Who offers TNT Sports packages?

TNT Sports is the new home of BT Sport, and is available through all the familiar ways, including on pay TV deals with Sky, Virgin Media, and BT TV.

Virgin Media offer access to all four TNT Sports channels in HD, as well as the TNT Sports Ultimate channel in 4K in their TNT Sports Collection pack.

For Sky and BT TV customers however, they'll only gain access to the four main TNT Sports channels unless they also upgrade to the HD or Ultra HD pack which includes TNT Sports Ultimate.

In addition to these main TV packages, it's also possible to watch TNT Sports through a Discovery+ Premium subscription on supporting boxes such as Android TV, Apple TV, Fire TV, Roku and Chromecast, among others.

Lastly, TNT Sports is also available in bundle deals with Sky Sports.

TNT Sports deals

Deals on TNT Sports packages for new customers can be found in the comparison table above, with special offers including discounted prices available on bundle deals.

Special offers on TNT Sports usually include money-off for an introductory period, as well as discounts on the package when taken with Sky Sports.

Other deals available to new pay TV customers can include bill credit or gift voucher offers, especially where customers also take a new broadband deal.

Virgin Media Stream TV offers a unique deal on TNT Sports where customers get 10% credit back every month they pay for their TNT Sports subscription via Virgin Stream.

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TNT Sports prices

The price of TNT Sports varies between pay TV providers, with some including the channel pack in pre-made bundles, while others make it available as a dedicated add-on.

Prices can also differ where a provider chooses to charge extra for the 4K channel TNT Sports Ultimate, while others include this as standard.

Virgin Media may be the cheapest way to watch TNT Sports, with the Stream TV service offering all of the channels at reduced prices.

BT TV also include the TNT Sports pack in their Sports, Big Sport, and VIP plans, but customers will have to pay more for the HD pack which boosts viewing to 1080p HD and includes the TNT Sports Ultimate channel.

Sky TV seem to charge the most for the TNT Sports pack as its only available as a dedicated add-on. While they include all four channels in full 1080p HD as standard, customers do have to pay more for the Ultra HD pack which includes TNT Sports Ultimate.

The latest prices of TNT Sports can be found in the comparison table above.

Channels included in the TNT Sports pack

The TNT Sports pack includes the following dedicated sports channels:

  • TNT Sports 1
  • TNT Sports 2
  • TNT Sports 3
  • TNT Sports 4
  • TNT Sports Ultimate

These channels are all direct matches to the previous BT Sport channels, which were renamed to TNT Sports in July 2023.

Sporting events on TNT Sports

TNT Sports has taken over all the rights and match coverage from BT Sport, including exclusive coverage of the UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League games, which they show live each season.

The current deal between TNT Sports and UEFA means TNT Sports is the exclusive home of these live matches until at least 2027.

TNT Sports also has the rights to 52 Premier League matches for the 2023/24 season, as well as 30 live FA Cup games per season, and 30 Scottish Premier League games.

Other sports on TNT Sports:

  • Rugby: Gallagher Premiership, European Champions Cup and Challenge Cup, and Premiership Rugby Sevens.
  • Tennis: 50 Women's Tennis Association tournaments a year
  • Motorsports: all races from the World Rally Championships and exclusive coverage of the Moto GP.
  • Cricket: all Australian cricket fixtures including Tests, ODIs and Big Bash.
  • Major League Baseball: Up to 5 Major League Baseball games per week during the season, as well as live coverage of all play-off games.
  • Boxing: exclusive rights to live UFC events, and up to 20 live fight events a year.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many Premier League games are on TNT Sports?

TNT Sports has exclusive rights to 52 live Premier League games in the 2023/24 season, out of 200 total live matches.

The majority of Premier League games are shown on Sky Sports with 128 matches, and Amazon Prime Video will be showing 20 games.

What's the minimum broadband speed for TNT Sports Ultimate?

Customers are likely to need minimum broadband speeds of at least 30Mbps to stream 4K content including TNT Sports Ultimate.

Sky TV also requires a minimum broadband speed of 25Mbps for HD content on Stream, and Virgin Media require a minimum speed of 50Mbps for their Virgin Stream service, although Virgin broadband will likely meet this.

Is there a minimum term for TNT Sports?

TNT Sports may have a minimum term contract where it's included in a pre-made bundle.

However, where it's available as an add-on service to a pay TV deal, like with Virgin Media and Sky, the TNT Sports pack will often be made available on a rolling monthly basis.

It's also the case that BT TV customers can upgrade or downgrade their TV plan on a monthly basis.

What's the difference between TNT Sports and Sky Sports?

The main difference between TNT Sports and Sky Sports are the events and fixtures shown. Each provider will have rights to broadcast different live matches, and so for the big games at least, they'll likely only be on either TNT Sports or Sky Sports, but not both.

TNT Sports is the exclusive home of UEFA football and MotoGP. They also have rights to 52 Premier League games for 2023/24.

Sky Sports on the other hand has many more Premiership games, with rights to 128 matches in the 2023/24 season. Sky also have exclusive rights to the entire Formula 1 season, and 92 Championship football games too.

Overall, Sky Sports has more sports events than TNT Sports, however it also costs more. So, TNT Sports is generally cheaper, especially when taken with a deal bundling TV and broadband from Virgin Media, BT or Sky.

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How to sign up for TNT Sports online

The best value for money deals on TNT Sports usually mean taking a TV and broadband bundle, and the comparison table above lists the available options from each provider.

It's possible to search deals by area availability by inputting your postcode, as well as further refine the packages by adding extra channels such as Sky Sports or Sky Cinema.

Order the TNT Sport deals by price or special offer, and then click the 'Get deal' button to sign up directly with the provider via their online checkout process.

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