Could Virgin Media expand to my area?

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By Julia Kukiewicz

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"VIRGIN Media isn't available at my house - could they extend their cable coverage to allow me to take one of their broadband deals?"

Unlike BT's fibre network, which is now available to more than three quarters of households, and is expected to be almost nationwide by the end of 2017, the Virgin Media cable network is a much more exclusive offering.

Although more recently, Virgin have been investing in a £3 billion plan, known as Project Lightning, to expand their services to another four million homes by 2020.

Meaning if you're currently in an area unserved by Virgin Media, this could change very soon.

And where this expansion project differs from previous schemes, Virgin have been emphasising the role of their Cable My Street service in finding out where they need to focus their efforts.

To find out more we spoke to Virgin Media's Cable My Street team, and in this guide, we look at what they do and how best to approach them.

But why would we bother?

Why should Virgin Media cable my street?

Put simply, Virgin Media offer the fastest widely available broadband connections in the country.

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Recently, the speed of their top package has been upped to 300Mb, and they frequently offer speed boosts to their existing customers on slower packages as well.

While their slowest package, Vivid 50, is still far superior to the lower tier broadband speeds offered by competitors.

Virgin used to offer a special 200Mb service for gamers, Vivid 200 Gamer, which offered faster uploads and no traffic management, but the package has since been retired. Gamers and other individuals seeking totally unlimited speeds and no traffic management are now pointed in the direction of Vivid 300 packages.

With that super- and ultrafast broadband, they also offer a wide ranging TV service, reviewed in full here - and, aware of the competition they face, they also run some good introductory offers for new customers.

What's on offer? When you join online for: Need to know:
virgin media TV, broadband and phone bundles from £35 a month Virgin's TV, broadband and phone bundles.12-month contract.
£20 activation fee.
virgin media Broadband and phone from £29 a month Virgin's broadband and phone bundles.12 month contract.
£20 activation fee.

What is Cable My Street?

The Cable My Street team act as a single point of contact for individuals looking to find out whether their home or business is part of Virgin Media's current or future expansion plans.

Before Project Lightning, Virgin had invested more than £13 billion in building up the network over the years, adding about 60,000 homes every year.

Cable My Street rollout
September 2014: London and North East
February 2015: Project Lighting launch
March 2016: Rural villages connected

Back in 2014 the focus was on increasing capacities in new housing estates, in partnership with builders and developers. Under certain circumstances they were also willing to extend the network in already built or partly built streets and estates.

All in all they expanded the network to more than 1,400 separate locations across the UK.

Project Lightning has a much broader remit, looking to "fill the gaps" in otherwise connected cities and their surroundings - from whole areas to the odd few streets that have missed out in the past for various reasons.

Particularly with the launch of the smaller communities phase of the project, they've been keen to emphasise the role Cable My Street has in deciding where they go next.

Making the best case to Cable My Street

Cable My Street receive thousands of requests each month through their webpage.

Here's how to make the best case to the team.

What to send

Anyone contacting Cable My Street needs to send them their full postal address, including postcode.

It's also essential to include as much information as possible on network availability in the surrounding area - the team tend to look more favourably on requests closer to the existing network.

For example, think about the answers to these questions:

The neighbours

When Virgin Media look at extending their network for one property they'll also look at the other uncabled properties nearby.

They may want to canvass demand in the area - i.e. ask the neighbours whether they'd also like a Virgin Media connection - and they may ask someone who has made a request to do that on their behalf.

It's one way to get to know the neighbours.

The local authorities

In each of the big Project Lightning schemes they've announced so far, there's been high public demand - but Virgin have also drawn attention to the role local authorities have played in supporting those bids.

The ISP have spoken of councils helping to "overcome barriers to rollout" and "cutting the red tape" as being crucial to each of the areas in question being included.

As well as getting the neighbours on board then, it's worth going further up - get in touch with the local councillors to see if they'd be interested in helping out.

Mention the benefits to the local economy of connecting local and small businesses to the Virgin Media network, and present proof of the high public demand to help get them on side.


Until recently there was a good chance that an application to Cable My Street would be rejected - and while it depends in part on how strong a case we can make, there's another, much more practical reason for some rejections.

The cost of expanding the Virgin Media network to just a few homes far outweighs the revenue they stand to make from the connection. Every request is subject to a cost-benefit analysis to assess whether it will be possible to provide cabled services to the property or area.

Even when there are numerous properties asking to be connected, other factors can make it too expensive to provide cable to certain areas - and Virgin wouldn't be able to offer an affordable service.

There is one other way to tip the balance, however: paying to get a connection.

Paying to have Virgin Media connected

Cable My Street are quick to stress they definitely do not actively seek contributions from customers.

However, when people specifically request to pay to have cable installed, there can sometimes be options available.

