Vodafone Mobile SIM Plans

What does Vodafone offer?

Vodafone mobile plans are available for customers looking for SIM only deals for their mobile phones or data SIM deals for tablets and other devices.

Unlimited data deals are available on Vodafone SIM only plans, however customers should choose Unlimited Max for truly unrestricted data.

Entertainment plans and Xtra Plans offer more benefits to customers than standard plans and there are deals on roaming passes to make travelling cheaper.

Vodafone mobile contracts can be 30 days, 12 months or 24 months in length depending on what a customer is looking for.

Vodafone SIM only plans

Vodafone mobile plans are available with a range of data allowances. All plans come with unlimited minutes and texts.

Vodafone SIM only deals for phones are split into various categories:

  • Red
  • Red + Entertainment
  • Data + Xtra benefits
  • Unlimited Lite
  • Unlimited
  • Unlimited Max

Pay monthly SIM only deals from Vodafone are available on 30-day, 12-month or 24-month contracts. Not all data plans are available on all contract lengths.

Vodafone also offers data SIM deals that can be used in a tablet, dongle or mobile broadband device.

Data SIM deals are available for 30 days, 12 months or 24 months with the following allowances:

  • 4GB
  • 10GB
  • 30GB
  • Unlimited
  • Unlimited Max

There are no separate SIMs for customers taking a data SIM to use in a tablet or a data SIM to use in a different device such as a mi-fi.

Vodafone Xtra Plans

Vodafone Xtra Plans come with additional benefits compared to other Vodafone mobile deals.

Customers on a standard Xtra Plan will receive:

  • Device Care including a health check and valuation
  • Unlimited Picture Messaging worth £3.50 per month

In addition, customers who sign up to the most comprehensive Xtra Plans will receive:

  • Inclusive roaming in up to 83 worldwide destinations
  • Up to 6 Unlimited Data Boosters for customers on non-unlimited plans
  • 50% off Smartwatch Connectivity worth £3.50 per month

Xtra Plans from Vodafone are aimed at customers who want more from their mobile plan and come with all other standard features available with pay monthly SIM only plans.

Vodafone Entertainment Benefits

Some Vodafone plans come with an Entertainment perk for the duration of the 12-month or 24-month contract. These Vodafone SIM only deals are known as Red + Entertainment plans.

Customers on these tariffs can choose from a selection of entertainment options. At the time of writing, these include:

  • YouTube Premium
  • Amazon Prime
  • Spotify Premium

A customer can only choose one entertainment off per contract and the choice cannot be altered during the 12-month or 24-month period.

VeryMe Rewards

VeryMe Rewards is Vodafone's loyalty programme that is offered as standard to Vodafone SIM only customers.

The VeryMe Rewards app allows access to discounts, giveaway and prize draws for high-street brands and other big names.

Pay monthly SIM only customers have unlimited access to the VeryMe Rewards on offer.

Unlimited plans and speed limits

Vodafone offers three types of unlimited mobile plan: Unlimited Lite, Unlimited and Unlimited Max.

Unlimited Lite comes with a speed limit of 2Mbps while Unlimited comes with a speed cap of 10Mbps. This means that customers on those Vodafone mobile plans will only be able to access top speeds of 2Mbps or 10Mbps.

Customers looking for data without a speed cap can choose the Unlimited Max deals from Vodafone. These allow customers to access the fastest Vodafone mobile speeds in their area including 5G speeds where available.

Vodafone Pay as You Go SIMs

Pay As You Go SIM only deals are available from Vodafone. Customers buy a bundle of data, minutes and texts when they sign up for PAYG and this will automatically renew after 30 days if there is enough credit in a customer's Vodafone account.

Vodafone offers five PAYG bundles:

  • £10 Bundle
  • £15 Bundle
  • £20 Bundle
  • £30 Bundle
  • £40 Bundle

If a customer does not have enough credit in their Vodafone mobile account to renew, they will move to standard PAYG rates which allow unlimited minutes, unlimited texts and 50Mb data for £1 per day on the days they use their phone.

Only the £40 Bundle includes access to 5G on Vodafone PAYG and customers can only see a selection of rewards on the VeryMe Rewards app rather than the full range.

All Vodafone PAYG plans include Total Rollover so a customer's unused data allowance will roll over into the next 30 days.

Can Vodafone SIMs be used abroad?

Vodafone introduced a new roaming scheme for pay monthly customers from January 2022 that requires some customers to pay for roaming in Europe and elsewhere in the world.

Customers travelling in Europe can choose from the following roaming passes:

  • £2 for one day
  • £8 for eight days
  • £15 for 15 days

For customers travelling outside of Europe there is a blanket charge of £6 per day to use their SIM only plan while travelling.

If customers have an Xtra Plan with limited data they can roam for free in the Europe Zone while customers with an unlimited data Xtra Plan have inclusive roaming in 83 worldwide destinations. There is a £6 per day charge to use a phone outside those destinations.

All roaming is subject to a 25GB fair use policy so customers cannot use more than that amount in one month while roaming.

Vodafone Advantage Discount Scheme

Vodafone mobile plans come with discounts if a customer's employer is signed up to the Vodafone Advantage Discount Scheme.

This allows customers:

  • 25% off selected Xtra Plans
  • 15% off SIM only or tablet plans

Discounts can be enjoyed by employees of various organisations including the NHS, Armed Forces and the MoD. To apply for the discount, customers will need to provide their work email address and ID card or a letter from their employer to prove eligibility.

Vodafone Student Discounts

Vodafone offer student discounts to those studying at over 160 UK institutions including universities and specialist colleges.

Available student discounts for SIM only Vodafone customers include:

  • 10% off 12-month or 24-month SIM only Xtra Plans
  • 10% off selected 24-month tablet plans

To be eligible for a discount, students must be named as the official account holder, be at a qualifying institution and apply for the discount within 60 days of setting up their plan. A valid university email address and student identification number will be required.

Student discounts cannot be used in conjunction with any other Vodafone promotional offer or discount.

What else does Vodafone offer?

Along with SIM only deals for phones and tablets, Vodafone also offer mobile phone deals to customers. These include many of the latest handsets plus a range of other devices for customers to choose from.

Mobile broadband plans from Vodafone are available with 4G or 5G mobile wi-fi devices.

In addition, home broadband services are available from Vodafone with the highest tier (Pro Xtra) including access to Apple TV 4K.

Customers taking a Pro broadband deal from Vodafone along with selected SIM only or mobile plans will be eligible for a £3 per month discount on their bill and a 15% discount on extra SIM cards added to the account.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Vodafone offer discounts to NHS?

Yes, National Health Service and ambulance service employees are eligible for discounts of 25% on some Vodafone pay monthly airtime plans. They can also receive discounts of 15% on tablets and SIM only plans.

Are Vodafone SIMs 5G-ready?

Vodafone SIMs are 5G-ready unless customers opt for Unlimited Lite or Unlimited plans. These plans have speed restrictions of 2Mbps and 10Mbps so they will only use the 4G network to reach their maximum speeds.

Does Vodafone support tethering on SIM plans?

Vodafone SIM only deals allow customers to tether up to their full data allowance each month with no restrictions.

Are Vodafone Unlimited plans truly unlimited?

Vodafone does not have an explicit fair usage policy on their unlimited plans but say the service must only be used for personal purposes. In addition, two of their unlimited data plans throttle speeds so customers must choose Unlimited Max plans for truly unrestricted 4G and 5G data.

How long are Vodafone SIM only contracts?

Vodafone SIM only deals are available on 30-day, 12-month and 24-month contracts, although not all plans are available on all contract lengths.