Three mobile SIM Plans

What does Three offer?

Three SIM only deals are available for phones, tablets and other devices. These mobile plans are available on 30-day, 12-month or 24-month contracts.

All Three mobile plans are 5G-ready, so customers can connect to the Three 5G network if they have a compatible 5G handset.

Three use their own mobile infrastructure around the UK which currently has 90% coverage inside premises and 79% coverage across the UK's landmass.

Roaming on a SIM only deal from Three is subject to a £2 or £5 per day charge up to a fair usage cap of 12GB per month.

Three SIM only plans

Three SIM only deals for mobile phones are available with data allowances starting from 1GB and going all the way up to unlimited plans.

These are examples of data plans available on Three SIM only plans:

  • 4GB
  • 12GB
  • 100GB
  • Unlimited

Mobile tariffs from Three are available on three contract lengths: 1-month, 12 months and 24 months. Most of these deals include unlimited minutes/texts and are available across various contract lengths, although there are exceptions.

Customers can also choose data SIMs that can be used in tablets or mobile broadband devices. These deals do not have any minutes or texts included and a range of data options are available including:

  • 2GB
  • 10GB
  • 40GB
  • Unlimited

Data SIMs from Three mobile come on the same contract lengths as mobile SIM deals with 1-month, 12-month and 24-month contracts.

Three Pay As You Go SIM plans

Three Pay as You Go SIM plans are available with the following data options available for mobile SIM only plans:

  • 8GB data PAYG
  • 25GB data PAYG
  • 50GB data PAYG
  • Unlimited data PAYG

These PAYG plans from Three include unlimited minutes and texts along with a set amount of data.

If customers need more data in a month, they can buy a Data Add-on if they have enough credit in their account. These add-ons typically last for 30 days for PAYG customers.

Customers can opt for auto-renewal on Three PAYG plans where certain Data Packs can be set to auto-renew. This allows customers to replenish their data each month and Three will give them up to 5GB of extra data per month as a reward.

Three also offer two mobile broadband SIM only plans on PAYG. These come preloaded with a set amount of data and have upfront costs starting from £40.

Tethering is available on Three PAYG but customers will need to purchase a Data Add-on.

Customers on Three PAYG tariffs can top-up their credit via their My3 account with a registered debit or credit card. There are also options to top up via a web portal, over the phone, with a top-up voucher purchased from a shop or via a cash machine for customers of some banks.

Is Three coverage any good?

Three operates its own mobile network and offers 79% 4G geographic coverage across the UK. Three has lower levels of geographic coverage than any other mobile network.

4G coverage inside homes and businesses in the UK from Three is at 90% according to the 2021 Connected Nations report from Ofcom while their network covers 99% of outdoor premises and 82% of major roads.

Three 5G-ready SIMs

All Three SIM only plans are 5G-ready, although customers will need a 5G-compatible device to access the Three 5G network. If a customer has a compatible device and a 5G-ready SIM supplied by Three, they will automatically connect to the 5G network.

At the time of writing, the Three 5G network is active in over 150 towns and cities across the UK.

What phones can Three SIMs be used in?

SIMs from Three can be used in any unlocked 3G, 4G or 5G phone, tablet or dongle. Many devices sold today are unlocked but customers should check if they want to use Three SIM only deals in a device they already own.

There are three different sizes of SIM card available: standard, micro and nano. Customers do not have to select the right SIM for their device at check out and will be sent a standard SIM with pop outs for micro and nano SIMs.

Can Three SIMs be used in tablets?

All Three SIMs can be used in tablets as long as the device is unlocked and the SIM size is compatible. Three will supply a new SIM if the one a customer has does not fit.

There are no restrictions on using Three phone SIMs in tablets and other devices.

Unlimited Three data SIMs

If customers take an unlimited SIM from Three they will not be subject to a fair usage policy. Three say their unlimited data plans are truly unlimited and there are no hidden limits.

Three also state there are no speed caps on their plans, so customers will get access to the fastest Three mobile speeds available in their area. This includes 5G speeds if a customer has a compatible 5G device.

Does Three support tethering?

Three supports tethering on all their pay monthly SIM only plans, meaning a customer can use their device as a personal hotspot to connect other laptops, phones and tablets to.

There are no other data restrictions on Three tethering, so a customer with an unlimited data plan can tether as much as they want while a customer with a 20GB data allowance could use all the 20GB for tethering if they wanted to.

Using Three abroad with Go Roam

Customers signing up to Three mobile deals will pay for roaming in Europe and elsewhere from May 2022.

It costs £2 per day to use a customer's data allowance in Europe (Go Roam in Europe) and £5 to use it in other countries (Go Roam Around the World).

Data limits are in place for Go Roam customers, meaning they can only use a maximum of 12GB of data outside the UK in any billing cycle. Go Roam is intended for short breaks and holidays only and must not be used for living abroad for prolonged periods.

Three have a worldwide data roaming limit of £45 when customers are travelling so they cannot spend more than that amount on excess charges in a month. Customers can also set a Spend Cap that applies to both roaming and UK mobile use.

Three+ rewards app

Three+ is a loyalty app introduced by Three in 2021. The app is available to all pay monthly and PAYG Three Customers.

Three+ gives customers access to exclusive offers and discounts that are only available through the Three+ app. Currently, the app is available on devices running iOS 12 or later, Android 9 or later and EMUI 11 or later.

Customers will need to create a dedicated Three+ account and their log-in details for My3 will not work for the rewards app.

What else does Three offer?

Three also offers mobile phone deals to customers looking for a handset alongside a SIM deal. These range from budget handsets to the latest models from big names like Apple and Samsung.

Customers can also sign up to mobile broadband for the home from Three. There are 4G and 5G mobile broadband devices available that are designed specifically as a replacement for home broadband.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Three offer 5G SIMs?

Yes, all Three SIM only deals come with a 5G-ready SIM. This allows customers to use the Three 5G network if they are within range and have a compatible 5G handset.

Are Three SIMs totally unlimited?

There are no hidden fair usage policies on Three mobile when using your phone in the UK. A fair use limit of 12GB outside the UK applies along with roaming costs.

What rewards does Three offer?

Customers on Three mobile plans can sign up to the Three+ rewards app. This app gives access to exclusive deals and discounts for Three mobile customers on pay monthly or PAYG plans.

Are Three SIM only plans cheapest?

Three mobile plans are aimed at the budget end of the spectrum and do not usually come with many extras. This allows Three to keep their prices low.

Can Three SIM plans be used abroad?

Three customers can use their devices abroad for £2 or £5 per day depending on where in the world they are travelling to. These schemes are called Go Roam in Europe and Go Roam Around the World.