommend a minimum connection of 2Mb.

Sky Sports packages on Sky TV

Package Price Setup Contract term
sky Original bundle + Sky Sports £49.50/mth £20 18 months
sky Variety bundle + Sky Sports £59.50/mth £20 18 months
sky Box Sets bundle + Sky Sports £65.50/mth £20 18 months
sky Box Sets bundle + Sky Sports in HD £71.50/mth £20 18 months

Please note the prices listed above are exclusive of any special offers or promotions that Sky may be running. For more on what's included with each package, check our full review of Sky TV.

For an extra £5 a month, viewers can add Sky Go Extra to their TV subscription.

This gives them the ability to register another two devices (four in total), and to download content to their device for watching without having to worry about data consumption or the reliability of their connection.

Again, they can stream live content on two devices simultaneously - but Sky Go Extra customers also have access to a large range of on demand content, from highlights to full shows.

Alternatively, they can download the Sky Sports app - which as we explain below, may be the preferred option for serious sports fans.

I don't have Sky TV

Those who don't have Sky TV can still watch Sky Sports online, or on the go, via one of several Sky Sports apps. Which app we need depends on who, if anyone, we get our TV from.

I have pay TV from Virgin Media

Virgin Media customers who have Sky Sports will find that while they can access most of their subscription channels via Virgin's TV Anywhere app, they'll need the dedicated Sky Sports app or website if they want to watch Premiere League fixtures or F1 coverage online.

That's no bad thing - indeed, despite being able to watch Sky Sports via Sky Go, dedicated Sky TV sports fans may find that they prefer to do the same.

The app is the Sky Sports website in mobile form - and in both cases customers will get dedicated sections for the most popular sports and the option to get updates about their own favourite teams.

Anyone can visit the site or download the app, but when using the app only Virgin Media and Sky TV subscribers who pay for Sky Sports will be able to access any of the video - including the seven live channel streams - and only they will be able to watch live via the website.

Sky Sports packages on Virgin Media

Package Price Setup Contract term
virgin media Mix TV + Sky Sports £51.75/mth £20 12 months
virgin media Full House TV + Sky Sports £73.25/mth £20 12 months

Find out more about Virgin Media's TV in this full review.

I have pay TV from BT or TalkTalk

TV on Youview
BT TV reviewed
TalkTalk broadband and TV
BT vs TalkTalk vs Plusnet: TV

Frustratingly, although they can add Sky Sports to their TV subscriptions and watch on the big screen, people who have Youview from BT or TalkTalk can't watch Sky Sports online.

This seems more than a little unfair for BT TV viewers, as Sky TV customers who have BT Sport get access to the BT Sport app and online player included with the cost of their subscriptions.

Football fans can always download the Sky Sports Live Football Score Centre app, which will give them access to video highlights from Premier League games, the English Football League, La Liga, MLS, World Cup qualifiers, Eredivisie and others, as well as match pages and vidiprinter scores.

But they won't get access to in-game highlights and goals unless they're Sky TV customers with a Sky Sports subscription.

Instead they'll need to try a different app.

I don't have pay TV

There's no way to get Sky Sports online without paying for it somehow - but depending on how else we want to watch, it can cost less than we might fear.

Those who only want to see the odd game or fixture, or who aren't sure if they want to sign up on a long term basis have an ally in Now TV.

Now TV

As we explain in our full review of the streaming service, Now TV gives people who'd quite like certain bits of Sky TV the chance to get them without having to get a dish or hundreds of channels they've no interest in watching.

All four of the no-contract passes are available on monthly terms, but the Sky Sports Passes are also available on 24-hour and week-long terms.

Sky Sports on Now TV

Package Price
Now TV Day Pass £6.99
Now TV Week Pass £10.99
Now TV Month Pass £33.99

The benefit with Now TV is that users can download and register the app to up to four different compatible devices, and watch on up to two at the same time - so subscribers could have Sky Sports 1 on their TV while streaming Sky Sports F1 on a tablet.

Where it does fall down is that there's no on demand or red button content.

Sky Sports Mobile TV

Those who don't mind only watching on a small screen have one more option: Sky Sports Mobile TV.

Includes Contract term Monthly price
Pack 1 Sky Sports Action
Sky Sports Arena
Sky Sports Premier League
Sky Sports News
Sky News
One month £5.99
Pack 2 Sky Sports Action
Sky Sports Arena
Sky Sports Premier League
Sky Sports Cricket
Sky Sports Football
Sky Sports Golf
Sky Sports F1
Sky Sports News
Sky News
One month £10.99

Like Now TV, the subscription is commitment-free, but unless we make a bit of effort it'll automatically renew every month.

Payment is taken via our iTunes or Google Play account, and it's a fairly simple matter to switch off the auto-renew feature if we just want to try it.

It's cheaper than Now TV, but it's much more limited: customers can only have one device registered at a time, and obviously we're limited to watching on a small screen.

Also worth bearing in mind is that while it's designed to work on Android 2.3 and above, user reviews suggest that there are serious issues when trying to use it with newer devices.

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