O2 SIM-only offers

100gb data

100GB data

100GB usage



24 month contract


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offer Up to 3 months free Apple Music and Disney+

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12gb plus data

12GB Plus data

12GB usage



24 month contract


Special offer:

offer Up to 6 months free Apple Music and Disney+

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150gb plus data

150GB Plus data

150GB usage



24 month contract


Special offer:

offer 3 months free
offer Up to 6 months free Apple Music and Disney+
offer Roam at no extra cost in 75 destinations worldwide, including the EU, USA and Australia

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What does O2 offer?

O2 SIM only deals are available for phones, tablets and mobile broadband only devices on 30-day, 12-month or 24-month contracts. They also offer pay as you go SIM only deals.

Unlimited O2 SIM only plans are available for all mobile plans and for tablet and data SIM only plans taken on a 12-month plan.

Some O2 customers can choose an O2 Extra for up to 12 months when they sign up to an O2 SIM only deal while O2 Priority is available to all pay monthly and pay as you go SIM only customers.

All O2 SIM only tariffs can be taken with 5G SIM cards if required.

O2 SIM only plans

O2 offers SIM only plans for mobile as well as deals for tablets and data only SIMs.

O2 pay monthly SIM only deals are available with a range of data options. The exact data allowances offered by O2 vary depending on the length of a customer's contract.

  • 24-month plans are available with more than 6GB data
  • 12-month and 30-day plans are available with more than 1GB data
  • Unlimited data plans are available on all contract lengths

Customers taking 30-day O2 SIM only deals can choose from multiple lower data packages while O2 offer more options on high data allowances to 24-month and 12-month contract customers.

The majority of O2 mobile tariffs come with unlimited minutes and texts. However, customers taking 1GB data on a 30-day plan will be limited to 1000 minutes.

Tablet and data SIMs from O2 are available on 12-month or 30-day deals. Pricing for these O2 data tariffs is the same, with data plans starting from 2GB. Only customers opting for 12-month contracts can access unlimited data on O2 tablet and data SIM plans.

How long is the O2 contract?

O2 SIM only plans are available on three different contract lengths: 30 days, 12 months and 24 months.

There are different data tariffs available for O2 SIM only customers depending on which contract length they choose. Most data plans are only available on one contract length, although there are multiple options for customers to choose from.

Customers on 30-day deals can cancel their O2 mobile plan at any time without penalty.

Customers on 12-month and 24-month deals will need to pay an early termination charge if they wish to leave before their contract is up.

O2 calculate this early termination charge by adding the remaining months of the contract together (including any recurring discounts) then applying a 4% discount for settling the agreement early.

O2 Pay As You Go SIMs

O2 Pay As You Go plans are available on phones or iPad and tablet deals.

These are the mobile PAYG tariffs from O2 known as Big Bundles:

  • 7GB
  • 15GB
  • 30GB
  • 100GB

Customers who pay more than £10 per month for a Big Bundle will receive access to data rollover. This allows up to 100% of a customer's unused data to roll over from one month to next as long as they continue to renew on the same date each month.

iPad and tablet data SIMs from O2 are split into three types of plan:

  • Light surfer for tariffs that last a day or a month. These tariffs will not renew automatically.
  • Steady surfer for plans that renew automatically and are 10% cheaper than Light plans.
  • Ultimate surfer plans have data allowances that last for up to 90 days.

O2 have several options for topping up: calling 4444 from the phone, using an E-Top Up card or buying a top up voucher or by using the My O2 app.

Data Bolt Ons are available for customers to add extra data allowances to their plan on a monthly or one-off basis. O2 also offer an International Monthly Bolt On for discounted calls to international landlines and mobiles.

Pay As You Go O2 customers are eligible for O2 Priority rewards.

O2 Extras

Customers taking some O2 Refresh SIM only mobile contracts can choose an O2 Extra for up to 12 months in most cases. The specific length of an Extra depends on the length of a customer's O2 contract and which Extra they choose.