Virgin Media wouldn't tell us how much it would cost for installation ("each instance is unique and there are no hard and fast rules on this," they said). But as BT's fibre on demand service costs anywhere from £1,100 to £2,500, we think that a couple of thousand pounds would be a fair guess.

In addition, customers who have paid for cable to be installed are in a very small minority: fewer than one in 200 new property connections have been paid for by customers.


30 August 2017
Kevin Mcloughlin

Cable My Street and estate L6 4EU - all surrounding areas have cable but not my 8 year old estate. 200 customers want it but can't have it , only Sky and BT.

14 March 2017
Di Jonson

The Cable My Street site does not work in March 2017.

15 August 2017
Choose team

Hi - We've checked the Cable My Street page and it does appear to be working as of August 2017!

Hope this helps!

31 January 2017
Lesley-Anne Denslow

Any chance centre of it happening in Aberdeen. AB23 in particular!

6 January 2017
j callaghan

Be very wary of Virgin sales reps, selling you the service in areas where major cable works are going on. Had a rep call at my door in Prestwick, Scotland, offer us amazing 100mbs broadband, set install date for Nov 28 2016, we cancelled our Sky broadband to run out just before install date, no one turned up actually had to phone them to see what was going on, turns out the cabinets in our area have yet to be installed and the cables aren't active. It's now January 06 2017 and still nothing, cost us £60 to cancel sky, and we've been using BT Openzone for £40 a month which is quite frankly useless, my kids can't use PSN or Xbox live, struggle most days to access my work mail, and I keep running out of phone data as I'm depending more on my 4G. Quite frankly Virgin helpline employees are the most unenthusiastic unhelpful people ive spoken to, no one from Virgin knows when the cabinet for Prestwick, East road is going in, everywhere else in the surrounding areas seems to have theirs. I know people who install internet for a living and putting the cabinet in isn't that difficult, I've waited patiently because I've been told the internet service is second to none, but much longer and we'll will be off to one of their competitors. I've spoken to others in the area who have had the same issue.

20 October 2016
Adam Hurley

Spoke to Virgin today, you can't pay for direct installation

25 September 2016
Richard Latham

I've registered an interest no end of times on "cable my street". They are supposed to ring within 5 working days. I haven't heard a thing. RUBBISH.

25 August 2016
Alan Clarke

When is this coming? I've got workmen 7 days a week waking me up from 7am all day with wagons etc and pipes etc out side my door (dh9 8rf stanley durham) pipes laid weeks ago outside the house but have to put up with workmen all the time and noise and wagons in a dead end street. Come on, its not fare on us in old peoples bungalows.

24 March 2016
David Richard Shanks

Highly populated area in Cantley/Bessacarr in Doncaster hasn't got it, hope they make it here soon!

1 March 2016
Lee kocjan

When is Virgin going to be available in st37as area, this area is well populated, has crappy phone line internet access, and could guarantee everyone here would switch, go 100 yards up road and they have it, sucks man.

10 January 2016

I've just moved to an estate that is only 7 years old and my broadband is very slow at 3.6Mbps. I was surprised that Virgin did not take the opportunity to install cables when the houses were being built. I would really like to use Virgin broadband but according to neighbours Virgin or BT are not interested in installing or upgrading, why? NE28 0BN

31 December 2015
lynn hartley

When will Virgin Media be available at straight mile court burnley bb11 3du ?

28 December 2015
Habib Miah

When is Virgin Media coming to E3, London?

7 December 2015

My estate was built in 2004 and all the ducts and junction boxes were put in by the builders. Some of the estate has Virgin Media and most does not. This would be a great location as all the hard work is done. All it would take is someone from Virgin Media to give the go ahead. For the record we are LU74HY.

17 November 2015
Stuart Robertson

I would be happy if Virgin Media used us as a testing ground, Us being the Highlands.

15 October 2015
Janice lloyd

I live in Emerson Square BS7 0PP and I haven't got Virgin but other houses in the street have. When will it be available at my address? Janice Lloyd.

12 October 2015

Cable my street is rubbish, Virgin don't act on it. I'm waiting for one of their reps to call me back today hopefully with the news I am waiting on which is when Virgin Media will be in my area. I'm dreading it if they say no because I will be annoyed, I've only waited 7 years for their services.
I have only had to put up with Sky which I do not like.

11 October 2015

Seriously I need cable.

8 October 2015

Apparently fibre optic connections nearby but not in Adambrae, Livingston EH54 9JQ. We had Virgin in Edinburgh before we moved to this house which is 16 years old. Any plans to connect?

17 September 2015
Andrew Scott

Please deliver cable my street to commercial street Norton Malton north Yorkshire

16 September 2015
Bernadette Duggan

I live on Ringway Thornton Cleveleys FY5 2NW. There is no Virgin Media on my road yet but there is round the corner, why?

9 September 2015
Martin Booker

What I don't get is if they won't cable my street, why waste tonnes of paper on sending letters to my block of flats about Virgin Media.

