NOW Broadband launches full fibre package

9 February 2024 13:40   By Lyndsey Burton

NOW has finally launched a full fibre broadband package, via parent company Sky.

Full Fibre 100 is the new broadband package available with NOW, offering average download speeds of 100Mbps for £25 per month.

This is the first full fibre broadband plan available from NOW, with the provider previously falling behind by only offering copper and part-fibre connections.

However, the plan is currently being offered via parent company Sky, which could cause confusion as it bundles with Sky TV rather than NOW TV plans.

now broadband
Now Broadband

NOW Full Fibre 100

NOW Full Fibre 100 is the provider's first fibre to the home broadband package, and is available over the Openreach FTTP network.

The new package offers average download speeds of 100Mbps, coupled with average upload speeds of 18Mbps, and costs just £25 per month.

This makes it one of the cheapest widely available full fibre plans, beating equivalent speed deals from budget rivals Vodafone and Plusnet.

The faster package is yet to be integrated into NOW's website however, with customers currently able to sign up for the plan .

This makes the deal a little confusing however, because rather than being able to bundle NOW Broadband with NOW TV Memberships, customers can choose to add Sky Stream to their package instead.

Those signing up to NOW Full Fibre 100 will also have options for Sky Talk and receive a Sky Broadband Hub and Sky's Wall to Wall WiFi Guarantee. It's not however possible to add Sky WiFi Max or their new Max Hub to the NOW-branded plan.

Sky Full Fibre 100

It's unclear at this stage whether Sky plan to eventually integrate the Full Fibre 100 plan to NOW's website, with the package itself originally launched by Sky in October 2023.

At the time we did wonder what Sky's intention was for this plan, as it broke their current naming tradition, and also seemed a little unnecessary with their Ultrafast package offering average download speeds of 145Mbps.

Sky Full Fibre 100 is still available however, but costs more than the NOW-branded plan, at £28 per month for the first 18 months, although the upfront cost is less at just £5, compared to £14.95 with NOW.

The Sky Talk plans, currently available to add to NOW Full Fibre 100, are also more expensive than NOW's own inclusive call plans.

NOW anytime calls for example costs just £8 per month, while Sky Talk Anytime costs £13 per month.

Annual price rises

NOW and Sky both share the same annual price rise clause in their terms and conditions, which merely states that "prices may rise during the minimum term".

This means that, while both providers may increase prices, they don't specify exactly by how much, as is the case with others, such as BT, Plusnet, Virgin Media, and TalkTalk.

Sky have already confirmed some of the price rises that will be applied to broadband in the coming months, with monthly prices going up between £1 and £4 per month from 1st April 2024.

Based on Sky's terms, NOW Full Fibre 100 could be increasing by £1 per month in April 2024, although NOW's website hasn't updated any of their terms for specific price rises. Although this shouldn't be too surprising as last year NOW didn't increase prices until July 2023, while Sky announced theirs in February 2023.


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