TalkTalk's latest Fast Broadband offer is the UK's cheapest

19 April 2018   By Angela Moran

The company's Fast Broadband package is now available for £19.95 per month, including line rental and set up.

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TalkTalk is yet again offering the UK's lowest fixed price broadband deal, maintaining its status as the best value broadband provider on the market.

The offer is for a 12-month fixed-term contract, with no price rises guaranteed for the duration of the contract, which means the total annual cost is just £239.40. The offer ends on 19th April.

Who's it for?

TalkTalk says that the broadband package is "perfect for homes with just a few devices browsing Facebook, doing the weekly shop or streaming." That's because this deal is for download speeds of up to 17Mbps.

This is as quick as any standard ADSL connection speed because the broadband is provided through a basic copper cable connection rather than a fibre connection, and is therefore best for light usage.

The deal is for totally unlimited broadband use, includes TalkTalk's Super Router at no extra cost and also benefits from HomeSafe, TalkTalk's range of free security features that help protect against all manner of threats, such as viruses, phishing and banking fraud.

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TV extras optional

Customers also have the option of adding a television package to the Fast Broadband offer, as well as any of TalkTalk's other broadband deals.

For example, TalkTalk is currently offering Fast Broadband along with its TV Plus Box and TV Select package for £26.95 per month, with an additional £50 cost for the set-top box. This is an annual cost of £373.40

The TV Plus Box offers all of the available Freeview channels but with an extra 30 entertainment channels on top of this, with the added bonus of letting users add and remove channels on a monthly basis. The TV Select package provides an additional 15 channels, including six Sky channels, and over 200 hours of catch-up TV.

For a slightly higher monthly price, TalkTalk is also currently offering its Fast Broadband deal with a completely free TV Box and the TV Select package. The free TV Box is very similar to the TV Plus Box but doesn't offer the extra entertainment channels.

This is being offered for £28.50 per month, which comes in at £342 for the year.

For more on TalkTalk's TV packages, and to see how they measure up against the competition, check out our guide here.

What else is on offer?

For people who need a faster connection TalkTalk's Faster Fibre provides quicker speeds of up to 38Mbps, which they say is "perfect for lots of different devices, doing lots of different things online, all at the same time."

The latest offer is £25.50 per month for the completely unlimited Faster Fibre broadband package, with no set-up fee.

To benefit, customers need to sign up to an 18-month contract. However, this price is fixed for the entire length of the contract so there won't be any price hikes for the duration. This comes to a total contract price of £459.

Compare this to Sky's Fibre Unlimited broadband deal (up to 38Mbps), which costs £509.95 for the 18-month duration, and BT's Unlimited Infinity 1 (albeit up to 52Mbps), which costs £707.81 over 18 months - and bear in mind that neither competitor offers a guaranteed price for the duration of the contract.

Alternatively, for those who have very high broadband demands, TalkTalk's Faster Fibre Speed Boost, which offers speeds up to 76Mbps, is also available. TalkTalk says it's "perfect for households who need broadband that can handle HD movies being streamed in multiple rooms, while others are gaming online and uploading large files, all at the same time."

Compare the broadband market

The current offer is for totally unlimited Faster Fibre Speed Boost for £30.50 per month with no set-up fee. Again, this is for an 18-month contract with no price rises guaranteed, meaning the total contract cost is £549.

TalkTalk is currently undergoing a five-year plan to create its own full-fibre network (which takes fibre cabling straight up to premises) and this comes at a time when the Chancellor has allocated £95 million for full-fibre projects across the UK, with the aim of vastly improving the speeds we can all achieve. The push for full-fibre was further boosted in February by Ofcom's decision to halve the upfront cost of building full-fibre networks.

Which broadband deals are available in your area?

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