8 September 2015
Gary Fenton

Cable my street in heanor homesfield drive de75 7xt ??

1 September 2015
Steven Walker

I am in a new build property built in 2008 Virgin Cable goes up to No 19 in our Street at DY10 2NB, Virgin keep saying it may come in time to the rest of the street "Why Not Now" if No 19 can have it and I live opposite the house at 22 this is a really poor excuse by a company so big which keeps offering me deals to go with them by phone, post and emails.

26 August 2015
Andy Lord

My new street has Virgin Media up to the last 8 - 10 houses... I'm house number 6 from the end. Would love to have VM extend this as I had 150Mbps at my old house and it was brilliant. Hillstone Avenue, Rochdale.

23 May 2015

Thanks just got an email stating my area is in the network expansion, I live in an old videotron cabled area.

Already seeing new VM Silver cabinets :)

18 April 2015

We are ready for Virgin Media and have been longing for it for a very long time @OL12 7NU.

9 April 2015

I love how you've only cabled half my street and left the rest of us with the rubbish companies like Sky, BT and TalkTalk.

19 March 2016

I'm even worse than that. The cabling has been laid now for all the houses in the estate by virgin media and it ends with my next door neighbour. So everyone in the estate will get fast broadband but me! What is even more frustrating is that connection box to my next door neighbour is closer to my house then theirs. Talk about the world going mad and jobs worth. Stop the world I want to get off!

13 September 2015
Dragon Punch

Same problem with me, houses just in front of me can get Virgin broadband and my side can't which is weird when the house is a second away in front of me. I have been waiting over a year, and my Sky broadband is below a megabite getting 0.13Mbs and if I contact Sky they say they do not know what the problem is and take my money worst service ever.

20 March 2015

I live in Leeds city centre, on LS2 7EJ, the Chandlers Street, there are so many flats ready to meet the fibre optic, the best thing Virgin Media can do is to request signatures for those who want fibre optic.

9 March 2015
Tony Cross

Is it possible for a website or contact in Virgin to discuss the costs of installing fibre? I'm willing to pay to have Virgin cable (I understand it could be expensive running into the thousands, but with Virgin on the next street and BT only able to provide 0.6Mb, little 4G coverage and satellite so expensive I'm willing to look at it. I've contacted CableMyStreet who just said No, even after I offered to pay for it they simply said they were not interested.

6 March 2015

I will pay to have Virgin installed to my house - it's only 300m down the road and BT are completely incompetent, continually delaying their plans to upgrade my street. So, how do I go about getting my street cabled (paying if required) this since the cable my street website is just a standard contact me when available site.

2 March 2015
Dave D

I've been trying to get Virgin Media to come across the road to our house in Leeds - about 15m under the road, then a simple run to the house. Our required contribution: £2,590.12. This is on a quiet cul de sac. Took quite a while to get the price - don't think they're really interested.

25 February 2015

We need cable on Ashbury Drive estate. Max download on the estate is 0.6Mb. The estate is 15 years old and newer estates nearby get 20-50Mb.

25 February 2015
s smithson

Will Virgin be coming to ts80wn the covert coulby newham, our road is seven years old. We are surrounded by houses supplied by Virgin, the nearest being over my back garden fence. Cheers.

22 February 2015
trevor ibbotsen

Are some people really so dim? Asking below for their properties to have cable installed? Read the above properly! This isn't a thread for you to request installation, you need to go to the correct website to do that!

20 February 2015
Mike Lamb

Half of the Close where I live is cabled and the other half sadly isn't, meaning that we have to rely upon Sky etc.. (oops, I feel sick!!). The nearest property with cable is just 30 yards away so it shouldn't pose much of a problem in extending the cable network to include us (a row of 6 Bungalows) BB2 4RL.

13 February 2015
John Webster

How high and mighty are Virgin? Do we have to bend and scrape to get cabled? They cannot be that confident in their product, or they would be beating a path to every door.

16 February 2015

Do you have an inferiority complex? They haven't got country wide coverage like BT or Sky. So they are asking potential customers so they can target areas with a high response to this.

1 February 2015
Mark Stone

Please deliver cable to Caerphilly and more specifically CF83 4ED. This is a relatively new estate with a new school. Please get over the mountain because Sky really sucks and I'm fed up of the Virgin Media salesmen teasing me with offers I can't take up.

24 June 2016
ynys lochtyn

Talk but not much actions. Loads of areas still not cabled.

14 February 2015

I live in Caerphilly too and totally agree but, of course, they should do my street first :) CF834 3BX.

6 December 2014
S mason

When is cable coming to cavan drive haydock, this estate is 10 years old and still not cabled.

5 April 2016
Paul Britt

What an idiot.

27 July 2015

Try reading the article?

12 November 2014

Hi all, just wondering would Virgin Media be coming to Tipton on Pepperbox Drive, please let me know asap.

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