The O2 Extras available are:

  • Disney+
  • Amazon Music
  • Amazon Prime Video
  • Audible
  • Cafeyn
  • McAfee Mobile Security Plus
  • International Call Bolt On
  • Travel Inclusive Bolt On

The International Call Bolt On and Travel Inclusive Bolt On will be attached to a customer's contract for a maximum of 36 months or until they upgrade or leave.

Customers must choose they O2 Extra within 28 days of signing up and the Extra cannot be changed once selected.

What does O2 Priority offer?

O2 Priority allows customers on O2 mobile plans to access exclusive offers and discounts on shopping, tickets and experiences.

O2 Priority also includes Priority Tickets which enables customers to access tickets to thousands of UK events up to 48 hours before they go on general sale.

Offers change frequently and there is a dedicated Priority app for customers to browse deals.

O2 Wifi

O2 offers access to free wi-fi hotspots across the UK. Users do not need to be O2 customers to benefit from these O2 Wifi hotspots.

Around 7,000 hotspots will automatically recognise an O2 SIM when they are within range, meaning customers do not need to sign on each time they come into range of one of those O2 hotspots.

Is O2 truly unlimited for data?

O2's unlimited data mobile plans are subject to a fair usage policy.

O2 monitor usage and if a customer exceeds any of the following conditions, they may be investigated:

  • Regularly tethering 12 or more devices
  • Using 650GB of data twice within a six-month period
  • Connected to a non-eligible device

O2 will investigate to check if a customer's usage is for personal and private use and reserve the right to transfer customers to a more suitable mobile plan.

What devices can O2 SIMs be used in?

O2 SIM cards come in three sizes: standard, micro and nano. All three SIM sizes are available within the same card, so customers can pop out the size needed for their device.

Pay Monthly and Pay As You Go SIMs are not interchangeable. A customer switching between these contract types will need a new O2 SIM.

O2's terms and conditions state that data SIMs cannot be used in a mobile device that needs to be plugged in to work. In addition, if a customer has purchased a mobile broadband device with their data SIM, the SIM card must only be used in that device and cannot be used in another.

How does the O2 Spend Cap work?

O2 mobile customers can set a Spend Cap to limit any out-of-allowance spending each other. If a customer incurs out-of-bundle spending, it will count towards their Spend Cap each month and no further spending will be permitted when they reach the limit.

Customers can choose to set their O2 Spend Cap at £0, £5, £10, £15, £20, £30, £60, £100 or £200. Spend Caps can be altered once a day if necessary by contacting O2 through Live Chat, with changes taking up to 24 hours to take effect.

O2 will alert customers via text when they have used 50% and 100% of their Spend Cap.

What else does O2 offer?

O2 also offers mobile phone plans and mobile broadband deals to customers.

O2 merged with Virgin Media in 2021 and now offer some combined deals called Volt deals.

Customers choosing an O2 Extra when on a Volt deal will not be able to choose Amazon Music, Amazon Prime Video or Audible as their Extra.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does O2 offer 5G on SIM only?

All O2 mobile plans are available with 5G at no extra cost. Customers will be asked whether their device is 5G-ready at sign up and sent a 5G-capable SIM card if so.

Can I use Wi-Fi Calling on O2?

O2 offers Wi-Fi Calling as standard to customers with compatible mobile phones.

Does O2 offer unlimited data SIMs?

Unlimited data SIM deals are available from O2 on 12-month contracts. There are no other contract options for unlimited data and tablet SIM deals.

Can I keep my number if I get an O2 SIM?

Customers can keep their existing mobile number by requesting a Porting Authorisation Code (PAC) from their current mobile provider. O2 will take that code from the customer and switch the mobile number within one working day if receive before 5pm on a weekday or two working days if received after 5pm.

Do O2 mobile tariff prices increase every year?

O2 increase their prices by the Retail Price Index (RPI) rate of inflation announced in February + 3.9%. These annual changes take effect in April each year.