TalkTalk take over Shell Energy Broadband customers

8 February 2024 11:45   By Lyndsey Burton

TalkTalk have confirmed they'll be moving existing Shell Energy Broadband customers to their platforms.

TalkTalk has acquired around half a million retail broadband customers from Octopus Energy, after they completed the purchase of Shell UK in December 2023.

Existing Shell Energy Broadband customers will now be moved to TalkTalk's systems in the coming months, with the wholesale service already provided by TalkTalk.

Customers don't need to do anything as the move will happen automatically, and they'll be contacted ahead of any transfer of service.

shell energy broadband wifi 6 hub

Shell Energy Broadband

Shell announced the sale of its UK energy and broadband arms in June 2023, and has since been acquired by Octopus Energy.

However, the likelihood of an energy company selling on the broadband base was fairly high, with TalkTalk one of the most probable buyers as the Shell Energy Broadband service already operates over TalkTalk's wholesale network.

It's not hugely surprising then that TalkTalk has now confirmed this acquisition, increasing their retail subscriber base by around 500,000 customers.

TalkTalk have said, "Further to reports, TalkTalk confirms that a vehicle controlled by TalkTalk's major shareholders has acquired Shell Energy's UK broadband customer base from Octopus Energy.

"Shell Energy Broadband has been a longstanding wholesale customer of TalkTalk, with services offered through the company's unique national network platform, and that relationship will now continue."

Existing customers

Existing Shell Energy Broadband customers will be migrated to TalkTalk's systems in the coming months, and for now, don't need to do anything.

Octopus Energy, the current owner of Shell Energy Broadband, have said they'll get in touch with affected customers once their account is ready to be moved over to TalkTalk, and that customers should continue to contact Shell Energy Broadband with any account or service queries.

It's hopeful that any migration to TalkTalk will be smooth, with the provider already delivering the Shell Energy Broadband service through its wholesale network.

Customers still within a minimum term contract period are likely to see their existing contracts and prices honoured, as any changes to terms made by TalkTalk would result in the provider needing to give customers the option to exit their contract early.

However, those with contracts coming up for renewal will be offered deals through TalkTalk instead, which may not be a wholly bad thing, with TalkTalk arguably offering a more comprehensive service than Shell Energy Broadband.

TalkTalk a

TalkTalk is the UK's fourth largest broadband provider, with a market share of around 10%.

While they've previously been known as a 'budget provider', they now seem to focus more heavily on offering TV and broadband deals with the latest technology.

TalkTalk broadband customers can add an Android-powered TV hub, with access to the Google Play Store, for just £5 per month. The TV hub can be used to watch on-demand programs from a range of apps, including Netflix, NOW, Prime Video, Paramount+, Discovery+, Apple TV+, Disney+, and others.

TalkTalk TV customers also get exclusive discounts on NOW TV Memberships, and also get NOW Boost included for free, which otherwise costs £6 per month.

Broadband deals are also competitive, with TalkTalk bundling a WiFi 6 enabled Amazon eero device with full fibre plans, and options for gigabit-capable download speeds across both the Openreach FTTP and CityFibre networks.

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